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Pseudonym: Zeephat, Theodore

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Unknown identity. A memorandum in November, 1968, noted that Zeephat met AMCORE-2 while wearing a disguise, and using the alias "John Kennington."


06/28/68, Cable: Slugline TYPIC MHSPAWN: ..."E. AMFRAME-1 was introduced to Theodore L. Zeephat 26 June. Formal takeover will be early July..."

104-10070-10057: JOHN THOMAS DUNCAN

07/31/68, Cable: Slugline AMWIDE: REF: Director 26660: "Propose Duncan come Miami 4 to 6 August, suggest he get his own reservations on Continental 170 changing Dallas to Eastern 95; arriving Miami 21:22. If this satisfactory to Duncan, we will make reservations University Inn, Coral Gables. Because of late arrival A D Convention, we must make deposit to hold reservations. PLS notify. Zeephat, using name of John Kennington, will contact Duncan at Hotel morning 5 August. Unless Headquarters has overriding considerations prefer that Duncan buy his own ticket and we will reimburse him upon arrival."

104-10070-10057: JOHN THOMAS DUNCAN

08/06/68, Cable: Slugline TYPIC AMWIDE: REFS: A. DIR 21386. B. JMCOBRA 0301 (IN 51441): "1. Station officers met with Mr. Duncan 5 and 6 August. We found him competent and self possessed in this primary field of interest, broadcasting. His interest and bent in politics were less discernible. On balance, we will be gambling that his obviously high inate intelligence can encompass development of a more fully articulate political sense. Whether or not he accepts the job (he promised to notify Mr. Sainen of his decision within the coming week) we will still require a non-US native Spanish speaking newsman as described ref B. We will therefore review and expand appeal for such talent. 2. Mr. Duncan met following station officers: ATI using aliases noted: Nebecker (Larry Staunton), Bartilucci (Andy Pierce), Launeaux (Ray Arnold), Copsiadas (Jim Lane), and Zeephat (John Kennington). He was paid $280.40 for air tickets and expenses."

104-10166-10038: MEETING WITH AMCORE-2.

11/25/68, Memorandum for the record: Subject: Meeting with AMCORE-2: "On 19 November 1968 Zeephat wearing disguise, using the name John Kennington, and introduced himself as a Headquarters representative met with AMCORE-2. The meeting held in a Key Colony Motel cottage on Key Biscayne was also attended by William S. Wibalda. The purpose of the meeting was to bring AMCORE-2's propaganda output into line with Station objectives and to confirm Wibalda's authority as his WOFIRM case officer. Zeephat said he had come to Miami to talk with the persons that WOFIRM had chosen to continue its propaganda activities concerning Cuba. The prime spokesmen upon whom WOFIRM relied for this purpose are AMSTRUT-2 and AMCORE-2. The reason he wanted to talk to these persons was to ensure that they understood what the desired line is and that they speak with one voice....Page 2: ..."In response Zeephat suggested that AMCORE-2's 1958-59 efforts to raise money to buy arms and planes for Castro and his public support for Fidel in 1959-60 belied his claim to being neuter politically...Zeephat explained that his target, as for AMSTRUT-2 and all of us, is Cuba first and foremost. The target is a selected rather than a mass one....Zeephat said that he preferred that AMCORE-2 concentrate on the more positive program outlined above rather than taking on the policies of a government with which this country maintained a close relationship. He also said that AMCORE-2's scripts concerning U.S. domestic politics and personalities, e.g. attacking Senator Fulbright, urging votes for Mr. Nixon and discussing the policies of the two major parties, were totally unacceptable as they violated the operating charter of WOFIRM. Zeephat closed by underscoring Wibalda's role as the WOFIRM coordinator of radio activities conducted by AMCORE-2, AMSTRUT-2, AMRAZOR-1 and AMLYRIC-1. Those discussions were friendly and easy. The implementation is as unpredictable as the personality of this vain and ambitious man."

Gavin McDonald

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