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Pseudonym: Stoneset, Edward

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Unknown identity. A dispatch in June of 1958, on William D. Pawley's business interests in the Dominican Republic, from the Chief of Station (COS), Ciudad Trujillo, was signed by Edward F. Stoneset.
Therefore, Stoneset was either COS, Ciudad Trujillo, or someone who worked under the COS. In addition, a memo in June of 1961 from the Chief, Western Hemisphere Division (WHD), on Luis Albert Ferre, mentioned that Stoneset had requested that the CIA maintain the subject's clearance. Furthermore, Stoneset was possibly mentioned in a cable in October of 1952 on the S.S. Leon.


10/14/52: Cable from Withheld to Director: Slugline INTEL: IMMEDIATE ACTION: "1. Details worked out here exactly as planned by Cady at HQs to dock S.S. Leon at pier 4 Coco Solo Naval Base on 20 or 21 October and discharge cargo. 2. Following additional action required by HQs: A. Immediately airmail registered two copies of commercial bill of lading to Cady at PO Box (REDACTION) Balboa Canal Zone. B. Advise ETA. 3. Following additional action required here: A. Stonesett will present bill of lading to (REDACTION) Cristobal for their release of cargo. (This is SOP locally and should present no problem). B. Stonesett will make following certification to Glancy, (REDACTION), on original and copy of bill of lading: 'Total cargo listed on this bill of lading is for military use only and has inadvertently through error been billed commercially.' Glancy will then give Stonesett a release of cargo on receipt of above certification and return one of the bills of lading to him. Glancy will retain one copy of bill of lading and one copy of shipper's export declaration in his personal confidential file. 4. Secure method of unloading cargo being worked out locally. Details will be cabled soonest. 5. If bill of lading referred to in para 2 A above does not exist advise me immediately since entire plan will have to be revised. Incidently the 'shipper's export declaration' does not serve as bill of lading here and is not acceptable as such. 6. If bill of lading is already aboard S.S. Leon enroute advise and we will take action indicated para 3 above on arrival. 7. In event of any emergency at Coco Solo super cargo will be contacted by Cady in Cristobal harbor and with assistance of Glancy vessel can be brought into Cristobal for handling. 8. Request advice if this plan is not acceptable."


06/12/58: Air dispatch from COS, Ciudad Trujillo to Chief, WHD: Subject: General - Operational. Specific - Pawley Business Interests in the Dominican Republic: "1. In addition to minerals exploitation in which Mr. William D. Pawley has substantial investments, negotiations are being concluded for the purchase by Pawley of the Hotel Hamaca in Boca Chica, a resort town near the almost-completed new international airport, about 30 km east of Ciudad Trujillo. 2. Another activity which is kept very much under wraps is the concession granted Pawley for procurement and world-wide sale of all new issues of Dominican postage stamps. This activity is managed by Edward D. Pawley, brother of William, whose office is in the Dominican post office building. 3. The source (considered sensitive) of the information in paragraph 2. is Mrs. (REDACTION), a U.S. citizen employed by Pawley (handwritten: Wm, D.) in the stamp business (handwritten: D. Republic). The source volunteered the information on a very confidential basis to Helene I. Dahlerup at a social gathering. Edward F. Stoneset." - - - 2022 release: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2022/104-10049-10375.pdf

104-10263-10111: FERRE, LUIS ALBERT - 201 FILE MATERIAL

06/05/61: Memorandum from Chief, WHD to Warren S. Yauger (see 2022 release below): Subject: Specific - Subject of References: "1. The operational use of the subject of the references was requested by ODIBEX (U.S. Army) on 1 June 1961. In view of KUBARK's (CIA) previous contact with the subject and probable future operational interest in the subject, Stoneset has requested KUBARK's maintenance of the subject's clearance. 2. To complete the subject's clearance for full operational approval, you are requested to provide as promptly as possible the requisite PRQ Part II information. Enclosed herewith are two copies of the appropriate form." - - - 2022 release - page 49: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2022/104-10263-10111.pdf


09/26/64: Cable from San Salvador: Slugline DYVOUR PBRUMEN AMMUG: REF SALV 5289 (IN 81621)*: "1. Stoneset who en route HQs has been briefed on developments through morning 26 September. 2. JUNAVE-1 transferred to private house near San Salv 25 September. Langosch (Harold Swenson) interrogated night of 25 September. Results: A. Gave personal history. B. Talked of early days in (unintelligible) and identifying members of cell to which he belonged...C. Listed friends and acquaintances Mexico and Cuba, claiming all known because interested in literary activities or met in connection with his travels..." - - - 2022 release: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2022/104-10183-10264.pdf

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