NARA Evidence Photos: Misc Ballistics

CE 143: .38 caliber revolver, serial No. V510210. (see 16 WH 513, introduced at 1 WH 120).
CE 573: Bullet recovered from General Walker's house following the attempt on his life. (see 17 WH 258, introduced at 3 WH 439).
Curbstone: Curbstone removed from Elm Street in Dealey Plaza several months after the assassination.

The top row of photos depicts the pistol owned by Lee Harvey Oswald, CE 143. The second row shows CE 573, the bullet purportedly fired at General Walker in April of 1963, though this is hotly disputed. The third row shows a section of curbstone which contained a nick where a bullet missed the motorcade, and a fragment of which injured bystander James Tague.

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CE 143, photo 1

CE 143, photo 2

CE 143, photo 3

CE 143, photo 4

CE 573, photo 1

CE 573, photo 2

Curbstone, photo 1

Curbstone, photo 2

Curbstone, photo 3

Curbstone, photo 4

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