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Pseudonym: Wilson, James

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James E. Wilson was an operational alias used by Earl J. Williamson to met Manuel Artime Buesa (AMBIDDY-1) in January of 1967.
Williamson used this alias to met with the above in a Miami hotel to formally terminate Artime's association with CIA. In addition, another memo by Williamson in March, 1966, stated that Artime was to be given the alias of Jim Wilson.

Earl Williamson also used Wallace A. Growery as a pseudonym, and Eagle (or the Eagle) as an alias. He probably used a number of other pseudonyms.

104-10163-10176: ARTIME BUESA, MANUEL, (VOL XIV).

03/09/66: Memo for the record from Earl J. Williamson: Subject: Manuel Artime Buesa (201-267437): "1. As a result of a conversation with Carl Jenkins, Artime's present C/O, the following was decided: a) Jenkins will continue to see and handle Artime in Nicaragua. Jenkins plans to go to Managua PCS within the next two weeks. b) Jenkins will set up a HQs contact with Artime by telephone. Artime is to be given the name 'Jim Wilson' and the direct line phone, located in the (unintelligible) office of (unintelligible)/Cuba to call when he needs an agency contact and has something important he wants to discuss. The HQs C/O for Artime will either be Thomas Hazlett or the undersigned. c) Artime can be reached at his Miami address, 1270 NE 85th St. phone 1751-5981 (Code 305)."


01/17/67: Memo for the record from Earl J. Williamson, Deputy Chief, WH/COG: Subject: Termination of Manuel Artime Buesa: "1. On the night of 13 January 1967 the writer using the operational alias James E. Wilson met with Artime in a room in the Hotel Columbus in Miami, Florida. The purpose of the meeting was to formally terminate Artime's association with the Agency. This involved the obtaining of termination Secrecy Oath and Quit Claim, the payment of $3,000 to cover the final periodical payment through 31 October 1966 and obtaining outstanding receipts. 2. The meeting was cordial and all paper work involved in the proceedings was accomplished without incident. There was of course the expected lengthy discussion on what he had done (or tried to do) for the Agency in the past and an undoubtedly sincere effort to impress upon me that he was ready and willing for any task he might be called upon to do in the future. 3. Artime made only one request - a rather passionate one - for finacial assistance for the immediate family members of two Movement for the Recuperation of the Revolution (MRR) members who were executed as the result of operational missions to Cuba and the wife of another who is serving a 30-year sentence..."

Gavin McDonald

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