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Pseudonym: Wilson, Jim

According to a memo in March of 1966 Manuel Artime Buesa (AMBIDDY-1) was to be given the alias of Jim Wilson.

104-10163-10176: ARTIME BUESA, MANUEL, (VOL XIV).

03/09/66: Memorandum for the record from Withheld: Subject: Manuel Artime Buesa (201-267437): "1. As a result of a conversation with (REDACTION), Artime's present C/O, the following was decided: a) (REDACTION) will continue to see and handle Artime in Nicaragua. (REDACTION) plans to go to Managua PCS within the next two weeks. b) (REDACTION) will set up a HQs contact with Artime by telephone. Artime is to be given the name 'Jim Wilson' and the direct line phone, located in the (unintelligible) office of (unintelligible)/Cuba to call when he needs an agency contact and has something important he wants to discuss. The HQs C/O for Artime will either be (REDACTION) or the undersigned. c) Artime can be reached at his Miami address, 1270 NE 85th St. phone 1751-5981 (Code 305)."

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