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Pseudonym: Wilkie, Antonio

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Lewis D. Nicklas, counterintelligence (CI) operative. In turn, Nicklas was a pseudonym used by an unknown identity.
A memo in June of 1957 stated that Daniel K. Bromund was replacing Nicklas on the LIFEAT Project in Mexico City. According to this memo, both Nicklas and Bromund were pseudonyms. Furthermore, a memo in July, 1957, mentioned that Lewis D. Nicklas was among one of three staff agents who had been dropped from the LIFEAT Project in Mexico City, and had returned to Headquarters on PCS.

In addition, two memoranda in June of 1963 stated that a Cuban defector, Orlando Chomar Mamlok, used the name "Antonio Wilkie" as a reference at the Cuban Refugee Center in Miami. This was Lewis D. Nicklas' fictitious name.


06/26/57: Memo from J. C. King, Chief, WHD to FI/OPS - Projects Branch: Subject: Amendment to Project LIFEAT: "It is requested that Project LIFEAT be amended, effective 15 August 1957, to permit Daniel K. Bromund (ps) to replace Lewis D. Nicklas (ps). 2. Bromund will monitor LIFEAT coverage and will process the resultant reels. He will be employed in translation and the preparation of reports based on this translation. He will also be employed in analysis of LIFEAT production and the preparation of special reports written on his analysis. (REDACTION) for J. C. King, Chief, WHD." Approved: Chief, FI/OPS.


07/22/57: Memo from J. C. King, Chief, WHD to FI/OPS - Projects Branch: Attachment - LIFEAT Project Outline Part I: Page 8: ..."d. Personnel dropped from the Project: The following staff agents returned to Headquarters on PCS during the last project year: Lewis D. Nicklas..."


12/10/62: Dispatch from Chief, Task Force W to COS, JMWAVE: "1. Attached herewith are five additional chapters of the untranslated copy of the proposal for the establishment of a Cuban Urban Police. 2. AMPAID-4 expects to submit the completed document on or about 12 December 1962. AMPAID-4's typist has been ill, which is the reason why the complete document has not been typed in final form as yet. The remaining portion of this document will be forwarded Headquarters as soon as it is received from AMPAID-4." Bottom of page: 201-269689. CI: Lewis D. Nicklas jlh. AC/CI: Winfield F. Jimerson. C/PW: Robert K. Trouchard. ESRC: Dudley R. Willings.


01/22/63, MFR from Lewis D. Nicklas: "1. On 22 January 1963, at 1055 hours, AMPAID/4 was picked up at a parking lot located on West Avenue between Lincoln Road and 16th Street, Miami Beach. AMPAID-4 was taken to a safesite located alongside the river on MacArthur Causeway, where the meeting was held in the case officer's car. After the meeting, at 1140 hours AMPAID-4 was taken back to the corner of West Avenue and 17th Street, Miami Beach. 2. On the morning of 21 January 1963, Jose Miro Cardona requested AMPAID/4's presence at a meeting to prepare a budget to cover the required funds to be expended on the proposed project for the Urban Police in Cuba. AMPAID/4 is of the opinion that Miro Cardona is waiting for the State Department to open its new office in the Miami area and at that time he will present the Urban Police project to the State Department officials. AMPAID/4 will submit a copy of the budget he is preparing for Miro Cardona when it is completed. He mentioned the fact that it will be difficult for him to prepare this budget since he never had anything to do with preparing budgets in the past. He stated that he would obtain catalogs from concerns engaged in the sale of small arms and other weapons and use their prices as a guide. He said he would do the same with uniforms, cars etc. 3. Subject will be met again on 30 or 31 January 1963. In the meantime he has been instructed to continue his efforts in identifying G-2 and other intelligence agents in the area, reporting on any events of interest he may obtain from local asylees who correspond with relatives or friends in Cuba, and to be alert to any information concerning the arrival of Soviet ships in Cuba, their arrival, freight unloaded, etc. 4. There were no signs of surveillance during the course of the meeting with the agent, nor at the time he was picked up and later left at the corner of West Avenue and 17th Street, Miami Beach."


02/13/63: Cable to Director (Orig: CI/Nicklas): "1. Plan move Chomar public housing under true name 18 Feb. KUBARK (CIA) to prepay rent for one week. In addition plan lump sum payment Chomar 1500 dollars for services rendered. 2. Chomar will be placed contact AMBUD and review thru AMBUD purpose obtaining assistance's resettlement. This will conclude WAVE relationship Chomar except for any new matters mutual interest which may arise. PO Box 324 Kendall, FLA established for recontact purposes." Authenticating Officer: (Probably) Winfield F. Jimerson. Releasing Officer: Andrew K. Reuteman.


