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Pseudonym: Schwaninger, Philip R.

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Eric Timm, chief of Western Europe station in 1959-1961 period. He died suddenly in the early sixties.


1944-1945: "X-2 (OSS counterintelligence) had greater influence and more longlasting impact than its SI counterpart. Capt. Eric W. Timm, who transferred to the OSS in 1944 from the FBI, established the SCI Detachment in Munich and commanded the detachment until his demobilization in November 1945...Timm considered (Murad) Ferid a 'high-class' agent and wanted to use him to infiltrate...a separatist movement that sought Bavaria's independence from Germany. ..Ferid's utility as a source diminished when American worries of an underground Nazi movement receded..."

157-10014-10007: TESTIMONY OF JAMES ANGLETON, 17 SEP 1975

Pre-1954: "I think that the relations with the FBI were very spotty, leading up to '54. When DeLoach was the Liaison Officer there were a number of problems and there was also a very strong feeling by Mr. Hoover about CIA men that had been former FBI people. There wasn't something generated out of the CI staff. It was one that probably went back since Eric Timm was FBI, Bill Harvey was FBI. We stole a number of FBI people and it wasn't the best of relations."

157-10014-10007: TESTIMONY OF JAMES ANGLETON, 17 SEP 1975

1950s-early 1960s: Deposition of James Angleton, p. 10 of 127: Angleton described Eric Timm’s background in counterintelligence: "...Mr. Timm, who put up the (HTLINGUAL intercept) project, was himself a counterintelligence officer. He had been formerly FBI, and then he was OSS counterintelligence during the war, in fact his whole career was in a professional sense in counterintelligence."

104-10051-10196: WITHHELD

9/21/59 dispatch from Chief, WE, Philip R. Schwaninger to Chief of Station, Helsinki, prepared by WH/1/CE: Schwaninger/Timm felt PAWNEE-5 would be ineffective as a double agent. Schwaninger/Timm was convinced that any hope of the "jilted husband" Golub defecting to the West was becoming more remote, and thought that Golub might be on to Costille's game. A more redacted version of this memo is at 104-10172-10287. Anthony Cave Brown, Treason in the Blood, p. 558: Eric Timm was Chief, WE during 1959. - - - Unredacted version: https://documents3.theblackvault.com/documents/jfkfiles/jfk2022/104-10051-10196.pdf

1994.05.31.13:11:40:430005 - Reel 7, Folder U - ANATOLIY GOLITSYN

12/19/61 memo from Eric Timm to Deputy Director of Central Intelligence: Under his own name, Eric Timm wrote a letter to the Deputy Director indicating some of his concerns around Golitsyn’s conduct, including his desire for a two hour meeting with President Kennedy. See Tom Mangold, Cold Warrior, p. 78: Golitsyn was appeased by dinner with the ex-CIA director Allen Dulles.

Anthony Cave Brown, Treason in the Blood, p. 558: (New York: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1994), pp. 558.

"During 1962, as Oswald was preparing to go home, WE chief Eric Timm was becoming very concerned about Angleton’s conduct, and stated openly that he was going to try to have Angleton taken off the counter-intelligence desk…shortly after Timm made these statements, he died in his sleep."

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