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Pseudonym: Wenmead, William

Unknown identity. William D. Wenmead was a CIA contact of AMTIKI-1 (Manuel F. Goudie) in late 1961.
In terms of AMTIKI-1, it is possible that Cecil Goudie was related to him, and may have possibly been his brother. Silvia Medina and Cecil Goudie Monteverde were paid expenses, and were included in the CRC Finance Report for June 1-30, 1961. Manuel Goudie Monteverde was also included in other reports.

In Carlos G. Ordonez's Los Primeros-Exiliadoes (1960-2004), the author stated that Cecil Goudie was a CIA trainer of a group of fighters at No Name Key in 1960, and then worked on the vessels "Polo" and "Barbero." After the end of naval operations, Ordonez believed that Goudie remained in the CIA, training infiltration groups, until 1967. Ordonez also mentioned Goudie, along with the likes of Tony Cuesta, as being Cuban exile heroes.

Cuesta, along with several other Comandos L members, was named in a CIA Information Report in June, 1963, as repairing Cecil Goudie's vessel the "Silvia" in that month. They allegedly planned to buy it after its repair. The report also added that the "Silvia" was formerly named the "Polo."

In Cuban exile Juan L. Cosculluela's memoir, Cecil Goudie worked on the "Barbero" and the "Polo", among other vessels. There was also a reference to Goudie resigning as head of base (unknown) after an apparent dispute with another CIA officer and the Nobregas brothers.

A cable from Miami in November, 1961, mentioned that the "the Goudie's say that they will not operate with us if the Nobregas group remains." In addition, a FBI report in April of 1963 also mentioned the "Goudie Group" as being an anti-Castro Cuban group.

An entry for Cecil M. Goudie on the geni.com website stated that he was born in November, 1920 (in Matanzas, Matanzas, Cuba), was married to Sylvia Medina, had a brother named Manuel Federico Goudie, and died in February, 1992, in Miami, of heart failure. This is consistent with the Cecil Goudie mentioned in documents and memoirs.

104-10231-10020: CRC FINANCE REPORT FOR 1-30 JUNE 1961

06/30/61: CIA document: Page 17: "STATEMENT OF EXPENSES: June 1: Silvia Medina. Cecil Goudie Monteverde..." (See entry on geni.com website for Cecil M. Goudie for name of Medina as Goudie's wife). - - - Garcia and Paula Report, 1-31 Oct 1961: Page 3: Mentions of Manuel Goudie Monteverde: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=147106&search=#relPageId=3&tab=page - - - CRC Admin/Budget/Finance, August 68: Page 147: Mentions of M. F. Goudie: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=161005&search=#relPageId=147&tab=page


10/12/61: Cable from Director to JMWAVE (Orig: W.T. Ellis, Unit: WH/4/PA-PROP): Slugline JMZIP FINAN: "1. In order clarify extent and nature support promised AMBUD-1 (Jose Miro Cardona) desire Wenmead obtain discreetly from AMTIKI-1 (Manuel F. Goudie) more detailed breakdown AMBUD (Cuban Revolutionary Council - CRC) monthly budget, amplifying general description obtained by Passavoy (probably Col. Wendell C. Johnson) from Wenmead such as number of people on payroll in different categories. Pouch priority. In later pouch include if possible names of persons on payroll. 2. Passavoy seeing AMBUD-1 Monday New York to discuss budget and other matters."

104-10215-10099: ROSS L. CROZIER, 201-168881, VOL. V.

10/28/61: Dispatch from Chief, WHD to Chief of Base, JMWAVE: Subject: JMATE/ADMIN - Transportation and Temporary Storage of HHE: "1. Please advise for what period reimbursement is allowable in each of the following instances of temporary storage of HHE which preceded the individual's actual PCS assignments to JMWAVE on 20 August 1961: Harold R. Noemayr (Ross Crozier) - In anticipation of being assigned PCS to JMWAVE Noemayr phoned his HHE in temporary storage in Alexandria, Virginia on approximately 1 July 1961 from whence they were shipped to Miami on 22 September 1961. The date of the personnel action assigning Noemayr PCS JMWAVE is unknown. The date of his PCS travel order is unknown. William D. Wenmead - In anticipation of being assigned PCS JMWAVE Wenmead placed his HHE in transit storage in Washington, D.C. on 27 July 1961 from whence they were shipped to Miami on 24 August 1961. The date of the personnel action assigning Wenmead PCS JMWAVE is unknown. His PCS travel order approval date is illegible..."


