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HSCA "Mugbook" Photos - Page 5

These photographs come from the HSCA Numbered Boxes of photos (box 5). They depict various people related to the JFK assassination saga and in whom the HSCA had an interest. Index is in record number 180-10124-10172.

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73. "Dark
Complected Man"

74. Unidentified
(possibly Jim Braden)

75. Unidentified

76. Unidentified
(in baggy suit)

77. Unidentified
(Danny Arce?)

78. Bonnie
Ray Williams

79. Bonnie
Ray Williams

80. "Frenchie" tramp

81. Tall tramp

82. Short tramp

83. Unidentified
(No Name Key)

84. Unidentified
(No Name Key)

85. Unidentified
(No Name Key)

86. Unidentified
(arrested in Ft. Worth)

87. Unidentified
(outside Ruby trial)

88. Pedro Diaz Lanz

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