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Pseudonym: Scalzetti, Richard

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Alias used by Richard Scully Cain, Chicago law enforcement officer and Mafia higher-up. Also a CIA informant and FBI source.
His brother Michael Cain wrote a book about him.

104-10133-10332: CAIN, RICHARD SCULLY

1956-1969: The CIA's Office of Security file on Richard Scully Cain aka Richard Scalzetti: "In 1956, he worked for the Chicago Police Department. In 1961, he operated a private investigative agency in Mexico and Chicago. In 1962, he was deported from Mexico for carrying a loaded revolver and brass knuckles, for impersonating a Mexican government official, and for violating his tourist permit. In 1962 he was the Chief Investigator Cook County, Sheriff's Office, Chicago, Illinois. Throughout the early 1960s he 'investigated' Cuban exile Communists and related activities in the Chicago area. In 1963, while with the Cook County's Sheriff's office, he became deeply involved in the President Kennedy assassination case. In 1967 we learned from the FBI that he was 'tied in' with the Mafia in Chicago. In 1968, he was found guilty of being an accomplice in a Chicago bank robbery and he was sentenced to 4 years in prison and fined $13,000. A check of the Office of Security files failed to reveal that Subject CAIN ever held an employment relationship with the Agency. However, our files do reflect that in April 1962, he made an unannounced visit to our (Mexico City) Station. Further, the (CIA field office) in Chicago used the Subject as an informant and dealt with him on a variety of matters from 1960 to September 1964." 1969 memo by Christos Gikos, Acting Chief, Employee Activity Branch.

124-90059-10034: No Title

1959: This memo stating that Cain joined Army Intelligence was from a good source - attorney Edward Kelly - who represented a man killed in a gunfight with Cain and another officer - the deceased had several bullets entering his back - except for one that went in the top of his head and came out his mouth - "probably while he was begging for mercy". Kelly apologized for calling Cain a killer after Kelly's "new" client - the key eyewitness to the slaying - flunked his lie detector test. Cain's next act was to sue Kelly for big six figures. (See 124-90059-10006) Kelly did some research and sent it to the US Attorney for Chicago, Robert Tekien. Several historical questions need to be answered in any evaluation of Cain: One is that Kelly was in a tight spot - what motive did he have to lie about Cain, his birthday in 1924, and serving in Army Intelligence from 42-48? It seems well documented that Cain was born in Chicago on 10/4/31. Was Cain born in Owesso, Michigan, on 10/4/24? Like Kelly said? Or in Chicago on 10/4/31? Like his brother said and backed up by Wikipedia? It's a pretty big question, and might be pretty easy to solve if there are records that have been ignored or tampered with. 3. The federal government contended his last name was Scalzetti, and convicted him under that name. See https://www.newspapers.com/clip/68470677/chicago-tribune/ Cain's brother, Michael Cain, and Richard claimed his name was always Cain. According to Kelly, Cain was based at a particular address in Miami from 1948-1950 - not St. Thomas - and worked in law enforcement before a forced sudden departure. Other people place Cain in Dallas for a time in 1951. He was training wiretappers in Mexico City in 1962, and there are reports that he successfully tapped the Czech embassy in Mexico City.

124-90059-10122: No Title

November 10, 1960: Cain reported his news about Eastern European troops in Cuba, and that his sources were Tony Varona/AMDIP-1 and his intelligence agents. Hoover sent Cain's report on Cuba re 11/10/60 to the DDP - and this very document was reported missing by the CIA by 5/21/62. See below.

104-10164-10436: MEMORANDUM: CAIN, RICHARD S. # 272 141

5/21/62 CIA report: C/TFW/IOS Clark Simmons' deputy at IOS (Investigations and Operational Support) wanted info on Richard Cain, and was told that one of two key FBI memos on Cain in Cuba in November 1960 couldn't be found anywhere - including the 11/10/60 report above. Furthermore, the attachment to this memo is missing. Additionally, the Cuban desk "could find no record" on Cain. (They admitted it might be found in the Records Integration Division - but the Employee Activity Branch and the Cuban desk couldn't find it as late as 1969 - see Christos Gikos' report cited above).

