Warren Commission Records Related to Key Persons

This set of Warren Commission files organizes documents into sets related to hundreds of "key persons" associated with the investigation.

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  801.Seldin, Don W., Dr.
  802.Semingsen, W. W.
  803.Senator, George
  804.Senator, George - deposition 4/21/64, 1 of 2
  805.Senator, George - deposition 4/21/64, 2 of 2
  806.Servance, John
  807.Shaneyfelt, Lyndal L.
  808.Shasteen, Clifton M.
  809.Shasteen, Clifton M. - deposition, from #56
  810.Shaw, Robert, Dr.
  811.Shelley, William
  812.Shields, Edward
  813.Shires, George Thomas, Dr.
  814.Shires, George Thomas, Dr. - deposition (see Gregory, Dr. Charles F. - deposition)
  815.Siegel, Evelyn Grace, Mrs.
  816.Simmons, Ronald
  817.Sims, R. M.
  818.Skelton, Royce Glenn
  819.Slack, Garland
  820.Slack, Willie B.
  821.Slaughter, Malcolm
  822.Smart, Vernon S.
  823.Smart, Vernon S. - deposition, 3/25/64
  824.Smith, Bennierita, Mrs.
  825.Smith, Bennierita, Mrs. - deposition, 4/7-8/64
  826.Smith, Edgar Leon, Jr.
  827.Smith, Edgar Leon, Jr. - deposition 7/24/64, from #163
  828.Smith, G. W.
  829.Smith, Glenn Emmett
  830.Smith, Glenn Emmett - 1 - Testimony
  831.Smith, Hilda L.
  832.Smith, Joe Marshall
  833.Smith, John A.
  834.Smith, John W., Mrs.
  835.Smith, William Arthur - deposition (see Bledsoe, Mary - deposition)
  836.Snyder, Richard E.
  837.Soloman, James M. - testimony, 3/26/64
  838.Sorrels, Forrest
  839.Sorrels, Forrest - testimony, 5/6/64
  840.Standifer, Roy E.
  841.Standridge, Ruth Jeanette
  842.Standridge, Ruth Jeanette - deposition (see McClelland, Robert N., Dr. - deposition)
  843.Staples, Albert F., Dr.
  844.Staples, Albert F., Dr. - affidavit, signed notarized and original ex.
  845.Statman, Irving
  846.Statman, Irving - deposition, 4/1/64, from #56
  847.Steele, Charles Hall, Jr.
  848.Steele, Don Frances
  849.Steele, Don Frances - deposition (see McKinzie, Louis - deposition)
  850.Steele, Don Frances - testimony, 3/25/64
  851.Stevenson, M. W.
  852.Stombaugh, Paul
  853.Stovall, Richard S.
  854.Stovall, Robert L.
  855.Stringfellow, L. D., Det.
  856.Strong, Jesse E.
  857.Stuckey, William K.
  858.Studebaker, Robert L.
  859.Surrey, Robert A.
  860.Tague, Jim
  861.Talbert, Cecil E.
  862.Tasker, Harry
  863.Taylor, Gary
  864.Taylor, Gary - 1 - Testimony
  865.Taylor, Robert
  866.Taylor, Robert - 1 - Testimony
  867.Thompson, Llewellyn
  868.Thorne, John
  869.Thorne, John - 1 - Testimony
  870.Thornley, Kerry W.
  871.Tice, Wilma
  872.Tippit, J. D.
  873.Tippit, J. D. - 1 - Shooting
  874.Tippit, J. D. - 2 - Witnesses
  875.Tippit, J. D. - 3 - Autopsy
  876.Tobias, W. F. - 1 - Testimony
  877.Tobias, W. F., Mr. and Mrs.
  878.Tomlinson, Darrell C.
  879.Tomlinson, Darrell C. - deposition (see Wester, Jane, C. - deposition)
  880.Tormey, James J.
  881.True, Tammi (see also Nancy M. Powell)
  882.Truly, Roy
  883.Truly, Roy - 1 - Testimony
  884.Turner, F. M.
  885.Turner, F. M. - deposition (see Hutson, Thomas Alexander - deposition)
  886.Turner, James
  887.Turner, Jimmy - testimony 3/25/64
  888.Twiford, Horace, Mr. and Mrs.
  889.Underwood, James R.
  890.Underwood, James R. - deposition (see Dillard, Tom C. - deposition)
  891.Vargas, Tommy (see Bargas, Tommy)
  892.Vaughn, Roy Eugene
  893.Vaughn, Roy Eugene - testimony
  894.Vinson, Phil
  895.Vinson, Philip Eugene - deposition (see Smith, Glen Emmett - deposition)
  896.Voebel, Edward
  897.Voshinin, Igor, Mr.
  898.Voshinin, Igor, Mr. - testimony
  899.Voshinin, Igor, Mrs.
  900.Voshinin, Igor, Mrs. - testimony
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