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Pseudonym: Turquito, El

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Jose Ramon Fayat, aka Maceria, a member of the OESA (Secret Army Organization) and allegedly one of the killers of Albert Anastasia.

124-10206-10180 [No Title]

10/30/62 report stated that Carlos de Torres - brother of Bernardo de Torres - claimed "Maceria" was one of the killers of Albert Anastasia. Other killers he named were Santos Trafficante, Jr., Roman Oliverea (the "set-up" man), and Cisco (Anastasia's bodyguard). de Torres' source was Cisco. Detective Graff identified Cisco as "Cisco Bob", whose true name was Ubaldo Santacroce. Santacroce admitted he made the statements, and that Maceria's true name was Jose Ramon Fayat, owner of the Ideal Restaurant, 755 West Flagler Street, Miami. However, Santacroce stated he could not verify these statements. Graff's information was that Santacroce was considered a 'bum' and unreliable, and he closed the case based on unreliable information.

124-90130-10027: No Title

1962-1964: "Turquito" Fayat (see 124-10206-10180, pp 36-37, aka Jose Ramon Fayat aka Maceria; ) gave Francisco Rodriguez Tamayo an OESA (Secret Anti-Communist Army Organization) card in 1962 and that he thereafter recruited four friends to fill out his cell. By 1964 Tamayo took his friends to another group and considered OESA a dead organization.

124-90131-10013: No Title

8/13/63 FBI memo by SA Thomas Errion: Report on OESA (Secret Army), based on information from CIA and source Humberto Rodriguez Diaz. The leader was Manuel J. Espinosa of Mexico City. Members of the Secret Army aka Secret Army Anti-Communist Organization in mid-1963 included Jose Ramon Fayat aka "Turquito", previously active in the Autentico party; attorney Jose Iriarte; Eugenio Perez Crowley; money exchanger Ulises Sanchez Queral and former Cuban police lieutenant Iradio Edelio Rodriguez Pena.

124-10210-10276: No Title

11/18/64 FBI memo re an attempt to extort money from Julio Cesar Iglesias for anti-Castro revolutionary purposes: Jesus Gonzalez Cartas as well as FNU Fayat, aka El Turquito, are involved in extortion rackets in the Miami area. Others include Herminio Diaz, Humberto Nunez Webster, Hector Duarte, Angel Esteves, Raul Esteves, Eduardo Silva.


Circa 1965: "Jose A. Lopez Paz was a white slave trader in Cuba and a member of the Cuba and a member of the Secret Police under Batista. He tried to kill Kiko (Rolando) Masferrer and fled to Mexico under the protection of Lt. Col. Martin Perez. Lopez Paz then smuggled drugs from Mexico to the United States. In Mexico he had two Cuban partners, Col. Olmo and Fallat El Turquito (Little Turk) both agents of A. Basana Laboratories. The Turk and Corporal Olmo are murderers and are well established in Miami on the profits of their sales of drugs which they brought to Mexico and sold in the United States..." Report of SA Francis Lundquist re interview with Ernesto Ricardo Valero Abreu aka Col. J. Fiallo.

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