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Pseudonym: Toomey, Philip

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Not a pseudonym, as believed for a long time. It is documented that he was referred to as "Thompson" and that he was probably referred to as a man known as "Phil". He probably used the pseudonym Robert Trouchard. Active in PW section in 1962, often worked as deputy to David Phillips.

104-10265-10128: MEMO: MEETING OF ( ) AND FABIO FREYRE

12/16/59 Memorandum for the Record: "At the request of Chief, WHD, Mr. Philip Toomey (known as Thompson) met Mr. (Fabio) Freyre at the Mayflower Hotel at 2215 hours on 15 December. Mr. Freyre reported on the progress of his Accion Democratica Cristiana organization...(Freyre) mentioned two groups which have been trying to contact his group. One is the Diaz Lanz group whose approach was discouraged as Mr. Freyre's group does not want to have anything to do with the 26 of July movement. The other is the Batista group offering manpower under Colonel Sanchez Monqueda. Mr. Freyre instructed his second in command (Rodriguez Couciero) to confer with the Batista group." See 124-90130-10025: "...interview on June 10 and 12, 1959 of Francisco Rodriguez Tamayo and his attorney Francisco Maria Rodriguez Couciero, his cousin. Francisco Rodriguez Tamayo fought in the Sierra Maestra mountains prior to January, 1959 as a captain under the war name MEXICANO. He defected from the Castro regime June, 1959 with his cousin Francisco Maria Rodriguez Couciero, the latter being in charge of Cuban Social Security under the Castro regime prior to his defection."


12/20/60, from Havana to Director, ref HKHA 7085?, HKHW 3234, HKHW 3651: "On 17 December AMPALM-4/Angel Fernandez Varela met with Bernardo Munoz, interventor of Potin Restaurant which frequently visited by Fidel Castro. AMPALM-4/Varela found Munoz extremely depressed and noted that Munoz has two weak spots, i.e. his two sons. Munoz related his two sons deeply involved AMYUM/MRR activities and have repeatedly told him that AMYUMS/MRRs or some other anti-Castro organization would kill him in process overthrowing Castro since it well known he interventor of Potin which Castro's favorite restaurant. Munoz then told AMPALM-4/Varela he would rather be killed by Castro's bodyguards in the process of his trying to destroy Castro regime then he eventually be killed by anti-Castro forces. Feel above info coupled with Munoz access (to) Castro offers excellent opportunity Ref B project."

Peter Kornbluh, editor: Bay of Pigs Declassified: The Secret CIA Report on the Invasion of Cuba, p. 210

"Philip A. Toomey E.O.D. December 1951 DC/Propaganda Section/Cuban Task Force: Entered on duty with the Agency in December 1951 and has had prior assignment with OPC/WE/Plans and Ops, served abroad (excised) as a PP Ops officer, returned to the PP staff in Headquarters and was serving with WH/3 at the time of his assignment to the Project. He has native Spanish and possesses ability to handle a tremendous amount of work. Mature judgement and skill in the propaganda field are only a couple of his attributes."


12/29/60 memo from WH/4/PROP Phil Toomey at BELL x 8341 to Havana, ref HAVA 7243, HKHW 3765: "HQS highly interested implementation ref operation. Advise against using substance in food or drink as danger overdose causing paralysis, substance easy to diagnose, subject suspicious food or drink, difficult limit dosage to target individual. No danger overdose if applied externally preferably on parts of body inclined sweat. Pouching three small packets powder. Number one prepared brown powder; Number two prepared white powder; Number three concentrated white powder. One or two for use dry; number three dissolve in two ounces tap water. Liquid for sprinkling or painting hat band; lining shoes or clothing, gloves, etc.; powder to be dusted in socks, shoes, inside hat band, or any items clothing touching skin. Prepared powders are identical and choice governed by color material. Solution is colorless and nonstaining...Substance readily identifiable by any physician through effects. First assumption would be that it had been administered through food or drink, possibly pinpointing ref restaurant. Any connection (USA) might cause public indignation and retaliation." "Concerned exfiltration of AMCLATTER (C-76897) and Karnley (Bernard Reichardt) will be (CIA) channel." See 104-10110-10269, this is a reference to AMCLATTER-1/Bernard Barker. See HAVA 7243 at 104-10193-10308.

Jon Elliston, Psywar on Cuba (Ocean Press, 1999), p. 20

Researchers believe that either the author or the inspector general mistakenly confused "Douglas Gupton" as the pseudonym for Philip Toomey, instead of William Kent. "Joining in the (Bay of Pigs) effort was an assistant to Phillips who generated anti-Castro propaganda from the fertile ground of the Miami exile community. The CIA officer, who went by the cover name of 'Douglas Gupton', was in charge of dispensing subsidies to several exiled editions of Cuban news publications, including Avance, El Mundo, Diario de la Marina, and Bohemia. 'Subscriptions to Latin Americans were sold at nominal cost to spread the anti-Castro word in countries where Fidel was regarded sympathetically,' according to (Howard) Hunt. 'Gupton's real name was Philip Toomey', according to a CIA inspector general's report written after the Bay of Pigs invasion. Bissell profiled his propaganda men in his 1962 response to the report." Also see: https://books.google.com/books?id=Lxs7w9U2-lcC&pg=PA20&lpg=PA20&dq=%22philip+toomey%22+cia&source=bl&ots=0RGxvliEU4&sig=RnTmSVQeVV0dw-L6adUePDMsAHw&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjage6J7sraAhUHwlQKHTFSBZMQ6AEIMzAC#v=onepage&q=%22philip%20toomey%22%20cia&f=false


1/11/62 memo from Philip Toomey to Chief, Ops: PW Section officers and their prospective agent candidates: Toomey - candidates Directorio Magisterial Revolucionario through BINAURAL, Jose Miro Cardona through PASSAVOY, Enrique Huerta through BINAURAL, DRE/AMSPELL through AMCRACKLE-1, AMPALM-1, AMPALM-4; MDC (Jose Rasco/AMPALM-5 element) through AMCRACKLE-1; Ross Crozier: Angel del Cerro, DRE - Jose Ma. Lasa; REDACTED: FORD - Pascasio Lineras, CFC - Ana Tomeu de Miller; Adeline Pieper: Ana Tomeu de Miller.

1994.06.18.10:34:30:500005: Reel 67, Folder K - AMBUD ((DELETION)) MEMOS.

February 1962: List of CRC memos among Al (Rodriguez?), Bob (Wall?), Rocky (Farnsworth?) and Phil (Toomey?)". Their real names were probably Earl Williamson, Bob Wall, Rocky Farnsworth and Phil Toomey.


7/16/62 dispatch from Alexander Reuterman/Ted Shackley to Chief, Task Force W: States that "Phil" is "Robert K. Trouchard", who told AMCLATTER-1/Bernard Barker that there was no need for him to continue his regular contacts with AMBUD-1/Miro Cardona.

180-10144-10219: 180-10144-10219

July 1961, Bernard Barker profile by the CIA: "Barker travels to Washington to see (Howard) Hunt; work on citizenship problem. Hunt introduces Barker to his next case officer, Philip Toomey of JMWAVE.". August 1961: See 104-10110-10474 Toomey follows up with State, but is unable to get Barker's citizenship back - told Barker can wait five years for naturalization or seek a private bill in Congress.

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