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Pseudonym: Teels, Carl

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Carl Teels was an alias for CIA officer Gerald R. Lapsley when meeting Agustin Guitart in 1963. In turn, Lapsley was probably a pseudonym for Carl Trettin.
Gerald R. Lapsley also used the alias of Ben Damer (or variations of it) in November of 1963 and 1964. Lapsley also worked on logistics on Project PBSUCCESS in 1954. For information on this see Gerald Lapsley pseudonym.

Carl Teels was the case officer of Dr. Agustin Guitart in 1963. A CIA document on June 18, 1963, stated that Carl Trettin was the case officer of Guitart. Agustin Guitart was a former professor of Physics at the University of Havana, and in 1963 held a similar position at Xavier University in New Orleans. The document in June of 1963 mentioned above stated that Guitart's purpose was to be a "FI Asset - for use as a cut-out to his uncle, Rene Guitart Rodriguez, (201-727417) who is residing in Cuba."

In addition, a Provisional Operational Approval (POA) was granted for Agustin Guitart on July 23, 1963. Moreover, Carl Teels, in a letter to Guitart, on August 5, 1963, stated that he expected to be in New Orleans during the week of August 12, 1963. Lee Harvey Oswald clashed with anti-Castro Cuban, Carlos Bringuier of the DRE, in New Orleans on August 9, 1963. Both later appeared on a radio debate on August 21, 1963, which was hosted by William Stuckey.

A memo in April of 1967 stated that Carl Trettin "knew Bringuier and was stationed in New Orleans at the time of the above incidents."


01/28/63: Letter from L-49 to Carl: "Dear Carl: This sounds funny but in order to keep the subjects in separate letters I am starting this one. I want to get this one out to give you a chance to look it over before you come. During my visit up north we talked about contacting some professors...Dr. Agustin Guitart was a well known professor of Physics in Havana. He was a professor at the (REDACTION), a very large public high school in (REDACTION), for many years before becoming professor at the University of Havana. Dr. Guitart is about 5'5'' and slightly on the heavy side. He has a little bit of grayish hair and a small mustache. He looks to be about 50 years old. His home address is...4009 Elba St., New Orleans...His son-in-law is a Cuban lawyer called (REDACTION). Dr. Guitart is now teaching Physics at Xavier University of Louisiana, a colored university located at Palmetto St., New Orleans...He looks very anxious to do something to help fight Communists in Cuba. He has attended most of the meetings in New Orleans since his arrival here a few months ago...He arrived in Miami from Cuba in February 1962. He spent one or more days at Opa Locka...I believe Dr. Guitart's wife is a sister or very close relative of Sara del Torro. Sara and her husband Amador Odio are in prison in Cuba now. Amador Odio was a Carlos Prio man some years ago and was also anti-Batista...I believe Sara and Amador have nine children. They must all be in the U.S. by now. Agustin's brother is (REDACTION) was a well known professor of Mathematics in (REDACTION)...Regards O"


04/27/63: Memo from John H. Sherwood, C/SAS/EOB/DE to OO/Contact Division: Subject: Dr. Augustin Guitart: "Attached herewith is a report on Subject prepared by (REDACTION) of ours. We are interested in determining whether Dr. Guitart has contacts in Cuba which could be of value to us. Please ask your New Orleans office to interview Dr. Guitart. From our standpoint, the purpose of the interview is to obtain another assessment of Guitart's character and to try to unobtrusively learn from him what contacts he still maintains with persons still in Cuba. Ostensible purpose of the interview could be to determine the present attitude of the staff of the University of Havana toward the Castro regime." To the left and below Sherwood's name is "DDP/SAS/EDE: C. E. Trettin."


06/18/63: CIA document: REQUEST FOR APPROVAL OR INVESTIGATIVE ACTION: From Wendell Ullery, SAS/IOS: "SUBJECT: Dr. Agustin Guitart Campuzano. PROJECT: JMATE. RE 201 FILE NO.: 727418...SPECIFIC AREA OF USE: FI Asset - for use as a cut-out to his uncle, Rene Guitart Rodriguez, (201-727417) who is residing in Cuba...Subject residing in New Orleans. SIGNATURE OF CASE OFFICER: Carl Trettin. SIGNATURE OF BRANCH CHIEF: Desmond FitzGerald." - - - REQUEST FOR GREEN LIST NAME CHECK on the same day stated that Guitart was "Doctor of Science presently teaching at Xavier Univ. in New Orleans." He had previously been "Prof. at the Univ. of Havana, Minister of Education." https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=225782#relPageId=69


07/23/63: CIA document: PROVISIONAL OPERATIONAL APPROVAL: Memo for Chief, SAS/OS - C. Trettin: SUBJECT: Guitart Campuzano, Agustin. NUMBER: 201-727514. REFERENCE: Your memorandum, dated 18 June 1963. "A Provisional Operational Approval is granted for the use of this Subject as set forth below. A Provisional Operational Approval issued by CI Staff grants the same authority, on a temporary basis, for the use of an individual as the authority granted in an Operational Approval unless otherwise specified by CI/OA. It is based, however, only on preliminary file checks and investigation and is subject to a further final review when all investigation is completed."


