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Pseudonym: Zaboth, James D.

Carl Jenkins.
A memo in December, 1964, stated that Carl Jenkins also used the alias of "Carlos." In addition, a cable in July, 1965, stated that James D. Zaboth was the case officer of AMBIDDY-1 (Manuel Artime Buesa), who planned to meet the latter in Miami in early August.

John Newman, Countdown to Darkness: The Assassination of President Kennedy Volume II, pp. 145-147

An important clue to the Jenkins-Zaboth identification can be found in the 1979 CIA Official History of the Bay of Pigs Operation authored by Jack Pfeiffer. The Zaboth pseudonym is absent in his study...Handwriting on a January 1960 Trax Base ( Guatemala ) cable also suggests that Zaboth is Jenkins' pseudonym in CIA cable traffic.


9/30/60 cable from JMTRAV to Director: "Dissident problem came to head night 25 Sept. Carol called 20 to meeting with cadre plus Zaboth and Varlejos (also rcvd Vallejos) (note: reference to Napoleon Valeriano). Told them some guilty of conspiracy and undermining operation with continual rumors, slander, agitation and factionalism. Zaboth backed up point with strong statement AMRASP wishes only group at TRAV the Armed Forces AMRASP and no individual or group be allowed interfered success no matter what the cost...Zaboth and Carol agreed 9 others must be removed TRAV and its program soonest as completely incompatible. Hard core agitators: 2513 Guido Vallafares, 2523 Jose Clark Sanchez, 2525 Jose Lopez Castillo, 2560 Manuel Rodriguez Treto, 2533 Jorge Soulary Flaguer, who appears (to) Zaboth likely penetration by Commies, Fidelistas, or Lorie group...Followers too committed for salvage: 2532 Guillermo Fernandez Mascaro, 2705 Raul Villaverdu, 2524 Javier Souto, 2581 Jorge Sonville...only workable solution we know is designate nine as special team for direct control AMCIGAR...move them immediately to RAND for own training program and use as HQS and AMCIGAR may decide...Zaboth personal opinion is (if) men like Nino Diaz, Pepin, Lopez, Guido, Clark, Soulary get into Cuba before other AMRASP forces we will have to fight them too. This decision only HQS can make."


12/28/60, Cable from JMWAVE to JMBELL: "WAVE plans send AMBIDDY-1 to JMRYE same black flight Zaboth." - - - 01/24/61, Cable from JMRAND to BELL: "For Zaboth planning purposes AMBIDDY-1 desires following trainees for his ops infiltration team: 2588 or 2517, 2535, 2821, 2616, 2576 and 2768." https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=21090&search=ZABOTH#relPageId=2&tab=page


02/19/64, Cable from Director to JMWAVE (Orig: H.D. Hecksher, Unit: SAS/SO/HH): Slugline RYBAT TYPIC YOBITE AMWORLD: "1. AMBIDDY-1 singing highest praises of Reuteman/Zamka training would appreciate AMJAVA-4 receive second week of same training from same instructions. Beckhoff (Note: Henry D. Hecksher) in addition suggests that Zaboth participate same training simultaneously with AMJAVA-4. 2. Recognize meeting above request places extra burden on key WAVE officers but believe additional AMWORLD training in practical art of running ops essential. Hence proposed following alternative: A. WAVE provide equivalent of second half of AMBIDDY-1 special training to AMJAVA-4. B. Reuteman participation to be limited not more than to two-hour session with AMJAVA-4. C. Zamka participation to be limited to not more than two days. D. Balance of training to be accomplished by competent instructors of COS, WAVE choice. If possible utilize same UDT and maritime instructors as used to train AMBIDDY-1. 3. In addition to above propose Zaboth now assigned AMWORLD."

104-10163-10173: ARTIME BUESA, MANUEL (VOL XIII).

12/07/64, Memorandum for the record from Andrew D. Rohlfing WH/SA/SO/HH: Subject: Telephone Conversation with AMBIDDY-1: "1. I telephoned Subject in Miami and introduced myself as 'Andres' and indicated that I was calling for 'Carlos' who wished to know what Subject wanted as per his telephone call to 'Martin' on the previous Friday. 2. Subject indicated that he had three messages he wished to deliver and they were as follows: a. The President of Panama had given his whole-hearted consent to 'Manolin' (Hernandez) in helping them establish their operations in Panama. This message was then relayed to 'Carlos' (Jenkins) who was listening in on the conversation. b. Subject then stated that he had promised to pay the passage of the individuals who were supposed to take part in the meeting set for 10 December. He indicated that he was worried since he had not heard from the 'Flechero.' This was related to Carlos who indicated that the money had been approved but as yet had not been forwarded to the bank. This information was relayed to A-1 and he seemed satisfied..."

104-10163-10173: ARTIME BUESA, MANUEL (VOL XIII).

07/19/65, Cable from Director to JMWAVE, Managua, San Jose, Panama City (Orig: C. E. Jenkins, Unit: WH/C/CA/EA): Slugline AMBIDDY AMTABBY: ..."3. A-1 case officer, James D. Zaboth, plans meet him Miami area about 1 Aug. Will debrief and advise all stations concerned his activities. Will contact WAVE by phone on arrival. Will look into matter of possible military equipment by unannounced visit to warehouse during visit."


March 1974 memo to Headquarters: "AMBIDDY-1/Manuel Artime contacted James D. Zaboth 4 March, said he closing out all his stationkeepers in Nicaragua, did not want to abandon weapons to fall into wrong hands, nor to give them to (Nicaraguan government). General Somoza knew AMWORLD was leaving behind some reserve equipment and would keep enough weapons for local security. He did not know numbers and types remaining. AMBIDDY-1 asked if WOFACT/CIA wished to recover weapons, otherwise he would have to dump them in ocean."


Gene Wheaton, note to the Assassination Records Review Board on National Air notepaper (undated): "Carl (Jenkins) was my (National Air) Washington, D.C. rep. who connected me to Nestor Pino, Bill Bode, Rob Owen, Vaughn Forrest, Chi Chi Quintero, Nestor Sanchez, et al. I was V.P. of National Air in 1985-86 (see my Bio)."

Bill Simpich

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