Warren Commission Records Related to Key Persons

This set of Warren Commission files organizes documents into sets related to hundreds of "key persons" associated with the investigation.

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  301.Kennedy, John F. - 1 - Trip to Texas
  302.Kennedy, John F. - 2 - Motorcade
  303.Kennedy, John F. - 3 - Shots, Nov 63 - Dec 63
  304.Kennedy, John F. - 3 - Shots, Jan 1964 -
  305.Kennedy, John F. - 4 - Assassination
  306.Kennedy, John F. - 4-1 - Autopsy
  307.Kennedy, John F. - 5 - Return of Remains to Washington
  308.Kennedy, Mrs. John F.
  309.Kennedy, Mrs. John F. - 1 - Actions at Time of Shooting
  310.Kennedy, Mrs. John F. - 2 - Interviews
  311.Killion, Charles, Special Agent
  312.King, Glen D.
  313.Klause, Robert G.
  314.Kleinlerer, Alexander
  315.Kleinman, Abraham
  316.Kline, William
  317.Knight, K. P., Lt.
  318.Knight, Russell
  319.Korengold, Robert J.
  320.Kramer, Monica
  321.Kravitz, Herbert B.
  322.Kriss, Harry M.
  323.Krystinik, Frank
  324.Kuklies, Nancy
  325.LaCouer, Louis (empty 4/25/65 per RLJ)
  326.Lane, Doyle
  327.Lane, Mark - Dec 1963 - Feb 1964
  328.Lane, Mark - March 1964
  329.Lane, Mark - April 1964
  330.Lane, Mark - May 1964
  331.Lane, Mark - June-July 1964
  332.Lane, Mark - August 1964
  333.Lane, Mark - September 1964-
  334.Lane, Mark - appearances and press conferences
  335.Lane, Mark - fbi - conversation between Mark Lane and Helen Markham, 7/16/64
  336.Langley, Kenneth
  337.Latona, Sebastian
  338.Lawrence, Perdue William
  339.Lawson, Winston
  340.Leavelle, James R.
  341.LeBlanc, Charles Joseph
  342.Lee, Ivan D.
  343.Lee, Vincent T.
  344.Lehrer, James
  345.Leslie, Helen
  346.Leverich, William
  347.Lewis, Aubry Lee
  348.Lewis, Carroll G.
  349.Lewis, Erwin Donald
  350.Lewis, L. J.
  351.Litchfield, Wilburn W.
  352.Livingston, Clyde I., Mrs.
  353.Longley, Kenneth
  354.Lord, Billy Joe
  355.Lovelady, Billy
  356.Lowery, Roy Lee
  357.Lowery, Roy Lee - deposition
  358.Lujan, Daniel
  359.Lumpkin, George L.
  360.Lunday, R. H.
  361.Lux, J. Philip
  362.Lyon, K. E.
  363.MacCammon, Jim
  364.Malley, James R.
  365.Mallory, Katherine
  366.Manatov, Ilya A.
  367.Mandella, Arthur
  368.Markham, Helen Louise
  369.Martello, Francis L.
  370.Martin, Frank M.
  371.Martin, J. D.
  372.Martin, James H.
  373.Maxey, Billy Joe
  374.Mayo, Logan W.
  375.Mayo, Mrs. J. H.
  376.McBride, Palmer E.
  377.McClelland, Robert N., Dr.
  378.McCoy, Ben
  379.McCullough, John G.
  380.McCurdy, Daniel Patrick
  381.McDonald, M. N.
  382.McFarland, John and Meryl
  383.McGee, Homer Lee
  384.McGrath, Duane J.
  385.McKenzie, William A.
  386.McKinney, Robert E.
  387.McKinzie, Louis
  388.McMillon, Thomas D.
  389.McVickar, John V.
  390.McWatters, Cecil J.
  391.McWillie, Lewis J.
  392.Meller, Anna
  393.Merrel, Barney
  394.Meyers, Lawrence V.
  395.Michaelis, Heinz W.
  396.Miller, Austin L.
  397.Miller, David
  398.Miller, L. D.
  399.Mitchell, Mary Ann
  400.Molina, Joe R.
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