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Pseudonym: Yasuinas, Nigel

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Ruben Martinez. A cable on January 7, 1971, stated that Nigel P. Yasuinas (IDEN) was Ruben Martinez.
A dispatch in January, 1964, stated that Yasuinas was the interpreter for Tattersfield's two courses on UDT. In addition, a dispatch in January, 1968, stated that Nigel P. Yasuinas was exposed to AMHINT-56 (Juan Francisco Blanco Fernandez) as "Marty."

A cable in January, 1971, stated that Nigel P. Yasuinas, a former JMWAVE contract agent, claimed to be in touch with AMBIDDY-1 (Manuel Artime Buesa), who in turn wanted to inform the CIA about alleged foreign harassment. Yasuinas was employed by Provident Mutual Insurance Company in Miami at this time.

A memo from Erich W. Isenstead on November 2, 1973, on Howard Hunt, contained a numbered list of true names, along with a corresponding TSD alias birth certificate list. Most of the alias birth certificates were issued in connection with the Bay of Pigs operation. Ruben Martinez was number 101 and his alias of Ruben Markschatt was number 101.


01/09/64: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Special Affairs Staff: Page 5: "ORIENTATION PROGRAM: Program Period: 6-18 January 1964. Total Hours: 83: "PERIOD: ..."13 January: 0900-1200: SUBJECT: Introduction to Clandestine UDT Operations: INSTRUCTOR: Tattersfield. INTERPRETER: Yasuinas. 1300-1500: SUBJECT: UDT Operational Planning Techniques: INSTRUCTOR: Tattersfield. INTERPRETER: Yasuinas..."


01/22/68: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, WH Division: Page 6 (Page 2 of Damage Report of AMHINT-56): "WOFIRM Personnel Exposed...Nigel P. Yasuinas/Marty..."


01/07/71: Cable from Director to WH/Miami (Orig: John M. Burke, WH/COG/OPS): "1. Former JMWAVE contract agent Nigel P. Yasuinas (IDEN follows) contacted his JMWAVE case officer, now at HQs, by telephone on 5 Jan and requested that someone from WH/Miami contact him. Claimed to be in contact with AMBIDDY-1 (Manuel Artime Buesa) who wanted to get message to JKLANCE (CIA) about some form of foreign harassment of AMBIDDY-1. Also claimed to have what appeared to him to be significant info on Cienfuegos from refugee source on sources who concealed it from JMOPAL screeners. 2. No file. GP-1." Releasing Officer: William V. Broe, C/WHD. Authenticating Officer: Wesley L. Laybourne, AC/WH/COG. - - - Page 5: Cable from Director to WH/Miami (Orig: John M. Burke, WH/COG): RE DIR 100371. 1. IDEN is Ruben Martinez, (REDACTION) (handwritten: C-76331?) Miami, Florida 33157. Telephone 305-233-7894. Employed by Provident Mutual Insurance Company, Miami. 2. No file. GP-1."


01/20/71: Telepouch from COS, WH/Miami to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division: Subject: Operational/Meeting with Yasuinas: "1. On 18 January 1971 Henry S. Pachankis (probably Jack Stewart) met with Nigel P. Yasuinas. Yasuinas informed Pachankis that he handles insurance business for AMBIDDY-1 (Manuel Artime Buesa). AMBIDDY-1 recently told Yasuinas that he was visited by Arturo Mugarra (probably Arturo Rolando Mugarra y Pupo (201-301665) who claims to have just arrived in the US after escaping from a government of Cuba (GOC) jail. AMBIDDY-1 added that he knew Mugarra in Cuba and believes him to be Castro agent. However, he could offer no explanation why he believes this to be so. Yasuinas told Pachankis that there was no harassment of AMBIDDY-1 as stated in reference. 2. Mugarra said that he brought out a message from Nicolas Rios (probably Nicolas Rios Miepa) who plans to travel from Cuba to Chile via Spain. Rios wants to see AMBIDDY-1. In Spain. No reasons were given. AMBIDDY-1 did not make any commitment to Magarra about meeting with Rios. AMBIDDY-1 gave Yasuinas no further data on this case. 3. AMBIDDY-1 wishes to make contact again with JKLANCE (CIA) regarding meeting Rios. He told Yasuinas that he has not had contact with any JKLANCER since he was in Nicaragua. 4. The Cienfuegos matter referred to in reference pertained to a report received by Yasuinas 'sometime last year' from mother of one of his clients. She stated that GOC was 'building caves in the Cienfuegos area and camouflaging them well.' 5. At this juncture we do not believe that AMBIDDY-1/Rios meeting is enough justification for station contact with AMBIDDY-1. However, Yasuinas was given PO Box by Pachankis and told that we would be glad to meet with him whenever he had anything of importance. Norris E. Gervenot."


11/02/73: Memo from Erich W. Isenstead, Chief, Cover & Commercial Staff to Acting General Counsel: Subject: Mr. E. Howard Hunt - Alias Birth Documentation: ..."3. Later in the afternoon of 30 October 1973 Mr. Franklin came to my office with a number of documents. They consisted of a form memorandum signed by me which was addressed to Mr. Hunt dated 29 June 1970 (Tab B), a list of names numbering from 1 through 154, representing true names (Tab C), and a second listing similarly numbered, representing aliases (Tab D). Number 63 on the true name list reads E. Howard Hunt and on the alias list, Edward Joseph Hamilton. Mr. Franklin explained - which I had forgotten - that we had obtained from TSD this list of outstanding alias birth certificates issued by TSD in an attempt to recall - if possible - as many of these documents, or to determine what had happened to them. (Most of these alias birth certificates were issued in connection with the Bay of Pigs operation)..."

Partial of 104-10105-10290

"TRUE NAME...101. MARTINEZ, Ruben..." - - - Page 3: "ALIAS...101. MARKSCHATT, Ruben..."

Gavin McDonald

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