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Pseudonym: Slinkard, Phineas

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Unknown identity. Phineas F. Slinkard worked with Gregory D. Parmuth (Robert Zambernardi) at CIA's Mexico City station in 1963 and 1964.

104-10246-10022 OPERATIONAL/MONTHLY REPORT - - 1-31 AUGUST 1963

09/24/63: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, KURIOT (Attn: Photographic Branch) Info: Chief, WH Division: ..."3. TRAINING: A short training period was given to Phineas F. Slinkard in the use of the necktie camera concealment device. 4. OPERATIONS: a. On 2 August Phineas F. Slinkard requested Parmuth (Robert Zambernardi) to photograph two BEDOX (East Europe, Czechoslovakia, and Poland) targets scheduled to meet during the late afternoon (1830) at a busy corner in Mexico City. Parmuth used the necktie camera concealment device for this operation...5. STATION SUPPORT: a. On 1 August Parmuth, Slinkard and LIMOPE/1/2 removed the special 500 mm F/2 lens from the LITABBY basehouse. Little difficulty was encountered in taking this lens from the basehouse area. The lens was taken to Parmuth's residency and was then transferred to the MKCHARITY (equipment basehouse in Mexico City, supported by the CIA's Technical Services Division. It was located in the home of technical security officer Harvey Mulford) basehouse where it will be held (if KURIOT agrees) for possible future photographic requirements...d. On 21 August Parmuth issued Slinkard the necktie camera concealment device and issued to his assistant the box camera concealment device to cover the same area and targets as reported in 4.a. above..."


10/10/63: Cable from Mexico City to Director: Slugline KOBIRD LCHARVEST KAPOK: 3. Tentative plan is to have Sanseed introduced to STGOAL as scholar who making career of Chinese affairs and who good friend STFADELESS, when STFADELESS learned STGOAL would be MEXI he urged Sanseed go MEXI to chat with STGOAL who would probably be willing as personal favor to STFADELESS to have academic discussion with American. If subsequent conversations indicate STGOAL susceptible, Slinkard will be introduced to make pitch under official cover. 4. Hotel reservations for remainder Chicom delegation cancelled apparently due to transportation problems arising from Hurricane Flora. Appears therefore that STGOAL will be alone throughout his time MEXI."


10/30/63: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, WH Division: Page 3: "6. At the beginning of the period under review, the LIMOTOR stable consisted of the following assets: LIMOTOR-14 (who maintained contacted with LIEMBROIL-2 and LIKAYAK-6; the latter served as a contact to LIEMBROIL's 3 and 4). LIMOTOR-19. LIMOTOR-22. 7. As a matter of operational background, Seymour D. Trinnich was known to LIMOTOR's 14, 19, and 22 under his true name. They also knew his home telephone number which was used for communications from them to him. LIMOTOR-14 was unaware of the existence of LIMOTOR's 19 and 22...Although LIMOTOR's 19 and 22 knew each other slightly socially, they were unaware of each others clandestine relationship with Trinnich. LIMOTOR-19 knew Phineas F. Slinkard through their close cooperation on the (REDACTION) CHICK (REDACTION) KNAVE operation (under true name). LIMOTOR-19 also knew Ousler under true first name..." Page 4: ...."C. LIMOTOR-19. This agent continues to concentrate on possible leads to present or future members of the Mexican equivalent of ODACID (see Project Renewal, VI. PLANS, B). Also during the period under review she did yeoman service in the (REDACTION) CHICK (REDACTION) KNAVE case (see also paragraph 3d (2) of HMMA-22370, dated 24 October 1963). In the first category she has already completed preliminary write-ups on ten of the 29 students of the school in question. She is one of the finest elicitors of information we have seen and continues to do a fine job, whatever her assignment might be. Incidentally she is on the executive board of the (REDACTION) group, a strange constellation of students, and visitors including diplomats. LIMOTOR-19 is the regular source of the Station's list of School for Foreigners students..."


