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Pseudonym: Zlockenbrink

Possibly Clark Simmons. A cable on May 4, 1961, mentioned a telecon between Zamka (David Morales) and Zlockenbrink.
The cable was originated by Clark Simmons, C/WH/4/CI, who was also the Authenticating Officer. In addition, memoranda in June of 1961 stated that Morales and Simmons worked well together concerning counterintelligence (CI) matters.

It is also possible that Zlockenbrink was someone other than Clark Simmons.


05/04/61: Cable from JMBELL to JMWAVE (Orig: C. Simmons, C/WH/4/CI): REF WAVE 6035 (IN 1301): "1. Per ref Zamka (David Morales)-Zlockenbrink telecon evening 3 May agree appropriate action per para three ref would be to get court order to seal files. This will serve protect files against future visits by former JMHARP detainees to AMOT building and protect AMBUD-1 (Jose Miro Cardona) interests. 2. Please advise HQs names JMHARPs and visited building, when, how long, purpose and SUBJ of visit (if known). WH Comment: Reported eviction of AMBUD-1/AMDIP-1 henchmen by court order from AMOT building, arrest of two henchmen for refusal obey court order, and suggested AMOT files be protected." Releasing Officer: R. A. Herbert for J. D. Esterline, C/WH/4. Coordinating Officer: M. Tharpe for C/WH/4/PA. Authenticating Officer: Clark W. Simmons, C/WH/4/CI.

104-10310-10020: FILE: DDCI DOCUMENTS

06/02/61: Memo for the record from R. D. Shea: Subject: Interview with Dave Morales, GS-14, Chief of CI Section, Miami Base, 25 May 1961: "1. Morales, who was born in Arizona of Indian and Spanish parents and is bilingual in Spanish and English, former football player, arrived in Miami in October 1960 after spending two years at the Havana Station. He appears to have done a unique CI job in organizing within the Frente, the future intelligence service for the new government of Cuba that the invasion force expected to install. He also organized two other groups. He did this with the help of a Chilean instructor that was supplied by headquarters, and with materials training that WH/4/CI Section, Mr. Simmons, sent down to him..."

104-10310-10020: FILE: DDCI DOCUMENTS

06/05/61: Memo for the record: Subject: Interview with Clark Simmons, Chief of WH/4's CI Section, 1 June 1961: "1. Simmons is a dedicated CI type having spent the last 11 years chiefly on CI matters largely under OTR auspices...2. AMOTS (future Cuban intelligence service trained by Morales at Miami). This idea started when Anderson of WH Division Staff told Simmons that he had a (REDACTION) CI officer who was available for training Cubans. Drawing on his (REDACTION) experience, Simmons drew the AMOT plan and prepared the training materials and sent them to Morales for execution...3. In dealing with Miami Base, Simmons struck strictly to the relationship between Headquarters and a foreign station. His command channel was, of course, via Chief of WH/4 to the Chief of Miami Base to Morales. He and Morales understood each other perfectly and there was no obstacle of any sort in their collaboration...6. Relations with PM Section: Simmons' relations with the PM section seem to have been marked with a considerable amount of friction, perhaps more than always results from the resentment operators feel at the inhibiting influence of the CI man..."


Inside the Company, CIA Diary (1975) by Philip Agee: Pages 267-268: ..."At the Lima station I asked how the penetration operation of the MIR is progressing — the one I had started in Guayaquil with the recruitment of Enrique Amaya Quintana. The Deputy Chief of Station, Clark Simmons, is one of my former instructors at Camp Peary and is in charge of the case. He told me that Amaya's information is pure gold. He has pinpointed about ten base-camps and caching sites plus identification of much of the urban infrastructure with full details of each phase of their training and planning. The Lima station has a notebook with maps, names and addresses, photographs and everything else of importance on the MIR which the station considers to be the most important insurgency threat in Peru. The notebook is in Spanish and is constantly updated so that just at the right moment it can be turned over to the Peruvian military..."


State Secret: Wiretapping in Mexico City, Double Agents, and the Framing of Lee Oswald by Bill Simpich: ..."Morales had a close relationship with Clark W. Simmons, who served as C/WH/4/CI (chief of Western Hemisphere counterintelligence, Cuba) in 1961 and Chief, WH/SAS/IOS (investigations and operational support for the Cuban division SAS) in 1965. Simmons was intimately familiar with the duties of the various AMOT teams in Miami.[ 33 ] During September 1963, SAS/IOS was in the thick of the AMTRUNK operation as well as trying to get Azcue’s colleague (AMLEO-3’s wife) out of Cuba. I think it is crucial to learn much more about Simmons, and specifically everything we can about SAS/IOS. If you are conducting an assassination, operational support is exactly what you need. Simmons had the know-how to get it done..."

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