ARRB Staff Memos

These memos were written by Douglas Horne, a senior analyst for the Assassination Records Review Board. They explore a number of interesting questions and anomalies, particularly related to the medical evidence.

  1.Air Force One Audiotapes from November 22, 1963
  2.Chain-of-Custody Discrepancy Re: Original Copy of President John F. Kennedy's Autopsy Protocol
  3.Chain-of-Custody Study of Autopsy Photographs and X-Rays
  4.Kodak Pro Bono Work With Autopsy Images: Input for Staff Medical Memo
  5.More on Chain-of-Custody Discrepancy Re: Original Copy of President John F. Kennedy's Autopsy Protocol
  6.Questions Regarding Supplementary Brain Examination(s) Following the Autopsy on President John F. Kennedy
  7.Requested Lists of Information Re: All of ARRB's Medical Witnesses, and All New ARRB Medical Evidence Not Previously in JFK Collection
  8.Resolution of Questions Posed by Apparent Anomalies in the Digitized Version of Autopsy Photograph No. 43
  9.Unanswered Questions Raised by the HSCA's Analysis and Conclusions Regarding the Camera Identified by the Navy and the Department of Defense as the Camera Used at President Kennedy's Autopsy
  10.Wrapping Up ARRB Efforts to "Clarify the Record" Re: The Medical Evidence in the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy

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