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Pseudonym: Scalzetti, Richard

Alias used by Richard Scully Cain, Chicago law enforcement officer and Mafia higher-up. Also a CIA informant and FBI source.
His brother Michael Cain wrote a book about him.

104-10133-10332: CAIN, RICHARD SCULLY

1956-1969: Office of Security file on Richard Scully Cain aka Richard Scalzetti shows: "In 1956, he worked for the Chicago Police Department. In 1961, he operated a private investigative agency in Mexico and Chicago. In 1962, he was deported from Mexico for carrying a loaded revolver and brass knuckles, for impersonating a Mexican government official, and for violating his tourist permit. In 1962 he was the Chief Investigator Cook County, Sheriff's Office, Chicago, Illinois. Throughout the early 1960s he 'investigated' Cuban exile Communists and related activities in the Chicago area. In 1963, while with the Cook County's Sheriff's office, he became deeply involved in the President Kennedy assassination case. In 1967 we learned from the FBI that he was 'tied in' with the Mafia in Chicago. In 1968, he was found guilty of being an accomplice in a Chicago bank robbery and he was sentenced to 4 years in prison and fined $13,000. A check of the Office of Security files failed to reveal that Subject CAIN ever held an employment relationship with the Agency. However, our files do reflect that in 1962, he made an unannounced visit to our (Mexico City) Station. Further, the (CIA field office) in Chicago used the Subject as an informant and dealt with him on a variety of matters from 1960 to September 1964." 1969 memo by Christos Gikos, Acting Chief, Employee Activity Branch.

Bill Simpich

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