08/05/63: Letter from Carl Teels to Dr. Guitart: "Dear Dr. Guitart, Please excuse my writing in English but I find myself short of time and it is quicker if I write in English. I am returning herewith the papers you forwarded to me and am also enclosing a visa waiver for (REDACTION). Visa waivers are of little value these days because of various restrictions that have arisen in connection with travel to the United States from Cuba via another country. This situation I will discuss with you when I am in New Orleans which I expect will be during the week of 12 August 1963. You mentioned that your son, (REDACTION) might contact me. To date, he has not called so I trust that there has been no need on his part to see me. Since I have received no word from you I suppose Rene has not yet answered your letter. Let us hope that we hear from him soon. I would like to discuss with you the possibility of contacting your friend (REDACTION) of (REDACTION). Perhaps by the time I arrive you will have had some good ideas on how best to carry this out. I'm looking forward to seeing you and will call you as soon as I arrive in order to make an appointment to see you. Best regards, Carl Teels."


Undated HSCA document from CIA: Titled: "AUGUSTIN GUITART CAMPIZANO: 201-727418... - CORRESPONDENCE BETWEEN 'CARL TEELS' AND AUGUSTIN GUITART: Last correspondence appears to have been on Nov. 8, 1963. Contact with Guitart started 6/12/63. All correspondence relates to Guitart's attempts to set up contact with Rene Guitart in Cuba using special chemical paper. - Contact Report 6/22/63: Report of contact between Gerald R. Lapsley as 'Carl Teels' and Guitart. Guitart described as energetic; active in anti-Batista and anti-Castro activities. Will set up contact with Rene Guitart, representative of Pillsbury Flour of Canada. "1/28/63: Letter to Carl Teels from 'G': RE: contact with Guitart, recommendation of Guitart as possible recruit. Indicates Guitarts' wife is sister or very close friend of Sara del Toro. Sara and her husband Amador Odio are in prison in Cuba now - both were close to the Castro family in 1959 and 1960. In late 60 or 61 they were accused of conspiring against the government. Amador sentenced to 30 years, Sara to 6 years. They have 9 children, all believed to be in the U.S..." - - - The full contact report on 06/22/63: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=225782#relPageId=47


9/6/63: meeting with AMTHEO-1 (marginalia states "Manuel Suarez Carreno"), Charcoal Grill restaurant, Alexandria, Virginia; case officer Gerald R. Lapsley as Carl Teels. "...AMTHEO-1 first met Artime when Artime was (illegible) and belonged to a civics action group called 'Accion Cubana', of which AMTHEO-1 was one of the five directors...According to AMTHEO-1, Artime belonged to the Communist Party in Cuba at the age of 17, and he fears that some of the theoretical teachings of the party have stuck with him. AMTHEO-1 was aware that Artime was receiving financial backing of major proportions and said that he had no idea where it was coming from. AMTHEO-1 is a very knowledgeable man and I firmly believe he is sincere and honest." - - - 09/11/63: Official Routing Slip from Henry D. Hecksher to C. Trettin, EOB: "Remarks: Could you ask AMTHEO-1 for the loan of AMBIDDY-1's tape recording? What is the basis for his belief that (AMBIDDY-1) belonged to the CP (note: Communist Party) (membership or leanings)?" https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=21286#relPageId=2


09/11/63: Letter from Carl Teels to Dr. Agustin Guitart (4009 Elba Street, New Orleans): "Dear Dr. Guitart, Thank you for your letter about the man who arrived from Cuba shortly before my last visit to New Orleans. I appreciate your having taken the trouble to write. Since I have nothing from you concerning Rene, I assume that Rene has not written to the address provided him in 'our' letter. Should you receive something, please call me collect immediately and forward the letter via Air Mail to me. My office telephone number is Washington, D.C. (REDACTION). Within three weeks of today, I expect to be in New Orleans and will call you soon after arriving to arrange a meeting at a convenient time. Best regards, Carl Teels. P.O. Box 7224, Apex Station, Washington, D.C., 20004."


11/27/63: Cable from Director to JMWAVE: Slugline RYBAT YOBITE TYPIC AMCANOE: "1. HQs regrets WAVE disturbed by sequence events connected with AMCANOE-3 (Antonio Jose Ramirez Mendez aka Tony Ramallo) telephone call. It certain that HQs and WAVE share concern for all agent assets involved. All actions taken by HQs were, are and will be intended to enhance the security of these assets. 2. We have attempted keep WAVE apprised in most expeditious fashion any AMCANOE-3 developments coming to our attention. To this end AMCANOE-2 was instructed on 22 Nov 63 contact and advise WAVE of first AMCANOE-3 telephone call. AMCANOE-2 advised 23 Nov that he had done this. After receipt WAVE 8115 which reflected either misreading or garble of Ref C, Lapsley called Manganello to ensure that WAVE correctly informed in regard who originating call. Para four Ref B also opened door for WAVE discuss second AMCANOE-3 phone call with AMCANOE-2 before call was made..." - - - 03/03/64: Memo for the record from Carl E. Trettin, SAS/EDE: Subject: Telephone Call from AMCANOE-1: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=18063#relPageId=2


04/03/67: Memo for the record from A. E. Dooley: Page 2: ..."5. It is abundantly clear that the DRE had no part in the Kennedy assassination. Oswald was never a member of the DRE, which in fact, rejected him. In developing information regarding CIA's relations with the DRE, I conferred with Howard Brubaker, of the Cuban Operations Group who recently returned from a tour with our Miami Station; Carl Trettin, Deputy Chief of the Counterintelligence Branch of the Cuban Operations Group who knew Bringuier and was stationed in New Orleans at the time of the above incidents; and Margaret Forsythe also of the Cuban desk who is thoroughly familiar with the DRE operation." - - - Dooley also wrote a memo on November 11, 1964, about taking "Sam Halpern. Carl Trettin, Ray Monahan, and Nestor Sanchez of the Cuban desk (WH/SA) to the Warren Commission. Our mission was to examine some FBI reports, called to our attention by Dr. Goldberg, containing references to persons in Cuba..." https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=6412#relPageId=2

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