Warren Commission Records Related to Key Persons

This set of Warren Commission files organizes documents into sets related to hundreds of "key persons" associated with the investigation.

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  201.Graf, Allen D. - affidavit
  202.Grant, Eva - November 1963
  203.Grant, Eva - December 1963
  204.Graves, Gene - affidavit
  205.Graves, L. C.
  206.Gravitis, Dorothy
  207.Gray, Virginia
  208.Gray, Virginia - affidavit signed & notarized original
  209.Green, Howard L. (Mrs.)
  210.Greener, Charles W. - deposition (see Smith, Glenn Emmett deposition)
  211.Greener, Woody Francis
  212.Greer, William R.
  213.Gregory, Charles, Dr.
  214.Gregory, Paul Roderick
  215.Gregory, Peter P.
  216.Gregory, Thomas
  217.Guinyard, Sam
  218.Hall, C. Ray
  219.Hall, Elena
  220.Hall, John R.
  221.Hall, Marvin E. (Bert)
  222.Hallmark, Garnett C.
  223.Hamblen, C. A.
  224.Hankal, Robert L.
  225.Hansen, Timothy M.
  226.Hardin, Michael
  227.Hargis, Bobby W.
  228.Harkness, D. V. - deposition (see Haygood, Clyde - deposition)
  229.Harrison, Oliver W.
  230.Harrison, W. T.
  231.Harrison, William J. "Blackie"
  232.Hartogs, Renatus, Dr.
  233.Hawkins, Ray
  234.Haygood, Clyde A. - deposition
  235.Heindel, John Rene
  236.Helms, Richard, CIA
  237.Hemick, Wanda
  238.Henchcliffe, Margaret
  239.Hibbs, Warren E.
  240.Hicks, Johnny
  241.Hill, Clinton J.
  242.Hill, Gerald L.
  243.Hill, Jean
  244.Hine, Geneva L.
  245.Hodge, Alfred D.
  246.Holland, Sterling M.
  247.Holly, Harold B., Jr.
  248.Holmes, Harry D.
  249.Hoover, J. Edgar
  250.Hosty, James P.
  251.Howard, Tom
  252.Howell, Charlotte
  253.Howlett, John Joe
  254.Hudson, Emmett J.
  255.Huffaker, Robert S.
  256.Hulen, Richard L.
  257.Hulse, C. E.
  258.Humes, James J., Cdr
  259.Hunley, Bobb
  260.Hunley, Bobb - affidavit
  261.Hunt, Jackie H., Dr.
  262.Hunter, Gertrude (J. J.), Mrs.
  263.Hutchinson, Leonard E.
  264.Hutson, T. A.
  265.Isaacs, Martin
  266.Jackson, Phil
  267.Jackson, Robert H.
  268.Jackson, Theodore
  269.James, Virginia
  270.Jamison, R. F.
  271.Jarman, James Earl
  272.Jenkins, M. T., Dr.
  273.Jenkins, Ronald L.
  274.Jez, Leonard E.
  275.Jimison, R. J. - deposition (see McClelland, Dr. Robert N - deposition)
  276.Jimison, R. J., Mr.
  277.Johnson, A. C., Mr.
  278.Johnson, A. C., Mrs.
  279.Johnson, Arnold
  280.Johnson, Joseph
  281.Johnson, Lyndon B.
  282.Johnson, Lyndon B., Mrs. Lady Bird
  283.Johnson, Marvin
  284.Johnson, Priscilla
  285.Johnson, Speedy
  286.Johnston, David L.
  287.Jones, O. A.
  288.Jones, Raymond
  289.Jones, Ronald C., Dr.
  290.Kaiser, Frankie
  291.Kaminsky, Eileen
  292.Kantor, Seth
  293.Kara-Patnitzky, Waldemar Boris
  294.Kaufman, Ferdinand
  295.Kaufman, Stanley M.
  296.Kellerman, Roy H.
  297.Kelley, Thomas, Inspector - SS
  298.Kelly, Edward
  299.Kemp, George M.
  300.Kennedy, John F.
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