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Pseudonym: Thompson, William

William Wainwright. A cable on July 20, 1962, stated that Richard M. Fallucci was IDEN and would be using the name William Thompson. A cable the same day stated that IDEN was William Wainwright (TFW/FI), who also originated this cable.
Therefore, William Thompson was an alias used by William Wainwright. In addition, a memorandum in September, 1962, stated that AMWHIP-1 (Carlos Tepedino Gonzalez) knew Richard Fallucci as William Thompson. A CIA document in April, 1966, stated that Tepedino introduced AMLASH (Rolando Cubela Secades) to Fallucci as "Bill Thompson" in Helsinki, in August of 1962. Moreover, a cable in July, 1962, from JMWAVE, mentioned that AMCONCERT-1 (Francisco Wilfredo Varona Alonso) knew Fallucci as "Harvey Thompson".


07/07/62: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: ..."6. SUBJ knows Andrew F. Merton by true name. A-1 will call SUBJ 10 July, date which SUBJ plans return from Canada, and will supply name Harvey Thompson as man who will make contact. C/S Comment: *Granted POA on SUBJ whom staffer will contact ASAP re Cubela op."

104-10215-10080: CABLE: (IDEN) ETA HELS 26 JULY

07/20/62: Cable from Director to Withheld (Orig: Withheld, Unit: TFW/FI): Slugline KEYWAY PBRUMEN AMLASH: CITE 24592: REF: DIR 20741 (OUT 50317): "1. Richard M. Fallucci (IDEN) ETA HELS 26 July on ref op. Will call Rodine at HBFINCH using name William Thompson. Op requires safehouse. 2. For (REDACTION) ETA (REDACTION) 24 July. Will call Fulwin. TFW Comment: Refers to defection attempt against AMLASH/1 and KUWOLF (Psychological and Paramilitary Staff) exploitation thereof." Releasing Officer: (Signature) Thomas F. Thiele, William O'Ryan, AC/WE. Coordinating Officers: WE/5 (Phone - REDACTION), WE/1 (Signature). Authenticating Officer: William K. Harvey, C/Task Force W. - - - 07/20/62: Cable from Director to Helsinki (Orig: W. Wainwright, Unit: TFW/FI): Slugline KEYWAY PBRUMEN AMLASH: CITE DIR 24593: REF: A. DIR 20741 (OUT 50317). B. DIR 24592 OUT 56966: "IDEN Ref B William Wainwright." Releasing Officer: (Signature) Thomas F. Thiele. William O'Ryan, AC/WE. Coordinating Officers: WE/5 (Phone - J. McTighe). WE/1: (Signature). Authenticating Officer: William K. Harvey, C/Task Force W.

104-10215-10209: MFR, AMWHIP/1 MEETINGS, NEW YORK, 13 AND 14 JULY 1962

09/08/62: Memorandum for the record from Richard M. Fallucci: ..."4. Contact Arrangements. For USA. Subject was given the undersigned's true name and home telephone number for contact in D. C. He can also reach us thru our cover number if an emergency dictates. For Helsinki. Subject was given the Embassy number there, and told to ask for William Thompson. He is to use his first name only..."


09/20/62: Letter from William A. Thompson to Carlos: "If my memory serves me correctly, you should be coming home from your business trip to Europe within the next several days...I have to be coming to New York soon on business anyway, so that almost any date and time that is convenient for you is all right by me...By the way I have a new address to which you can write: William A. Thompson, P.O. Box 7224, Apex Station, Washington 4, D.C..."


04/13/66: CIA document: "Operational Summary: 2. In August 1962 Cubela went to the Helsinki World Youth Festival where he was met by Tepedino who introduced (REDACTION) under the alias of William 'Bill' Thompson. This was a follow up to the first meeting with the objective of inducing and facilitating Cubela's defection. However, due to Cubela's plans, the objective became an attempt to set up an internal dissident group for the overthrow of the government and sabotage. Cubela said he was not interested in any small undertaking, and declared the assassination of Fidel and other leaders would be the most effective way to rescue the revolution from the Communists..."

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