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Pseudonym: Staunton, Larry

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Larry Staunton was an alias used by Joel N. Nebecker when meeting John Thomas Duncan in August of 1968. Nebecker was probably a pseudonym for Lawrence Sternfield.
Shane 'O Sullivan, in Dirty Tricks: Nixon, Watergate, and the CIA, stated that "the Esterline/Sternfield correspondence was between 'Anthony R. Ponchay' (Jake Esterline) and 'Joel N. Nebecker.'" Also, Sternfield was the Originating Officer for a cable on December 1, 1969, that was from Nebecker.

Alfred J. Sarno (probably Tony Sforza) in his Church Committee testimony in June of 1975 stated that "Mr. Sternfield was never connected with the Cuban thing until early '68." This appears to be similar to Nebecker.

See pseudonym on Joel Nebecker for more details.

104-10070-10057: JOHN THOMAS DUNCAN

08/06/68: Cable from JMCOBRA to Director: Slugline TYPIC AMWIDE: "1. Station officers met with Mr. Duncan 5 and 6 August. We found him competent and self possessed in this primary field of interest, broadcasting. His interest and bent in politics were less discernible. On balance, we will be gambling that his obviously high innate intelligence can encompass development of a more fully articulate political sense. Whether or not he accepts the job (he promised to notify Mr. Sainen of his decision within the coming week) we will still require a non-US native Spanish speaking newsman as described Ref B. We will therefore review and expand appeal for such talent. 2. Mr. Duncan met following Station officers, ATT using aliases noted: Nebecker (Larry Staunton), Bartilucci (Andy Pierce), Launeaux (Ray Arnold), Copsiadas (Jim Lane), and Zeephat (John Kennington). He was paid $280.40 for air tickets and expenses."


10/17/69: Cable from WH/Miami to Director (Nebecker Acting): Slugline RYBAT TYPIC AMABDUCT AMCALL-1: "REF: WH/MIAMI 5502 (IN 66806) "1. Request as soon as possible Headquarters approval pass $2,500 to wife AMCALL-1 for passage Alonso through AMSIGH-2. 2. File: 201-275949. X Ref 19-6-136/3."

104-10225-10012: CIA FILE ON ( )SHELL-5

11/25/69: Cable from Ottawa to WH/Miami, Director: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC AMCHALK: "1. Contacted Noltham who will contact AMCHALK/5, advising him postpone any possible meeting with CUIS until after Nebecker arrives. Will then be up to Nebecker advise AMCHALK/5 re points in reference. Noltham and Nebecker will consult SMABOVE to assure coverage of meeting. If SMABOVE unable cover only alternative is scrap whole thing. 2. Presume Nebecker has seen ref. If not please make sure he aware of contents and that he contacts Noltham immediately upon arrival. Noltham can be reached at (REDACTION). 3. Noltham will advise us at 0900 this morning the results of his contact with AMCHALK/5. 4. File: 19-136-1/3 and 201-307337."

104-10225-10012: CIA FILE ON ( )SHELL-5

12/01/69: Cable from Director to WH/Miami (Info: Ottawa): (Orig: Larry Sternfield, WH/COG): RYBAT TYPIC AMCHALK: FROM NEBECKER: "1. Following meeting in (REDACTION) with AMGHOST representative, AMCHALK-5 and Nebecker met in New York for debriefing purposes. Due to length of debriefing of AMCHALK-5, substance will be forwarded later today by telepouch. 2. In summary meeting with AMGHOST representative, Eduardo Araoz aka Guillermo went smoothly, was friendly but reserved. No apparent security problems encountered and basic approach by AMCHALK-5 which was outlined in previous traffic was accepted..." Releasing Officer: William V. Broe, C/WHD. Coordinating Officers: E/BC/C: L. Leas. DC/WH/COG: W. Laybourne. WH/FI: (Signature). Authenticating Officer: J. J. Fieldhouse, C/E/BC.


