MLK Video



Includes the long out-of-print documentary, Who Killed Martin Luther King? by Michel Parbot and the CBC's Death In Memphis - The Mysterious Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.


Archival Footage

These archival footage clips range from the famous "I Have a Dream" speech to William Pepper's closing arguments in the 1999 MLK Conspiracy trial. The clips are hosted on YouTube & Google Video.


Interviews & News Items

Television interviews with journalists and authors on the King assassination.


About the Video Archive

4 MFF-hosted video files are stored in Quicktime format, which most systems can play back.
1 If you have any problems, consider downloading the latest version of Apple's Quicktime.
2 Most systems can stream these files in real-time; some users may need to download the entire clip before viewing.
2 Each clip is available in high-resolution and low-resolution forms. Choose the high-resolution form if you have a broadband internet connection, and the low-resolution form if you have a dialup connection.
2 Credit for video footage is noted on their pages. Current sources include the Into Evidence DVD set and the Mary Ferrell Foundation's own recordings.

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