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Pseudonym: Wally, Captain

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A retired naval officer, may have been JMWAVE Deputy Chief of Station Robert Moore who appears to have used the name "Gordon Campbell" after Campbell died in 1962.
Gordon Campbell passed away 9/62. Campbell and Moore had worked closely together on the Eisenhower Cuba Project and ultimately on the operation at the Bay of Pigs. In later maritime operations conducted by JMWAVE Campbell would secure the boats used in missions overseen by Moore. Campbell ran Maritime out of Miami and Moore out of Key West until Campbell passed.

Moore then possibly started using "Gordon Campbell" as an alias. His main CIA pseudo that he used for memos was probably Frederick Inghurst. He may also have used the aliases of Irving Peggins and "Mr. Bishop" when he was not at JMWAVE. Rex was commanded by Alejandro Brooks and the Leda by his brother Gaspar Brooks: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=124186&relPageId=17

Captain Wally brought the "CIA instructions" to their commander. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=124186&relPageId=13&search=wally

Hank was CIA, gave orders to Clemente Inclan Werner/AMSIGH-2 and to the team as a whole. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=124186&relPageId=23&search=wally

Hank was a trainer and needed an interpreterhttps://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=124186&relPageId=8&search=hank

John Tilton is mentioned on 10/26 as being in the communication loop on the action address - he may have been Wally, probably not a trainer and probably knew Spanish. Hank was a trainer who needed an interpreter. See https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=73298#relPageId=49&search=%22mr._wally%22 - Wallace Shanley was known as "Wally".


...on October 22, Mambises unit/AMGLOSSY attempted a landing from the Rex on Pinar del Rio province. Set off a firefight and strafing of freighter J. Louis by MIGS...Castro reported that four of Rex crew had been captured, described the Rex and named her home port in West Palm Beach...The Leda (was harbored) at Port Everglades. Captains of the vessels were brothers Alejandro Brooks (Rex) and Gaspar Brooks (Leda)...without interference from the INS...those captured were Alberto del Busto/AMSHAG-1, Luis Montero Carrazana (see 104-10217-10081: 201-309615), Dr. Clemente Inclan Werner/AMSIGH-2 and one other not identified by name...Gordon Campbell, JMWAVE assistant station chief, would go to the ship just before a mission and hand Captain Brooks sealed orders to be opened at sea. After the Rex had cleared the harbor, the guns would be taken from the magazine and fastened to the deck mounts. Rex would rendezvous at sea with the commando, frogman and infiltration teams. Would replenish her stores and ammunition at Stock Island near Key West, where there was a CIA warehouse. A good portion of this section is a recounting of various raids reported in the book The War That Never Was by Bradley Ayers. It is good adventure reading..."

124-10203-10323: No Title

Press conference with CIA agents captured in Cuba. They were identified as Clemente Inclan Werner (note: AMSIGH-2), Luis Montero Carranza, and Roberto Lizano Rodriguez. Inclan Werner said, "The US citizen working with the infiltration group was my chief, his name is Hank...a US citizen whom I understand was a retired naval officer was in charge of the ship. His name is Wally...Later this Wally was promoted and another US citizen took over the ship. His name was Bob...(at page 5): The main plan of the group was to establish an intelligence network...over radio through a radio operator who was brought to the CIA base in the United States. As a secondary mission, the team was to set up a resistance organization..." (at page 6): "Captain Wally, the American...gave the commander (Alejandro Brooks) the money and the commander paid us...(our mission was to) infiltrate people on the southern coast... (at page 9): Werner explained that he was a lawyer for the university until he left Cuba in 1960 and had been previously active in the MDC...(at page 13): Carranza said that he was hired by Altaja Amador, the chief boatswain's mate, he belonged to the former navy." (at page 14): Inclan served on the team as an interpreter and security officer...the ship's captain was Alejandro Brooks. (at p. 22): (When we arrived at the dock at West Palm Beach) Captain Wally and other Americans would bring us food - whatever the ship needed." (The press conference was conducted on 11/8/63).

104-10093-10139: CABLE: TWO CUBAN REFUGEES

10/24/63 cable MEXI 6547 from Mexico City to HQ, ref WAVE 6395: "Madrid 24 Oct newspaper has small item cabled by Cozumel stringer. States two Cuban refugees have arrived small launch. One refugee is injured and has been hospitalized. Third died in passage and body thrown overboard. Two Cubans under arrest, being conducted to Port of Cozumel. Station advising LITEMPOS new development. Will advise."