02/16/70: Cable from WH/Miami to Director (Nebecker Acting): Slugline RYBAT TYPIC AMECRU: "1. Gordon M. Biniaris reports that AMSIGH-2 received telegram from AMECRU-1 on 15 February advising that releases of AMPANIC-7, AMRIPE-2 and Jorge Villaverde Lamadriz have been approved by Cubans but that final amount ransom each case not yet agreed. Figure to be agreed upon at negotiating session scheduled 19 Feb. Telegram also advised that Cubans have not approved AMCALL-1 release, claiming 'further investigation' necessary. 2. File: 201-276080, 201-275949, 201-314480, 201-061063, and 19-6-136/3."

104-10104-10056: CABLE RE ALPHA-66 LANDINGS

04/24/70: Cable from WH/Miami to Director (Nebecker Acting): "1. The following additional information received regarding Alpha-66 landings. AMOTS report received from Luis Gonzales Grajales a leader of the Committee to Aid the Resistance, that the expeditionary force left Miami for Cuba approximately 12 April and was made up of 13 men who were trained at a RECE camp in the Everglades. Gonzales said that the operation had been financed by Juana Castro based on advice given her by Agustin Alles. In Gonzales opinion, the members of the Alpha-66 operation will be sacrificed and the only objective of the operation was for Alpha-66's Secretary General Andres Nazario Sargen to make a financial profit. Nazario's appeal for financial contributions have been well responded to and approximately 10,000 was collected in one day since the landing. 2. AMCHALK-1 reports that there is considerable talk in the Miami exile community regarding the possibility that the Alpha-66 operation was in its origins designed by the Castro Government to: (A) Detract from the growing popularity of the Torriente movement; and (B) To further disillusion the exile community with another failure. 3. We have been unable to confirm the second landing in Las Villas Province. 4. File: 19-300-3."


06/07/73: Names on left hand side: "AMCLATTER-1; Hamilton, Edward J.; AMSNAP-3 (car); BKHERALD; Alpha-6; Gervenot, Norris G.; Lettsome, Conrad P.; Ponchay, Anthony R.; Hunt, Howard E.; Cuba; Watergate." - - - Names on the right: Artime, Manuel; Nebecker, Joel N.; Nurnad, Clayton P.; Mastrovito, Michael; Sturges, Frank; Gonzalez, Virgilio; McCord, James; Farrell, Frank; Villamanan, Manolo; LNERGO; AMANCHOR-1..."


Rockefeller Commission document: Page 108: "Index...D. Letter from Nebecker to 'Anthony' - 27 March 1972...H. Cable from Nebecker 21 June 1972 SECRET..."

Dirty Tricks: Nixon, Watergate, and the CIA by Shane O'Sullivan (2018)

Page 411: ..."A CIA index card indicates Martinez' Agency cryptonym was AMSNAP-3, his first case officer Ramon Gonzalez used the pseudonym 'Norris G. Gervenot'; his second case officer Robert Ritchie used the name 'Conrad P. Lettsome'; and the Esterline/Sternfield correspondence was between 'Anthony R. Ponchay' and 'Joel N. Nebecker'..." - - - Page 520: (Note: APPENDIX 1)..."14. Index card dated 7 June 1973, found in 'Card Lists re Frank Sturgis, E. Howard Hunt, et al.,' 104-10096-10131; 'Inventory of Rockefeller Commission Files.' 178-10004-10420, 108; 'Handwritten Bernard Barker chronology,' 104-10164-10015..."


06/25/75: SSCIA testimony of Alfred J. Sarno (probably Tony Sforza): Page 40: ..."Mr. WIDES: What about Larry Sternfield? Mr. SARNO: No, Mr. Sternfield was never connected with the Cuban thing until early '68..."


08/13/1984: Memo from Withheld, Chief, Career Management Staff, DO to Deputy Director for Operations: Subject: Briefing of the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (PFIAB): "1. At the request of (REDACTION), Office of the Executive Director, I was scheduled to brief PFIAB staff members at the Executive Office Building, Room 340, 11:30 hours, 9 August 1984, on the subject of CT recruitment. I arrived at 11:25; the briefing did not begin until 12:03 and lasted for about 50 minutes. The session was cordial throughout and the briefing was largely a series of responses to questions which PFIAB members (Daniel Carlin, Lawrence Sternfield and Anthony Oettinger) asked...6. Sternfield was the most knowledgeable, for obvious reasons, of the three. I concluded, after they ran out of questions, that I would be happy to talk to them again if they feel it is desirable."

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