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Pseudonym: Treckler, Howard

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CIA officer Joseph (Joe) Piccolo. Howard A. Treckler was known as "Jose" and "Jose" or "Joe" to AMMUG-1 and LIONION-1 respectively. Howard A. Treckler's name appeared on Joseph Piccolo's fitness report from June to December, 1970.
A telepouch in November of 1971 had Joseph S. Piccolo handwritten in above the name of Howard A. Treckler in the subject line.

104-10247-10211: MEETING WITH AMMUG-1

07/21/64: Contact Report from Joseph S. Piccolo: Subject: Meeting with AMMUG-1 and AMNIP-1, 21 July 1964: "1. This date the undersigned and Barney Hidalgo met with AMMUG-1 and AMNIP-1 for approximately 1 1/2 hours at the AMMUG safehouse on 16th St. N.W..."


11/12/64: AMMUG-1 PRQ Part II from CI/OA to C/WH/SA/CI: ..."3. List other case officers who have handled subject or whom he knows...: ....Howard A. Treckler as Jose..." Page 7: ..."Section XV: Emergency Conditions Recontact Arrangements: Under control of JMWAVE Station at present. If needed names of Langosch, Luzier, Treckler could be used."

104-10225-10003: PICCOLO, JOSEPH S.

Undated CIA document: Page 3 of Fitness Report of Joseph S. Piccolo: Reporting Period: 23 June 1970 - 31 December 1970: "Fitness Report - Howard A. Treckler..."

104-10188-10012: ( )AFGHAN (VOL I) - DEVELOPMENT AND PLANS.

11/07/66: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division: Subject: Transmittal of LIONION Project Renewal: (Signed) Howard A. Treckler for Willard C. Curtis. Page 2: "Request for Project Renewal: Project: LIONION. Field Case Officer: Howard A. Treckler..." Page 3: ..."B. Changes: Howard A. Treckler has assumed the duties of Case Officer for LIONION since the departure of Lawrence F. Barker in August 1966. Treckler is known to LIONION-1 and 2 as 'Jose' or 'Joe.' Treckler meets with LIONION-1 at least once each week and see LIONION-2 only if he visits the LIONION basehouse. With the departure of Hugh T. Francotte (P) in August 1966, Walter C. Cornbury (P) assumed the duties of technical consultant for the project. Cornbury is known to LIONION-1 and 2 as 'Jack.' LIONION-1 is being given a pay increase of (REDACTION) (U.S.) per month effective 1 January 1967. There are no other changes contemplated for the coming year..."

104-10188-10020: ( )AFGHAN OPERATIONS (VOL I).

04/27/67: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, WH Division: Subject: LIONION Progress Report for the period 1 January through 31 March 1967: ..."2. Agent Contact: During the period under review, LIONION-1 was seen weekly by the undersigned or Howard A. Treckler. In late January, the operational and administrative responsibilities for Project LIONION were transferred from Treckler to Cornelius L. Peuvion. No agent handling, control or administrative problems were encountered during the turn-over and none are anticipated during the ensuing period."

104-10183-10355: CIA FILE ON AMMUG-1

01/06/70: Dispatch from COS, WH/Miami to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division: Subject: TYPIC/AMMUG-1: "On 30 December 1969, AMNIP-1 reported that AMMUG-1's wife called him on the day before Christmas and informed him that her father had been hospitalized with a heart attack and that AMMUG-1 had left her. AMNIP-1 called AMMUG-1's place of employment in Miami on the day before Christmas and was informed AMMUG-1 was not working that day. AMNIP-1 left a message for AMMUG-1 to call him but as of 30 December had not heard from AMMUG-1. AMNIP-1 commented that he thought AMMUG-1's wife was a little unbalanced mentally and although her parents are now in the United States and she has no real ties left in Cuba, that she is interested in returning to Cuba. Howard A. Treckler."

104-10225-10003: PICCOLO, JOSEPH S.

11/03/71: Telepouch from Chief of Base, Withheld to COS, Withheld: Subject: Forwarding of Fitness Report - Howard A. Treckler (Handwritten: Joseph S. Piccolo): "Forwarded herewith is a fitness report for Howard A. Treckler..."

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