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Pseudonym: SAMMY

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Yuri Nosenko - initial contacts, starting in 1962.

124-10365-10020: No Title

1961-1968: "...It is noted that a paper prepared in December 1964 by CIA for a proposed CIA-FBI conference concluded that SAMMY was dispatched by the KGB in March 1962 as one part of a broad provocation effort conceived as early as 1959 and set in motion in the latter part of 1961. It was stated: "we believe that the major figures in this provocation include at least three defectors and at one time more than eight Soviet officials in-place as American Intelligence Service (AIS) agents. They are supported by a large number of staged incidents and purposefully handled agents known by the KGB to be under Western control. NOSENKO (SAMMY) is but one of these figures, a pivotal one and the one offering us the greatest insight into the larger operation."...The December 1964 paper and others emanating from the CIA which conclude that SAMMY is a plant and that all other defectors or defectors in place who support him are likewise plants, attempt to discredit Bureau sources as well as SAMMY...SAMMY has been under almost daily interrogation by Mr. Bruce Solie of the Office of Security of CIA from October 30, 1967 to date...it has been concluded, contrary to the CIA 1964 presumption reiterated in the 1968 paper, that SAMMY is who he says he is...collectively these sources have seriously damaged SIS operations...to hold that they are all "Plants" is preposterous." 9/20/68 memo from SAC, WFO to Director, FBI.

HSCA Report, Volume IV Current Section: Testimony of Richard Helms, Former Director of Central Intelligence, ...

1964-1968: "Mr. Nosenko defected in Switzerland on 4 February 1964 and was brought to the United States under Public Law 110 on 11 February 1964...Shortly after his arrival in the United States, the SR Division encountered serious difficulties in attempting to establish the bona fides of Mr. Nosenko. The SR Division concluded that Mr. Nosenko was not what he claimed to be and thus was not a bona fide defector...Mr. Nosenko was held under highly secure conditions at an Agency installations from April 1964 until October 1967. In October 1967 the primary responsibility for Mr. Nosenko was transferred from SR Division to the Office of Security, which conducted a thorough review of the developments in this case. The conditions of confinement of Mr. Nosenko were progressively relaxed and in October 1968 the bona fides of Mr. Nosenko were established by the Office of Security."

104-10120-10521: SAMMY

2/64 Angleton memo. Bruce Solie was copied on it. Nosenko aka SAMMY tipped off the FBI about the American defector to the USSR Marvin Kantor/Melvin Kantor/aka NEMOV-1/aka KARP/aka CARP. Kantor was the only American in Minsk from 58-59 - it seemed as if he got out of the way to make room for Oswald. Kantor wound up studying Slavic languages at U. of Michigan at the same time Marina was studying English in 64-65. US officers wondered if there was a connection.

124-90062-10026: No Title

5/8/64 FBI memo from W.V. Cleveland to Mr. Evans: Marvin Kantor/NEMOV-1 was applying for a position with USIA and was considered to "hold some possibility for future double agent prospects... the field is instructed that they cannot incorporate in a report any information furnished by 'SAMMY', who is Yuri Ivanovich Nosenko, Soviet defector, whose bona fides has (sic) not been established."

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