JFK Video


Motorcade Films

The Zapruder film is the most famous film of the motorcade in Dealey Plaza, but many other films were taken as well. These films have all been uploaded to YouTube; this MFF page provides a gateway to them.



Several documentaries covering a wide variety of subjects relating to the JFK assassination. Includes The Men Who Killed Kennedy and Conspiracy Test - The RFK Assassination.


Archival Footage

These archival footage clips range from Kennedy's Inaugural Address to coverage of the assassination. The clips are hosted on YouTube & Google Video.


Interviews & News Items

Television interviews with journalists, authors, experts on the assassination, Kennedy administration officials, and others.


About the Video Archive

4 MFF-hosted video files are stored in Quicktime format, which most systems can play back.
1 If you have any problems, consider downloading the latest version of Apple's Quicktime.
2 Most systems can stream these files in real-time; some users may need to download the entire clip before viewing.
2 Each clip is available in high-resolution and low-resolution forms. Choose the high-resolution form if you have a broadband internet connection, and the low-resolution form if you have a dialup connection.
2 Credit for video footage is noted on their pages. Current sources include the Into Evidence DVD set and the Mary Ferrell Foundation's own recordings.

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