11/01/61: Cable from JMWAVE to Director (Orig: PW - Trouchard (William Kent): Zamka/David Morales Acting): Slugline JMZIP KUCAGE NONIACT: "1. AMTIKI-1 (Manuel F. Goudie) informed Wenmead one Nov that AMBUD-1 (Jose Miro Cardona), Jose Alvarez Diaz and 'American from State Dept' demanded immediate meeting with AMTIKI KUBARK (CIA) contact (Wenmead). 2. Passavoy (probably Col. Wendell C. Johnson) believes this may have been in line with Hurwitz desire scrutinize admin budget for paring expenditures. Passavoy informed AMBUD-1 that attendance Wenmead any such meeting inadvisable." Authenticating Officer: Trouchard. Releasing Officer: Reingruber.


11/14/61: Cable from JMWAVE to Director (Orig: Bertrand R. Jobes - probably Gordon Sutherland Campbell): Slugline NO NIACT: JMZIP/PM: Page 2: ..."(D) The Goudie's say that they will not operate with us if the Nobregas group remains..." Authenticating Officer: Pantleone (Glenn J. - Rocky - Farnsworth). Releasing Officer: George H. Reingruber (Al Cox).

104-10215-10099: ROSS L. CROZIER, 201-168881, VOL. V.

11/15/61: Dispatch from Chief, WHD to Chief of Base, JMWAVE: Subject: JMZIP ADMIN/FINANCE/Transportation and Temporary Storage of HHE (Domestic PCS Move): "1. Reimbursement for the temporary storage of effects applicable to a domestic PCS movement is authorized from the date of the employee's departure. The maximum storage period is sixty (60) days. Harold R. Noemayr (Ross Crozier) and William D. Wenmead were assigned PCS to JMWAVE on 20 August 1961. Therefore, the initial reimbursement date for storage of effects is 20 August 1961. Unfortunately charges prior to 20 August will have to be borne by the individuals since regulations do not permit storage of effects during periods when an employee is absent from his domestic post of assignment..."


04/02/63: FBI report from Savannah, Georgia: Titled: Agrupacion Montecristi, aka., Monti Cristi Group: Page 3: ..."Sv T-2 advised he had learned through contacts with Cuban trainees at Fort Jackson, S. C.., that the Goudie Group, an anti-Castro Cuban exile group, reportedly has in their possession at present two M-3 grease guns; 2 - 57 MM recoiless rifles, 1 - 75 recoiless rifle, an undetermined number of M-1 .45 caliber semi-automatic pistols and a good quantity of C-3 explosives. This group also has at its disposal, a 63 foot boat not further described. This group is reportedly presently operating from Marathon Key, Florida, and probably several other sites but it is no longer operating from No Name Key, Florida. He said it appears that present plans for future activities for Cuban trainees calls for their participation subsequent to their Army separation in May 1963 in step-up action activities on the Cuban mainland. Sv-2 advised he has been invited and will attend, at the request of PFC Miguel Suarez Simpson, a Cuban trainee, Fort Jackson, S. C., a meeting to be held at an unknown location in Miami, Florida, the night of March 30, 1963, to discuss future anti-Castro action activities by the Goudie Group."


06/27/63: Information Report: COUNTRY: Cuba. PLACE & DATE ACQ: United States (20-23 June 1963): SUBJECT: Plans and Activities of Comandos L, an Anti-Castro Group: "SOURCE: A competent American observer (B) From a Cuban exile with good access to the activities of the Comandos L: 1. On 20 June 1963 four members of Comandos L, including Santiago Alvarez Jr., Antonio Cuesta del Valle, and Ramon Font Saumell, were making repairs on the 'Silvia,' formerly the 'Polo', a 45-foot steel-hulled vessel owned by Cecil Goudie, which was tied up at a dock near 20th Street on North River Drive in Miami. One of the twin diesels was being rebuilt. The bottom was being red-leaded, the hull was being painted dark green, and the desks, cabin, and superstructure were being painted grey...4. Field Comment: On 22 and 23 June a competent American observer reported that Cecil Goudie has one-seventh interest in the 'Silvia', which is rented to the Florida-Caribbean fisheries. The 'Silvia' was being repaired by three Cubans who intend to buy the boat..."


