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Pseudonym: Safarano, Howard

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George Misko. Boris Tarasoff succeeded Misko as the Soviet transcriber at the Mexico City Station in June of 1963.
According to Anne Goodpasture, Misko worked at Mexico City Station from June of 1958 until June of 1963. At dispatch in July of 1963 stated that Boris Tarasoff took over from Howard G. Safarano.

104-10188-10110: CIA FILE ON TEL TAP

03/23/62: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, WHD: Subject: Monthly Activities Report on Project LIENVOY: Page 2-3: ..."The reels of the Soviet and Czech embassy lines are delivered to the Station for transcription of Russian and Czech conversations. The Russian conversations are transcribed by Howard G. Safarano, staff translator, and the Czech reels are taken out of the Station for transcription of the Czech by LIBRIFORM...G. Personnel: The case officer, Malcolm Q. Edeland, who handled Arehart on the outside was transferred to a new post in November. On the departure of Edeland, Station contact with Arehart was to be carried on by Robert B. Riggs and his alternate Howard G. Safarano. During the leave which Riggs took from the middle of December to the middle of January, contact with Arehart was carried on by Safarano. On the return of Riggs it was decided to have Safarano continue his contact with Arehart. However, Willard C. Curtis remains the principal case officer responsible for LIENVOY operations and for contact with all Mexicans concerned with the operation. Safarano has no contact with LIENVOY personnel outside of the Station other than Arehart. It was considered that this was to the Station interest that the Mexicans know as little about Station personnel as possible."

104-10069-10406: REPORT COVER SHEET

08/24/62: Report Cover Sheet from Mexico City: Reporting Officer: Howard G. Safarano, Reports Officer: Theodore G. Ronganne, Approving Officer: Willard C. Curtis.


07/30/63: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, WH Division: Subject: Monthly Operational Report for Project LIENVOY: Page 2: "On 5 June 1963 Douglas J. Feinglass, Staff Agent, arrived in Mexico to replace Howard G. Safarano, the Station translator for Russian language conversations appearing on LIENVOY and LIFEAT lines. Safarano departed PCS on 18 June thus freeing an inside slot for use by an operations officer. Feinglass' usefulness to the Station is handicapped by his inability to transcribe the Spanish portion of the reels from the Soviet coverage. This, despite Headquarters assurance that he could do these transcriptions. However, he has settled into outside living conditions with a minimum of difficulty. For the present, a monitor from the LIENVOY tap center is transcribing the Spanish portions of the above take. There is a Station backlog of Soviet tapes numbering about 50 which accumulated during the period when Feinglass was trying unsuccessfully to transcribe the Spanish. The backlog is being retained until Orville Horsfall arrives. In addition to the Russian transcriptions, Feinglass also clips the transcripts for individual dossiers thus relieving the Station Case Officer for Soviet operations of a clerical task. After the arrival of Horsfall, the Mexico Station will review requirements for outside translators and make recommendations for future use of Feinglass..."


10/31/63: Cable from Mexico City to Director: REF DIR 79075* "1. Please change name Walter B. Bracton to Michael C. Choaden. 2. STA assumes Pataker will occupy position in HBFINCH (U.S. Embassy) previously occupied by Howard G. Safarano (IDEN). C/S Comment: *Pataker's next assignment is Mexico City where he replaces Walter B. Brachton."


11/05/63: Cable from Director to Mexico City: Reference: MEXI-6733: "Assumption is correct. WH Comment: Station Mexico assumes Pataker will occupy ODACID position held Safarano."

HSCA Interview of Boris and Anne Tarasoff, 28 Nov. 1976

Page 83: Mr. BLACKMER: We are going back on the record for a brief question. I understand that you succeeded George Misko, who was familiar with the voices of the Russians in the Russian Embassy, because he did the translating of the tapes. Is that correct? Mr. TARASOFF: That is correct..."


02/10/77: Source: Notes made by A. Goodpasture for John Leader, IG Staff: Page 6: ..."Soviet Transcribers: 6/56 - 8/58: Norris Gordon (resigned). 6/58 - 6/63: George Misko. 6/63 - 70: Boris Tarasoff (retired in Mexico)."

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