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Pseudonym: YITO

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Eladio Ceferino del Valle y Gutierrez

124-10224-10221: NO TITLE

6/24/52: Louis Hamburg was formerly Fulgencio Batista' personal photographer. At the time of the this FBI report, he was a long-time FBI source. Hamburg said that "Florida fishing boats are loading arms at Marathon Key or at points between Marathon Key and Miami after which they put out to sea and transfer them to a boat from Cuba." He said the latter boat was operated by del Valle, who according to him participated in the abortive Cayo Confites Expedition which was being organized in Cuba in 1947 to invade the Dominican Republic up until the time that it was dissolved by the Cuban government. Del Valle drops the arms in the water in the Havana suburb of Cojimar, "having previously attached the waterproofed boxes containing the firearms to floats. He says that later small fishing boats out of Cojimar pick up the boxes and take them in through the lesser guarded part of Cojimar." It is believed he is identical with Eladio Ceferino del Valle y Gutierrez.

Warren Hinckle and Bill Turner, Deadly Secrets (1992), p. 233.

1959: "(Frank Sturgis) flew fire bomb raids in 1959 in the pay of former Cuban Congressman Eladio "Yito" del Valle, who had piled up a small fortune smuggling cigarettes and contraband in partnership with Santos Trafficante, the well-known Mafia figure."

180-10141-10391: NO TITLE

Eladio del Valle Gutierrez is identified as "Yito" in this briefing book.


1962-1963: In mid-1962, Fuerzas Armadas y Civiles Anticomunistas (FAYCA, Armed Forces and Civilian Anticomunistas) and Federacion Estudiantil Universitaria (FEU, University Students' Federation) merged to form the EIC (Ejercito Invasor Cubano - or Cuban Invading Army). The Commander-in-Chief was Eladio del Valle Gutierrez, aka Yito or Llito. Jose Antonio More was the military coordinator. (At p. 298: During 1962, FAYCA members Eladio Del Valle, Juan Ortiz, Vincente Comas, Jose Pernas. Francisco Rodriguez Tamayo/El Mexicano. Tamayo infiltrated Cuba for five days. In August 1963, FAYCA claimed to successfully exfiltrate three members out of Cuba. 19 were arrested, and the FAYCA coordinator in Cuba Gregorio Fernandez Hernandez was put on trial.

Dick Russell, JFK & The Cuban Connection Havana's Spies Spill the Beans at Top-Level Conference! http://www.assassinationweb.com/russell1.htm

1966: The Cubans' information comes from Tony Cuesta, a Cuban exile leader taken prisoner in a 1966 raid. "Cuesta was blinded in an explosion and spent most of his time in the hospital," Escalante recalls. In 1978, he was among a group of imprisoned exiles released through a deal with the Carter Administration. "A few days before he was to leave," continues Escalante, "I had several conversations with him, and he wrote up a declaration. Cuesta volunteered, `I want to tell you something very important, but I do not want to make this...I am returning to my family in Miami, and this could be very dangerous.' I think this was a little bit of thanks on his part for the medical care he received." ...In his written statement, Tony Cuesta named two other exiles involved in the JFK assassination, Eladio del Valle and Herminio Diaz Garcia. "We asked, but he did not want to be questioned further about this," Escalante says. Eladio Del Valle was murdered in Miami in 1967, on the same night that David Ferrie--Carlos Marcello's personal pilot, and an associate of both del Valle and Oswald--supposedly committed suicide in New Orleans, hours before he was to be questioned by District Attorney Jim Garrison about the assassination. According to Escalante, del Valle served in both military intelligence and the judicial police in the regime of Fulgencio Batista..."Del Valle was in charge of narcotics in a town south of Havana, where he had business dealings with Santos Trafficante," Escalante's Cuban files show. After Castro's triumph, del Valle fled to Miami and formed the "Anti-Communist Cuban Liberation Movement." "We managed to penetrate this organization," reveals Escalante. "We came to know a lot of plans for exile invasions, secret overflights to provide arms to internal rebel groups. David Ferrie was the pilot for some of these flights. One of our agents talked on many occasions with del Valle, who in 1962 told him that Kennedy must be killed to solve the Cuban problem."

Bill Simpich

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