10/24/63 cable MEXI 6686 from Mexico City to Director, ref WAVE 6395: "At 12:15 local October 24 LITEMPOS reported (illegible) Cozumel: 'Gonzalez' and 'Buenrostro' (sic) have been in custody Mexi Navy since late afternoon 23 Oct both wounded in legs. Receiving adequate medical attention at Cozumel Naval Base. Told authorities they were headed for 'Punte de Mola and San Jose de Cabo'. Intention was to rescue relatives from San Antonio. Hit on way in. Amador died. Apparently did not mention boom (as in "boom personnel" - see 104-10093-10150), as Mexicans know nothing of second boat. Superstructure of bin filled with ragged holes 'probably from cannon or grenades'. LITEMPO type reported departing from (Madrid) for Cozumel 24 Oct to take over case. He will interview and report (to) LITEMPO-2/Gustavo Diaz Ordaz. If Cubans can travel will take them (to Madrid). LITEMPOS say both will be given political asylum if they so request. LITEMPOS do not expect more information until their man reports on 25 Oct. For Madrid, suggest no action your part due danger involving base in situation now being handled routinely by (Government of Mexico). Madrid should stand by however should WAVE or Headquarters attempt contact with Cubans with message from 'Captain Wally' in order advise Cubans on their third and new cover story not in line with paragraph four (ref 6395). Mexi will attempt through LITEMPOS kill publicity of statements BIM was indeed heading for Cuban mainland but chances are not good if story now widely told Cozumel...Chief of Station comment: Dissemination per Mr. Fitzgerald C/SAS." Also see 104-10093-10153, stating that they will eventually get political asylum and be debriefed by Laurence Barker/Robert Shaw or a non-CIA contact.


10/26/63 cable MEXI 6678, from Mexico City to Director, action: Mr. Tilton SAS notified and copy slotted: "Due recent info that some AMGLOSSY (Comandos Mambises - a CIA infiltration team designed to set up an intelligence network and a resistance organization inside Cuba during 1963) Cubans now under Castro control MEXI suggests that normal answer as outlined ref (MRID 0295) be sent. We suggest to WAVE/DIR possibility 'normal answer' plus addendum such as 'this consulate can advise you that a Mr. Wally has been in touch with us seeking to assist you and requesting you be patient while he works on your case." Another version is at 104-10290-10362.


10/26/63 cable MEXI 6684 from Mexico City to HQ, ref WAVE 6649: "Re para 2 ref - Mexi in telecon COB Madrid morning 26 Oct agreed he will use Madrid exile relief leader as method funding AMGLOSSY (Comandos Mambises - a CIA infiltration team designed to set up an intelligence network and a resistance organization inside Cuba during 1963) Cubans Cozumel. ASAP COB will send exile leader with about five thousand pesos "from Mr. Wally"...Madrid making every effort investigate unknown Cubans Isla Mujeres to ascertain if they AMGLOSSY types. LITEMPOS still unable report when they can move AMGLOSSY Cubans to Madrid or Mexico City..." Isla Mujeres is a Mexican island about eight miles off the Yucatan peninsula.

124-10203-10322: No Title

11/03/63: Interrogation of Luis Montero Carrazana: ..."INTERROGATOR: Mr. Carrazana, apart from the North American, Warren (Wally?), whom you have mentioned, did you see any other North American aboard the Rex when it was in West Palm Beach? CARRANZANA: Well, I saw many but (the only other I knew - ed.) by name, there was another gentleman who was about 40-plus and who was called Bill. INTERROGATOR: What was Bill's function? CARRAZANA: Whenever an errand was to be run, Bill did it. But whenever a machine needed fixing he was almost always the worker. INTERROGATOR: That Bill also functioned in the CIA? CARRAZANA: Yes sir, and he slept on the ship and everything. He was always on the ship..." - - - Was this a reference to "Bill Cook", believed to be a cover name for CIA officer Mickey Kappes? Kappes would have been 37 years old in November of 1963 (born in September, 1926): https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=35222#relPageId=6&tab=page

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