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Pseudonym: Umphlet, Norris

Petros Moutses, a Greek national and longtime member of the Greek Communist Party.

104-10175-10025: LIRING-3

01/06/67: Cable (Cite Mexico City 9839): Page 3: ..."3. In conjunction with L-3's dealings with GUAT guerrillas would like mount separate parallel operation typing local Cuban target and Guatemala subversion using Noris K. Umphlet (IDEN for (REDACTION) who long time commie penetration and now has valid documentation and wealthy Mexican girl friend whom he can say is supporting him. Specifically considering send Umphlet on 'business development' trip to Guatemala and other Central American countries to make contacts with suitable elements who could later be used as assets for subversion ops. Umphlet was given mission by own commie party to contact leftists of his nationality and background, in Central and South America. From five years spent in Cuba, he also knowledgeable of number of Latin American commie sympahizers. Suitable contacts made Guatemala and elsewhere could then be offered by Umphlet to Cuban intel reps Mexico as possible support elements for subversion including clandestine resupply of guerrilla groups. Realize Cubans may not take bait but feel such operation would constitute best possible exploitation of Umphlet potential this area. 4. Request above be discussed with Rowton who ETA HQs CA 10 Jan so that with HQs guidance more definite ops plans involving L-3 and Umphlet can be elaborated. Would also appreciate (REDACTION) views." - - - Page 287: 01/06/67: Cable: Ref: Mexico City 9839 (IN 72174) "IDEN is Petros Moutses, Greek national and longtime member Greek commie party, now resident Mexico City."

104-10175-10025: LIRING-3

April 1967: CIA document: Titled: LIRING/3 - Norris K. Umphlett Chronology: Pages 3-4: ..."At this point the Mexico City Station proposed to mount a parallel operation involving Norris K. Umphlett, a 33 year old Greek who was recruited in 1952 by Rowton to penetrate the U.S., Greek, and Cuban Communist Parties. Umphlett performed adequately in these tasks including all but the last two years of over five spent in Cuba. Rowton sent Umphlett to Guatemala in late February 1966 on a 'business development' trip to establish contact with elements who could be used as support elements for subversion including clandestine resupply of guerrilla groups. It was proposed that these elements would be offered to the CUIS (handwritten note). Umphlett met a Greek Communist owns a chocolate factory in Guatemala City where he has harbored leftists and who claims to be related to an EDA deputy in Athens. Umphlett is to exploit this relationship in an effort to land a job in the business as a cover to assist the Greek in clandestine activity..."

104-10175-10025: LIRING-3

04/04/67: Memorandum from W. J. Kaufman, Chief, WH/1 to CI/OPS, Withheld: Subject: LIRAVINE Project Renewal: "1. Reference is made to your Staff Review (Form 526) of the LIRAVINE Project Renewal Request. In response to your requests, attached are one copy of the report on the 3-6 June 1966 debriefing of Norris K. Umphlet and one copy of the results of his 7 June 1965 SGSWIRL. Copies of these reports are being forwarded to CI/OA with a request for clearance for Umphlet's current use in Mexico..."

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