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Pseudonym: Thompson, Harvey

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William Wainwright. A cable in July, 1962, from JMWAVE, mentioned that AMCONCERT-1 (Francisco Wilfredo Varona Alonso) knew Fallucci as "Harvey Thompson". Fallucci was another pseudonym of Wainwright's.

Bill Simpich, State Secret, Chapter 2: https://www.maryferrell.org/pages/State_Secret_Chapter2.html

June-Aug. 1962: "The center of Harvey’s plan was to split the Castro regime. One memo describes eleven defections and recruitments that had been conducted successfully in the previous two years, mostly from the Cuban Embassy. A June 1962 memo shows Harvey’s plans to recruit Fidel’s sister Juanita Castro. Sforza was a central player in the successful recruitment of Juanita.[ 25 ] At the same time, Harvey was mulling over about whether and how to use the titular #4 man in the Castro government, the former student leader Rolando Cubela...Cubela was disaffected and had made comments going back for years about wanting to kill Castro. During June 1962, a memo from CIA Miami station chief Ted Shackley to Harvey stated that Cubela was planning to defect after a youth festival in Helsinki, and was trying to find a way to meet with his friend Carlos Tepedino to get into the United States. Francisco Wilfredo Varona (pseudonym AMCONCERT-1) vouched for Tepedino’s credentials, while Tony Sforza said that Tepedino’s father had hidden him for five days while in Cuba.[ 26 ]..." Harvey made a plan for a pitch to Cubela at a youth festival in Helsinki for early August. If it was successful, it would be a public relations coup. Carlos Tepedino was a New York jeweler that had helped the Agency in the past. Tepedino’s pseudonym was AMWHIP, and Cubela’s was AMLASH - the idea was to deliver a whiplash to Castro. Tony Sforza kept in touch with Tepedino on the progress of the Cubela effort in Europe. Sforza had unsuccessfully tried to smuggle Cubela out of Cuba in 1961, and the CIA had sent out a warning that they believed the Cuban authorities were aware of Cubela’s defection plans. Tepedino had previously set up a friendly but unsuccessful attempt at recruitment of Cubela by a Mexico City officer in 1961. A CIA agent in Mexico City, LITAMIL-3, reported that Cubela had been drinking heavily while residing at the Cuban consulate during this period.[ 27 ]."

Bill Simpich, State Secret, Chapter 2: https://www.maryferrell.org/pages/State_Secret_Chapter2.html

June-Aug. 1962: "(Continued.) The CIA was concerned that Cubela might have tipped off Castro about this approach. Harvey oversaw a memo giving the younger officers the go-ahead in a defection effort with Cubela, but “play it so no possibility of future blackmail of (the CIA)”. When the scheduled meeting with Cubela was conducted in Helsinki in early August, contact was made by calling the same two "pink hotels" Oswald stayed at before his entry into the Soviet Union. That would indicate a particular Agency interest in those hotels. Cubela’s case officer Richard Fallucci was known as both Bill Thompson and Harvey Thompson. That would indicate a particular interest by Bill Harvey in Cubela. The decision made in Helsinki was that instead of Cubela defecting and coming to the USA, he could do more good by “defecting in place” and working from within Cuba to bring down Castro.[ 28 ] Despite Harvey’s reputation as a brawler and gunman, he was viewed as the opposite of reckless by those who worked closely with him. Harvey was highly security-conscious..."


7/6/62 cable from Director to JMWAVE: "...request AMCONCERT-1 (Francisco Wilfredo Varona Alonso) write Subject that 'Mr. Harvey Thompson' come New York week of July 9 and would like to meet with him ASAP...No objection (AMCONCERT-1's) citing Andrew F. Merton's (probably Jack Stewart) true name to Subject if necessary (to) establish his bona fides..."


07/07/62: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: ..."6. SUBJ knows Andrew F. Merton (probably Jack Stewart) by true name. A-1 will call SUBJ 10 July, date which SUBJ plans return from Canada, and will supply name Harvey Thompson as man who will make contact. C/S Comment: *Granted POA on SUBJ whom staffer will contact ASAP re Cubela op."


7/13/62 cable from JMWAVE to Director: "Preliminary info telecon Tepedino to AMCONCERT-1 (Francisco Wilfredo Varona Alonso), on 13 July reveals: Tepedino saw Revellon (Alonso - might be Jose Revellon Alonso) in Montreal and learned Revellon very disaffected (with) Castro regime - conditions Cuba chaotic and cannot continue; food situation deplorable even for officials...Tepedino waiting call (from) Harvey Thompson 13 July."


August 1962-Sept. 1963: "In August 1962 Cubela/AMLASH went to the Helsinki World Youth Festival where he was met by Tepedino/AMWHIP-1 who introduced William Wainwright under the alias William "Bill" Thompson. This was a follow up to the first meeting with the objective of inducing and facilitating Cubela's defection...Later in August 1962 Cubela again 'went on vacation' in Paris where he 'met Bill Thompson' again and (CIA) sought more information on his proposal to overthrow Castro...In late August-early September 1962, Cubela was taken to a US Air Force Base in southern France where he was given a demonstration in explosives. Cubela had thought of blowing up an oil refinery and was also considering the elimination of Carlos Rafael Rodriguez, the Soviet ambassador, and Fidel himself...in Sept. 1963, Cubela was met in Porto Alegre, Brazil, by 'Bill Thompson' and Nestor Sanchez, the latter using the name 'Nicholas Sanson'." 4/13/66, CIA background information on Rolando Cubela, prepared for his 201 file. For more background, see Fallucci's memo, 104-10102-10050, especially pp. 5, 10-11, 25-26 of 30.

Bill Simpich • John Newman • Gavin McDonald

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