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Hear No Evil
by Donald B. Thomas

Two Chapters Available for Reading Online

Donald B. Thomas, Ph.D

Two chapters of Donald Thomas' Hear No Evil, recently published by MFF Press, are now available for reading online:

Chapter 3. Gunshot Residues provides a detailed and nuanced view of the paraffin tests applied to Lee Harvey Oswald to determine if he fired a rifle on November 22, 1963. Along the way, Thomas weaves in the story of the deceptive statements made by authorities in their zeal to portray Oswald's guilt.

Chapter 14. The Tippit Case reviews the tangled and badly mishandled ballistics evidence in the murder of police officer J.D. Tippit. This chapter also presents intriguing evidence and accounts regarding Oswald's movements that afternoon, and explores the curious story of a station wagon not far from the site of the shooting.

Don Thomas was recently interviewed by Len Osanic of Black Op Radio. The audio recording is available at Black Op Radios' show archive page.

Hear No Evil is available for purchase in the MFF Store.

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