04/23/64: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, KURIOT (Attn: Peter T. Swinehart) Info: Chief, WH Division): Subject: AQUATIC/Operational Monthly Report for the period 1-31 March 1964: ..."2. Photographic Operations: a. On 10 March 1964, Parmuth (Robert Zambernardi) and Francotte were requested by Phineas F. Slinkard to photograph a high level officer of the Communist Party, as he entered the front gate of the Polish Trade Commission. This was to be a combined photo-audio operation, as Joseph M. Rescigno was also attempting to obtain an audio tape of the meeting that was to take place inside the building. The LIFIRE truck was readied and tested prior to the operation. The vehicle was then driven to the target area by Gregory D. Parmuth and parked in the vicinity of the target house. Rescigno and Francotte were positioned in the rear of the truck. Rescigno operating the audio equipment and Francotte utilizing the Turret Camera Concealment device. However, after having been parked on location for the entire afternoon and the target person failing to appear, Slinkard was forced to cancel the operation. b. On 16 March 1964, Phineas F. Slinkard alerted Parmuth and Francotte that their support, and the LIFIRE truck, would be required in mounting a high priority audio operation planned for the night of 17 March. Parmuth and Francotte were involved in this operation for the remainder of the week. Slinkard originated and forwarded a special report to Headquarters at the conclusion of this operation. Please refer to HMMA-23189 dated 26 March 1964 for specific details..."


10/15/64: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, KURIOT (Attn: Peter T. Swinehart): Subject: AQUATIC/Operational - Monthly Operational Report 1-30 September 1964: ..."c. The LIFIRE photo truck was again utilized on 23 September at the request of Phineas F. Slinkard. Since there is no longer a photographic basehouse covering the BEDOX (East Europe, Czechoslovakia, and Poland) Embassy, Slinkard was intent on obtaining photographs of recently assigned 'staffers' of this installation. The LIFIRE truck, driven by Joseph M. Rescigno, was parked for a period of three hours, approximately 1/4 block from the Embassy gate. During this time, Francotte photographed numerous BEDOX officials, enlargements of which were incorporated into the Mexico City Station 'mug' book...7. Flaps and Seals Operations: At the request of Phineas F. Slinkard, Francotte was asked to completely restore one envelope. The envelope, previously opened by a contact of Slinkard's, was received in poor condition by Francotte. Access to the contents of the envelope had been accomplished by 'dry opening' an end flap. Severe fiber tears were observed on both the flap and interior portion of the envelope. Francotte opened the entire envelope, repaired the damaged portions, and reapplied new glue. The envelope was then reassembled and allowed to press overnight. The following day the contents were reinserted and the envelope resealed. The envelope was then returned to the source and inserted into the local mail system..."

104-10175-10025 LIRING-3

02/14/67: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, WH Division: Subject: Report of Station OOA and OATO Expenditures as of 1 February 1967: "LIRANCH EXPENDITURES AS OF 1 FEBRUARY 1967: ...DATE: 9 Jan. US $: 17.60. NATURE OF EXPENSE: Slinkard/Sandamanie Ops EXPS. PURPOSE: LISAMPAN EXPS Dec. 66..." - - - Slinkard was also mentioned on page 272 of this file in section B and 5. Other Miscellaneous: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=156935#relPageId=272


Contact Report by Phineas F. Slinkard: Subject: BESABER: Date of Meeting: 7 March 1967:


03/20/72: Dispatch from COS, Withheld to Chief, WOMUSE (Info: Chief, Soviet Bloc; Chief, European Division): Subject: REDLEG AESMASH - Anatoly Mikhaylovich Golitsyn (201-294855): "Attached herewith is a JAGUAR (MI-5) report of debriefing of AESMASH regarding the repercussions to the defection of Golitsyn. Phineas F. Slinkard." - - - Page 3: "Golitsyn defected during source's period of service with the K.G.B. Source heard about him from various K.G.B. officers but never met him and knew of him only by this name. Irian Teplianova however also knew of Golitsyn as Klimov. She heard his story when she visited her parents in Finland and, while there, she met Golitsyn's wife who called on her mother. 2. With regard to Golitsyn's defection, source said he had been told in London by both Konstantin Ivanovich Zotov, head of K.G.B. Branch 2 (Counter-Intelligence), and Sergey Mikhayolovich Golubev, the K.G.B. officer responsible for the S.K., that Golitsyn, whose job in Finland source described as 'Branch 2 or something', had clashed violently with his Resident in Helsinki..."

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