Carlos G. Ordonez's Los Primeros-Exiliadoes (1960-2004) (translated from Spanish to English): Page 10: "This book is also a tribute to the true heroes of exile...from Brigade 2506, MRR, Alpha 66 and others...Before and after the Bay of Pigs Invasion, numerous maritime incursions into Cuba were carried out...in which were involved a lot of Cubans exiles, who are not mentioned and are practically anonymous heroes...Within that group of brave Cubans, I mention Enrique (Kikio) Llansó, Cecil Goudie, Tony Cuesta and Orlando (Bebo) Acosta, Captain René Cancio, Luis Crespo and Ernestino Abreu. Nor should we forget the political prisoners.." - - - Page 36: "Until February 1961 the Navy of the MRR, directed by Santiago Babun had made numerous incursions to Cuba, infiltrating weapons, ammunition and personnel. On the other hand, another group also supervised by the CIA and led by Cecil Goudie, performed such anti-Castro activities in the keys of the north coast of Cuba..." - - - Page 125 (Photograph of man said to be Cecil Goudie): "CECIL M. GOUDIE (EPD): In charge of the CIA training of a group of fighters in 'No name Key' versus 'Big Pine Key' in 1960. After the training, he moves with his group to 'Summerland Key', with the arrival of first ship: 'The Polo' to perform operations where it remains approximately two months in physical training. Upon arrival of the second ship 'The Barbero', moves his staff to 'Big Pine Key' and with the two ships under his command, support the movement insurgent making numerous incursions to the island. During the Bay of Pigs Invasion he directed various transport and supply missions of infiltration teams. Subsequently, after the failure of it, they managed to get several members of the 2506 Brigade. At the end of naval operations Cecil continues with the CIA training infiltration groups until 1967. Cecil was a great athlete and an excellent coach of American football in the VTC. We miss him."


My Memoirs by Captain Juan L. Cosculluela Iduate collected in six periods, of my life Brochures I to VI included: Page 148 (Spanish to English translation): ..."Already in the month of October they send us Silva and my person with the catamaran to the base of New Found Harbor in Big Pine Key and we were accommodated aboard the PT Susan Ann of Leslie Nobregas, since they did not want us to mix with the crews of the Air Sea Rescue 'The Barber' who belonged to Cecil Goudie, both crews shared the facilities of the Base and Bob are appointed to the front of this facility although Goudie's staff was still managing it." - - - Page 149: ...""Both PT Susan Ann and ASR Barbero had at least two former staff fishermen members and it was these who remained at the base when there were no operations. This resulted in the 'ghost' crew appearing (those who charged but not participated in the operations, this evil was quickly overcome by Bob's order to divide the provision in brigades, which one had to remain at the base while the other enjoyed. Frankly, this measure caused discomfort in the Barber's crew that they later produced the resignation of Goudie as Head of the base, Cesar Tapia in charge of maintenance and Luis Felipe Gonzalez (head chef) passing the entire administrative phase to Jorge Nobregas (Coco), brother of Leslie Nobregas, who was the owner and operator of the PT Susan Ann. Representing the 'Montecristi' movement..."


Page 185: "SERVICE RECORD OF THE BLACK CAT: Previous to the Bay of Pigs the CAT was tested on a successful operation to exfiltrate two high ranking members of the Castro Government (Raul Chibas and his wife) and the crew who operate the boat were all Americans ex-UDT personnel since the company at that time do not trust the Cubans for such type of mission due the difference political criteria among the Cubans (Batistiano & ex Fidelistas). After the Bay of Pigs the 'Black Cat' was assigned to work as the intermediate craft for the group under the command of Grayston Lynch (Gray) and his maritime advice Robert C. Stevens. Their base were in Big Pine Key in Newfound Harbor, who have a motel for living quarters and a large slip for docking several crafts. The place have been used by the CIA under Cecil Gaudie administration who have the crash boat ASR Barbero and the yacht Polo and after the invasion the PT Susan Ann and the yacht Wasp (a prowler 26 foot) whose owners were the Nobregas family operating under the Montecristi Revolutionary Movement. J. Cosculluela and Reynaldo Silva as skipper and assistant were the first Cubans recruited to operate the boat to work with the UDT team of veterans of the Bay of Pigs (Cantillo, Pruna, Fonts) and the commando team of Roberto San Roman (all veterans of the Brigade). At that time there was (2) commando teams, the San Roman Team and the Miguel Orozco under the jurisdiction of Rip (all members of both teams have distinguished (themselves) during the Bay of Pigs invasion and were recruited for above reason)...The Black Cat and his crew done also operations to infiltrate and exfiltrate clandestine team with other vessel of the CIA maritime fleet (The Susan Ann, The Barbero, The Seagull and later the Cuttlas) towing the cat and dropping in a pre arranged point. Reynaldo Silva continue as his skipper when Cosculluela was transfer as skipper of an intermediate craft..."


Entry on geni.com website: "Cecil M Goudie: Birthdate: November 03, 1920. Birthplace: Matanzas, Matanzas, Cuba. Death: February 10, 1992 (71) Miami, Dade, Florida, United States (Heart Failure). Place of Burial: Miami, Florida, United States. Immediate Family: Son of Arturo Goudie and Luz de los Angeles y de Monteverde. Husband of Sylvia Medina. Father of Private; Private User; Cecil Arturo Goudie; Private User; Private User and 1 other. Brother of Manuel Federico Goudie; Private and Johnny Goudie."

Gavin McDonald

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