NARA Evidence Photos: Cameras

CE 136: Camera. (see 16 WH 511, introduced at 1 WH 118).
CE 750: Camera used to take Commission Exhibits Nos. 133-A and 133-B. (see 17 WH 524, introduced at 4 WH 284).

This page depicts three different cameras. The top row shows Commission Exhibit 136, a Russian camera which Marina Oswald identified as the one used to take photos while in the Soviet Union. The second row shows CE 750, the camera which had been used to take the famous "backyard photos" depicting Oswald holding up a rifle and socialist newspapers. The third row shows the camera used by Abraham Zapruder to take his famous "home movie" of the assassination.

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CE 136, photo 1

CE 136, photo 2

CE 136, photo 3

CE 136, photo 4

CE 750, photo 1

CE 750, photo 2

CE 750, photo 3

CE 750, photo 4

CE 750, photo 5

Zapruder Camera,
photo 1

Zapruder Camera,
photo 2

Zapruder Camera,
photo 3

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