NARA Evidence Photos: "Magic Bullet"

CE 399: Bullet found on stretcher at Parkland Memorial Hospital, Dallas, Tex. (see 17 WH 49, introduced at 2 WH 374).

These 8 photographs are of Commission Exhibit 399, the so-called "magic bullet." According to the Warren Commission, this mildly flattened but otherwise undamaged bullet passed through Kennedy's back/neck and then broke a rib and shattered the wrist of Governor Connally. The gouge in the nose and base were created by the FBI when extracting samples for testing.

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CE 399, photo 1

CE 399, photo 2

CE 399, photo 3

CE 399, photo 4

CE 399, photo 5

CE 399, photo 6

CE 399, photo 7

CE 399, photo 8

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