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Pseudonym: Veausell, Kenneth

Unknown identity. Kenneth L. Veausell was a long standing CIA officer, working from at least 1959 until 1972.
A cable in August, 1959, stated that Veausell lived in the same apartment building as Don Hogan (probably George Michael Kappes). The same cable mentioned a luncheon with Katherine Taaffe, Veausell and Edward Knapman (probably Warren Frank).


08/18/59, Cable from Havana to Director: "1. Veausell did not admit KUBARK (CIA) employment to Hogan nor did he pass any info. 2. Taaffe story completely false and illogical. Station has no info re anti-Castro activities of Fernandez. Veausell has never discussed revolutionary plotting with Hogan. We have no covert relationship with Hogan. 3. Veausell has had frequent informal contact with Hogan in past 6 months as have had other embassy officers in initial contact with emb officer Topping present, Hogan related his and associates great concern over Communism Cuba. His attitude changed quickly with Topping's soothing words that situation not as black as believed by Hogan's group. Subsequent talks dealt mostly with current pol and econ problems Cuba. 4. On at least two occasions Hogan tried sell Veausell services of George Michael Kappes for use penetration DOM forces Cuba. Pitch stopped when Hogan informed that emb has no interest and no funds for such activities. 5. Hogan has tendency suspect all pol officers including Topping as KUBARK (CIA) reps. Sometime ago he suspected Taaffe this role view her 'good ODYOKE connections' and reliable info furnished by her in New York during revolution. He requested Veausell supply data on Taaffe. No action taken and Hogan never mentioned it again. 6. Contact referred to by Taaffe no doubt luncheon with Veausell and Knapman 15 July since Hogan then mentioned Taaffe presence HAVA and her contact with Fernandez. Conversation did not include info provided Ref B by Taaffe. See Ref D being pouched 21 August for station comments on erroneous info previously passed ODENVY (FBI) by Taaffe. C/S Comment: *Stated Hogan lives same apt building as Kenneth L. Veausell and had provided Veausell as ODACID (U.S. State Department) officer with bits of info on local political situation from time to time."

1994.04.06.10:57:07:710005: Reel 14, Folder N - [[DELETION]] LOOSE DOCUMENTS.

01/13/60, Dispatch from Withheld to Chief, WHD: Subject: Political Organizations - Movimiento Democrata Cristiano (MDC, Christian Democratic Movement): Signed by Kenneth L. Veausell

104-10192-10173: CABLE RE AMPALM-10 LETTER TO DIAZ

04/15/60, Cable from Havana to Director: REF: HAVA 4123 (IN 25569)* "1. On 13 April AMPALM-10 gave Gebaide letter from Rene said to deliver to Diaz. According letter said found out from friends in G-2 that he not in danger so intends stay in Cuba. According to AMPALM-10 said was in HAVA 13 April but returning at once to SACU. AMPALM-10 verified name as Rene said. 2. A-10 requested Diaz be queried re replacement as chief MRR Oriente Diaz appoints Rene at least temporarily until after discussions QDCOVE. Request base pass this message to Rene. 3. FYI only Diaz scheduled leave HAVA afternoon 14 April for U.S. Do not pass until after arrival. C/S Comment: *Diaz referred to his second in command as Rene said. Requested Veausell relay message to Rene that Diaz ordered him Rome to HAVA for exfiltration."

104-10192-10435: CABLE: CONTACT IS UNCLE OF

05/12/60, Cable from Santiago de Cuba to Director: REF: SACU 556 (IN 37725)* "Contact is Luis Bueno. Uncle of Rene said saw Rene night of 10 May and he anxious leave as police are still searching. Plans go HAVA by bus but waiting hear from Veausell. C/S Comment: *Man who with Rene said on night of 3 May contacted Trenning and said Rene is in hiding in farmhouse and wanted help leaving Cuba."


08/11/60, Report Cover Sheet from Santiago de Cuba: Reporting Officer: Kenneth L. Veausell, Reports Officer: Kenneth L. Veausell, Approving Officer: Kenneth L. Veausell: Source: Laureano Garrote, Jr.

104-10225-10012: CIA FILE ON ( )SHELL-5

09/20/72, Cable (Veausell Acting): Slugline TYPIC AKULE: "1. Concur first week of October as best date. Please confirm specific date soonest. 2. File: 201-307337..."

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