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Pseudonym: Valentino, Rudy

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DC/SR/6/Support Rudy Balaban, Soviet Russia (SR) staff. Balaban was involved in the debriefing of Robert Webster upon his return from the USSR a few weeks before Oswald. Also used the alias Valentinov.


6/28/62 memo for files by CIA Pittsburgh field office staff B. K. Stewart, Jr. : "At the request of EE/USSR (Art Dooley), arrangements have been completed to meet with Robert E. Webster, 311 E. Beaver St., Zelienople, PA, in the Esquire Room, Roosevelt Hotel, Pittsburgh, PA, at 10:00 am, Monday 2 July 1962. Representatives from SR/6 (Rudy Balaban) and the Air Force are expected to be present, in addition to two from the Pittsburgh office of OO/C (note: Domestic Contacts Division). OO/C does not now (28 June 1962) have any clearance to discuss any classified requirements with Webster and in fact, does not have any requirements. It is understood that SR/6 has its own clearance on Webster and Air Force is being advised of the clearance status of Webster, insofar as OO/C is concerned..."


Re 7/2/62: See this 4/16/63 memo from DC/SR/6/Support Rudy Balaban to Chief, SR/6: Refers to the initial debriefing of Robert Webster on July 2-3, 1962, attended by OO/Contact Division (Domestic Contacts Division) and Air Force representatives in Pittsburgh. "The undersigned used the pseudonym Rudy Valentino, while the following used their true names: Messrs. Keller Stewart, Robert Starling, and Jack Tague of the OO Office, Pittsburgh, Major E. J. Zvetina and Mr. F. G. Jaycocks, of the Air Force Foreign Technology Division, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. The undersigned's aim was to determine if Subject was knowledgeable regarding detailed operational intelligence and Soviet Realities, while OO processed its normal requirements, including that of TSD (note: Technical Services Division), and the Air Force interrogated Subject along technical lines." On the next page, see the CIA staff and contract personnel involved, which also included Eleanor Reed aka Eleanor Anderson, Victor Simia of AEREALITY, Stuart Duncan of SR, Howard Stark of OSI, Dr. Charles Bohrer (Medical) with the alias Dr. Brussales, and Ned Bennett. (Bennett is the author of the 1967 memo regarding a strategy to address the JFK "conspiracy theorists" called "Countering Criticism of the Warren Report - see 104-10418-10431) Copious notes follow that go into working with Webster into late July. Also see 1994.03.18.11:01:48:220005, p. 38 and related documents for a larger but more redacted set of files relating to these events.

180-10143-10227: 180-10143-10227

Re early 60s: Thomas B. Casasin, chief of SR/6 in the early 60s, said that his subordinates in the Branch 6 were "Balaban, a man named Richard, last name possibly REDACTED, and REDACTED, who was the liaison in the Technical Services Division (i.e. concealment devices)..." (At page 6): EAry When asked about KUJUMP, Casasin describes it as "the Operations Division. He said it had a contacts division for debriefing persons." (Note: Also known as OO)

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