Warren Commission Records Related to Key Persons

This set of Warren Commission files organizes documents into sets related to hundreds of "key persons" associated with the investigation.

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  601.Paines, the - 2-3 - Testimony
  602.Paines, the - box 50, entry 9
  603.Palmer, Thomas S.
  604.Pappas, Ike
  605.Patterson, B. M.
  606.Patterson, Bobby G.
  607.Patterson, Robert Carl
  608.Paul, Ralph - Nov 63
  609.Paul, Ralph - Dec 63, 1 of 2
  610.Paul, Ralph - Dec 63, 2 of 2
  611.Paul, Ralph - deposition 4/15/64
  612.Pena, Orest
  613.Pena, Orest - deposition
  614.Pena, Ruperto
  615.Pena, Ruperto - deposition
  616.Perrin, Nancy
  617.Perry, Malcolm O., Dr.
  618.Perry, Malcolm O., Dr. - deposition
  619.Peterman, Mildred
  620.Peterman, Viola, Mrs.
  621.Peters, Paul C. - deposition (see Curtis, Dr. Don T. - deposition)
  622.Peters, Paul, Dr.
  623.Peterson, Joe
  624.Phenix, George R.
  625.Pic, Edward John, Jr. - affidavit
  626.Pic, John Edward
  627.Pic, John Edward - deposition 5/15/64
  628.Pierce, Edward E.
  629.Pierce, Rio S.
  630.Pierce, Rio S. - deposition
  631.Pike, Roy William
  632.Pinkston, Nat A.
  633.Piper, Eddie
  634.Pitts, Elnora
  635.Pizzo, Frank
  636.Pizzo, Frank - deposition
  637.Poe, J. M.
  638.Postal, Julia
  639.Postal, Julia - deposition (see Bledsoe, Mary - deposition)
  640.Potts, Walter E.
  641.Powell, Nancy (see also Tammi True)
  642.Powell, Nancy - deposition 7/25/64
  643.Powers, Daniel Patrick
  644.Powers, Daniel Patrick - 5/1/64 deposition
  645.Powers, David
  646.Price, Charles Jack
  647.Price, Charles Jack - deposition (see Akin, Dr. Gene C. - deposition)
  648.Price, Malcolm Howard
  649.Priddy, Hal Jr.
  650.Pryor, Roy A.
  651.Pugh, Oran G.
  652.Pullman, Edward J.
  653.Putnam, James A.
  654.Putnam, James A. - deposition
  655.Quigley, John
  656.Rachal, John Russell
  657.Rackley, George W., Sr.
  658.Rackley, Virgie
  659.Raigorodsky, Paul
  660.Ramsey, James K.
  661.Randle, Linnie Mae
  662.Randle, Linnie Mae - 1 - Testimony
  663.Ray, Anna
  664.Ray, Frank
  665.Ray, Frank
  666.Ray, Frank H., Mrs. (Valentina) (see Meller, Anna N. - deposition)
  667.Ray, Thomas M.
  668.Ray, Thomas M. - deposition (see Meller, Anna N. - deposition)
  669.Ray, Thomas M., Mrs. (Natalie) - deposition (see Meller, Anna N. - deposition)
  670.Ray, Thomas, Mrs.
  671.Ray, Thomas, Mrs. - 1 - Testimony
  672.Rea, Billie A.
  673.Rea, Billie A. - deposition, Dallas, 6/26/64
  674.Reeves, Huey
  675.Reeves, Huey - deposition 3/27/64
  676.Reid, R. A., Mrs.
  677.Reid, R. A., Mrs. - 1 - Testimony
  678.Reilly, Frank E.
  679.Reilly, Frank E. - depositions
  680.Revill, Jack, Lt.
  681.Reynolds, H. Baron
  682.Reynolds, Warren
  683.Rheinstein, Frederick
  684.Rich, Nancy Perrin
  685.Rich, Nancy Perrin - deposition 6/2/64
  686.Richey, Harold, Mrs. (Marjorie R.)
  687.Richey, Warren E.
  688.Riggs, Alfreadia
  689.Riggs, Chester Allen, Jr.
  690.Roberts, Cliff
  691.Roberts, Earlene
  692.Roberts, Earlene - 1 - Testimony
  693.Robertson, Mary Jane
  694.Robertson, Mary Jane, Mrs. - deposition (see Glen D. King)
  695.Robertson, Victor
  696.Robinson, Marvin C.
  697.Rockley, George W.
  698.Rodriguez, Evaristo
  699.Rodriguez, Evaristo - deposition
  700.Rogers, Eric
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