Warren Commission Records Related to Key Persons

This set of Warren Commission files organizes documents into sets related to hundreds of "key persons" associated with the investigation.

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  101.Connally, John B. - 2 - Injuries-Wounds
  102.Connally, John B. - 3 - Treatment at Parkland Hospital
  103.Connally, John B. - 4 - Interviews
  104.Connally, John B., Mrs.
  105.Connor, Peter Francis
  106.Conway, Hiram L.
  107.Conway, Hiram P., Mr. and Mrs.
  108.Cornwall, F. I.
  109.Corporon, John
  110.Couch, Malcolm O.
  111.Cox, Roland A.
  112.Craddock, Gladys
  113.Crafard, Curtis Laverne
  114.Craig, Roger
  115.Craig, Walter E.
  116.Crawford, James N.
  117.Creel, Robert J.
  118.Crenshaw, Dr. Charles
  119.Crowe, William D.
  120.Crowley, James D.
  121.Croy, Kenneth H.
  122.Crull, Elgin
  123.Cunningham, Cortlandt
  124.Cunningham, Helen
  125.Curry, Jesse E.
  126.Curtis, Don T., Dr.
  127.Cutchshaw, Wilbur, Jay
  128.Daniels, John L.
  129.Daniels, Napoleon J.
  130.Davis, Barbara Jeannette
  131.Davis, Fred (or Floyd), Mr.
  132.Davis, Fred (or Floyd), Mrs.
  133.Davis, Monroe
  134.Davis, Virginia Louise
  135.Davis, Virginia Ruth
  136.Day, J. Carl, Lt.
  137.De Mohrenschildt, George - Nov 1963 - Jan 1964
  138.De Mohrenschildt, George and Jeanne - Feb 1964 - Mar 3, 1964
  139.De Mohrenschildt, George - March_4_1964
  140.De Mohrenschildt, George, Mrs. (Jeanne)
  141.Dean, Patrick T.
  142.Decker, J. E. "Bill"
  143.Delgado, Nelson
  144.Dhority, Charles N.
  145.Dietrich, Edward C.
  146.Dillard, Thomas C.
  147.Dobbs, Farrell
  148.Dobbs, Farrell - Affidavit signed & notarized original
  149.Donabedian, George - deposition
  150.Donovan, John E.
  151.Dougherty, Jack
  152.Dowe, Kenneth
  153.Dulany, Dr. Richard Brooks - deposition (see Akin, Dr. Gene C.)
  154.Duncan, William G.
  155.Dymitruk, Lydia
  156.Eberhardt, August M.
  157.Edwards, Robert E.
  158.Ekdahl, Edwin
  159.Enochs, Edwin, Mrs.
  160.Ethier, Margie N.
  161.Euins, Amos Lee
  162.Evans, Julian
  163.Evans, Mrs. Myrtle
  164.Evans, Sidney
  165.Fain, John W.
  166.Fehrenbach, George W.
  167.Feldsott, Louis
  168.Fenley, Robert
  169.Finck, Lt. Col. Pierre A.
  170.Fischer, Ronald B.
  171.Fisher, N. T.
  172.Fleming, Harold
  173.Folsom, Allison G. - deposition
  174.Ford, Declan P.
  175.Ford, Declan, Mrs. (Katherine)
  176.Foster, Bill Lee
  177.Foster, J. W.
  178.Frazier, Buell Wesley
  179.Frazier, Robert A.
  180.Frazier, William Bennett
  181.Fritz, J. W. "Will"
  182.Fuqua, Harold R.
  183.Gallagher, John F.
  184.Gangl, Theodore Frank
  185.Garner, Jesse J. - affidavit signed & notarized original
  186.Garner, Jesse James (Mr.)
  187.Garner, Jesse James (Mrs.)
  188.Garnett, Richard W.
  189.Gauthier, Leo J.
  190.George, M. Waldo
  191.Geraci, Philip III
  192.Gibson, Mrs. Donald
  193.Giesecke, A. H. Jr., Dr.
  194.Givens, Charles
  195.Glover, Everett
  196.Goin, Donald
  197.Goldstein, David
  198.Goodson, Clyde F.
  199.Graef, John
  200.Graf, Allen D.
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