Warren Commission Records Related to Key Persons

This set of Warren Commission files organizes documents into sets related to hundreds of "key persons" associated with the investigation.

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  901.Wade, Henry
  902.Waldman, William
  903.Waldo, George M. - affidavit
  904.Waldo, Thayer
  905.Walker, Charles T.
  906.Walker, Charles T. - deposition (see Hutson, Thomas Alexander - deposition)
  907.Walker, Edwin
  908.Walker, Ira N.
  909.Wall, Breck
  910.Walthers, Eddy Raymond "Buddy"
  911.Walthers, Eddy Raymond - deposition 7/23/64 from #156
  912.Watherwax, Arthur W.
  913.Watherwax, Arthur W. - 6/26/64
  914.Watson, James C.
  915.Watson, James C. - 3/26/64
  916.Weinstock, Louis W.
  917.Weinstock, Louis W. - affidavit
  918.Weissman, Bernard
  919.Weitzman, Seymour
  920.Weitzman, Seymour - deposition (see Dillard, Tom C. - deposition)
  921.West, Troy
  922.Westbrook, W. R.
  923.Wester, Jane Carolyn
  924.Wester, Jane Carolyn - deposition
  925.Whaley, William Wayne
  926.Whaley, William Wayne - 1 - Testimony
  927.White, James C.
  928.White, Martin G., Dr. - deposition (see Akin, Dr. Gene L. - deposition)
  929.Whitworth, Edith - 7/22/64
  930.Whitworth, Edith - joint deposition with Marina Oswald and Mrs. Hunter, 7/24/64
  931.Whitworth, Edith, Mrs.
  932.Wiggins, Woodrow
  933.Wilcox, Lawrence R.
  934.Wilcox, Lawrence R. - deposition (see Semingsen, W. W. - deposition)
  935.Williams, Bonnie Ray
  936.Williams, Bonnie Ray - 1 - Testimony
  937.Willis, Linda Kay
  938.Willis, Phillip L.
  939.Wood, Homer, Dr.
  940.Wood, Homer, Dr. - 1 - Testimony
  941.Wood, Homer, Dr. - deposition (see Smith, Glenn Emmett - deposition)
  942.Wood, Sterling Charles
  943.Wood, Sterling Charles - 1 - Testimony
  944.Wood, Sterling Charles - deposition (see Smith, Glenn Emmett - deposition)
  945.Wood, Theresa - deposition (see Smith, Glenn Emmett - deposition)
  946.Worley, Gano E.
  947.Worley, Gano E. - 3/26/64
  948.Worrell, James Richard, Jr.
  949.Wort, first name unknown (perhaps an error for Troy, Eugene)
  950.Wright, Norman
  951.Wulf, William
  952.Yarborough, Ralph, Senator
  953.Yeargan, Albert C.
  954.Youngblood, Rufus W. - testimony
  955.Zapruder, Abraham
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