06/11/63: Memo for the record from Alice B. Caponong, PW: "1. On 6 June Caponong received a phone call from Mrs. Knight, secretary to Arthur Lazell, Acting Director of the Cuban Refugee Center. Mrs. Knight asked if the name 'Antonio Wilkie,' who had a P.O. box in Kendall, meant anything to me. I stated that it did not. She continued by saying that a Cuban who was requesting finacial assistance from the Center had given him as a reference and had stated that Wilkie was a U.S. Government employee, and had been its 'contact' with this Cuban. I asked the name of the Cuban and was told it was Orlando Chomar Mamlok. Mrs. Knight said they wanted to check him out since the story Chomar told at the Refugee Center was quite fantastic. Among other things, Chomar said that he had been under investigation for eight months. I advised Mrs. Knight that I did know the name Chomar, that he was a defector, and that to my knowledge he had been investigated and had been given a clean bill of health from a security point of view...2. I then informed Chomar's case officer of the breach of security. The case officer immediately cancelled the post office box and asked if I could obtain a copy of the statement given by Chomar to the Refugee Center. 3. As a result of this request, I arranged an appointment with Mr. Lazell for the morning of 11 June...4. Mr. Lazell stated that Chomar was processed by a female 'interviewer' by the name of Ramon, fnu, whom Lazell described as having a big mouth. Lazell assumes she has already recounted Chomar's story to at least five or six people. The information about Antonio Wilkie and the P.O. box was apparently given to her verbally, since it was transmitted to Mrs. Knight in that manner also and does not appear in the official summary of Chomar's case..."


06/18/63: Memo for the record from Lewis D. Nicklas: Reference: Memo from Alice B. Caponong/PW, dated 11 June 1963: "1. On 17 June AMTEE-5 was instructed to call at the residence of Orlando Oshana Chomar Mamlok, 135 S.W. 16th Avenue, Apartment #6, pick up Chomar and drive him in AMTEE-5's car, to the parking lot behind the Hot Shoppe Restaurant on the corner of Dixie Highway and Bird Road, where the undersigned would meet them. AMTEE-5 and Chomar arrived at the meeting site at 1445 hours. The purpose of this meeting was to censure Chomar for using Lewis D. Nicklas' fictitious name as a reference at the Cuban Refugee Center and for divulging the information mentioned in memorandum of reference. 2. Chomar was reminded that he signed a 'Secrecy Agreement'...He was also reminded that he was told not to reveal the names of any of the U.S. officials who contacted him since his arrival in the U.S. He was told that he had committed a breach of security...b. He applied for this assistance at the Cuban Refugee Center where he was interviewed by an American lady named Alex Ramos. He said that Ramos told him that he had to make a sworn statement in order to apply for assistance from the Refugee Center...5. Chomar promised not to use Nicklas' fictitious name again and that he would not divulge his past connection with the U.S. Government to anyone. He was told not to use the P.O. Box he was given in the past because this box has been cancelled. He was told that AMTEE-5 would contact him once a week in order to maintain contact with him in the future. 6. The meeting ended at approximately 1515 hours. No surveillance was noted during the course of the meeting which was held in AMTEE-5's car. After the meeting, Nicklas left AMTEE-5's car and when Chomar and AMTEE-5 departed, Nicklas walked to his car which was parked at the other end of the parking lot and left the meeting site. 7. On 18 June AMTEE-5 called to advise that Chomar was very angry when he left the meeting..."

104-10236-10182: DISPATCH: PARA 1: IN AN INTERVIEW ON 10

07/05/63: Report Cover Sheet from JMWAVE: Reporting Officer: Lewis D. Nicklas, Henry J. Sloman, Peter J. Digerveno, Alice B. Caponong. Reports Officer: Norma R. Cardascio. Approving Officer: Andrew K. Reuteman. "Source: Para 1: AMPAID-1, in an interview on 10 May 1963, from Servelio Garcia Rodriguez and Angel Maria Chavez Negrin. Para 2: AMDAMP-3, in SW message No. 17 from Habana dated 10 April 1963 and received 24 April 1963..." - - - Page 3: Field Information Report: Country: Cuba. Subject: Soviet Activity in Southern Habana Province. Place & Date Acq.: United States (10 May 1963), Cuba (10 January - 10 April 1963): "Source: Para 1: Former Cuban government official (F), from untested Cuban exiles..."

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