124-90059-10097: No Title

12/16/62, Irv Kupcinet, Chicago Sun-Times: Lengthy article discussing how Cain's illegal and publicized wiretapping activities on government officials as the sheriff’s chief investigator had Cook County’s security team on high alert.


August-September 1963: In August 1963 and afterwards, Cain was a valued source of SAS officer Horace Speed/Stanley Figolak when he wasn't hanging out with Blanco/AMHINT-56, military chief of DRE. Cain "did various jobs for the FRD" - according to the new releases contained in this CIA document that was still redacted in 2018 - and was taken very seriously by the DRE, Miro Cardona/AMBUD-1, SAS, and the Chicago office of the CIA. This document was just released last month, and fills in some of the blanks about the attempted purchase of weapons that Salvat didn't know much about in Aug-Sept 1963: "Cardozo (NOTE: as seen below, Miro Cardona/AMBUD-1) contacted Cain on 30 Aug 1963 and wanted some help in locating arms. He told Cain that Duque...in Miami was desperate, because there were some men already in Cuba and some ready to go. Cain told (Cardona) he had lost his contacts. In connection with conversation with Horace GOELET/Horace SPEED #199499 had with Cain, Cain said that Cardozo told him that the CIA would have nothing to do with the arms sale... Source (NOTE: Cain) met Serapio Montejo...former director of the Frente in Chicago, and associated with (Tony Varona/AMDIP-1). (Cain) was introduced to (Cardona/AMBUD-1) by Montejo prior to the Bay of Pigs. They asked (Cain) to assist...in the purchase of weapons." On 9/4/63, there’s a second note to John Tilton of the CIA’s Maritime Operations branch from his colleague Chief, Contact Division (Support) Mayo Stuntz on the subject of “Miro Cardona’s interest in purchasing arms”, saying: “John, this is a friend of Horace's.” There is a handwritten note underneath: “Are you processing Cain for POA etc. (i.e., PRQ I and II crypt and the rest of the jazz?” [viii] POA means preliminary operational approval.


09/04/63: Routing and Record Sheet: Stuntz wrote back to Sam Halpern, saying, “Sam, I talked to John about this.” A follow-up note says, “Please discuss this with Tilton of MOB, noting for his benefit that we now have control over Cain". (?) The memo on page 3 mentioned Cain and the DRE.


Bill Simpich, State Secret, Chapter 5: Keep in mind that Hosty told Anderson on September 13 that Oswald had a subscription to the newspaper of the Communist Party, USA, and that he had a background of leafleting on behalf of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee. We see the follow-up three days later, on September 16, when John Tilton of the CIA’s Cuban operations in Miami asked Anderson to put together a joint agency operation designed to “plant deceptive information which might embarrass the (FPCC) in areas where it does have some support”.[ 3 ] We will see that Oswald planted some deceptive information in Mexico City - he showed both his authentic FPCC membership card and his fake Communist Party card to Cuban consulate secretary Silvia Duran. On the 16th, FBI records indicate that Oswald’s security flash file with the FBI's Identification Division was reviewed, with Anderson’s name written alongside.[ 4 ] On the 16th, Anderson’s name is written on Oswald’s security flash – although no document entered the file, it appears to be related to Tilton’s request for help that same day. Tilton had been involved with the DRE just days earlier and may have heard from Anderson about Oswald’s arrest. On 9/10/63 the Office of Security advised caution in using Cain - and limited indexing to HQ only. They held him close to their vest, while knowing that he lied about a number of things. DCS was not advised to discontinue contact with Cain until 1967.

124-90059-10075: No Title

12/29/64 article by Luke Carroll, Chicago American: On this date, Cain was sentenced to a 1-3 year prison sentence for perjury while working as the chief investigator for the Sheriff's Department - at the time, Cain claimed that he joined the Army while in high school, attended intelligence school, and then served in China as a counter-intelligence agent during World War II...

Bill Simpich

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