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Pseudonym: Sacoder, Howard

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Unknown identity. Howard R. Sacoder was possibly Chief of Station (COS), Madrid, Spain, from at least February, 1968, to July, 1970.
Sacoder signed dispatches from these dates on behalf of COS, Withheld. The dispatches were on AMAUTO-1 (Orestes Guillermo Ruiz-Perez) and mentioned cryptonyms with the digraph of QU (probably operations and assets in Spain. Sometimes connected to Spanish related assets in Cuba). Therefore, it is possible that Howard R. Sacoder was COS, Madrid, in the period mentioned above.


02/09/68: Dispatch from COS, Madrid to Chief, European Division (Info: Chief, WH Div.; COS, JMWAVE): Subject: KAPOK/QUDOZE AMAUTO-1 Discussion of Missiles: "1. On 10 January 1968, AMAUTO-1 (Orestes Guillermo Ruiz-Perez), in one of his many daily discussions with his subordinates, reflected on the international position of his country, and among the things he said, we quote the following which may be of possible interest to addressees...'We are demonstrating to the world that Cuba...is favorably disposed to do whatever...(AMAUTO-1 begins to talk against the United States) that when the Americans have to raise the white flag...because the first plane that appears on radar...(AMAUTO-1 is speaking excitedly and it is very difficult to understand each word but it appears that he is talking about the positions of missiles in Cuba), Havana, Las Villas and Camaguey and that with these missiles, we can cover Miami, New York, and all their bases and all of their 'mierda'...if the Americans say they are going to send them (missiles? planes?), we will send them; if they (Americans) say they are going to invade us, the first plane that comes to invade...(AMAUTO-1's subordinate remarked that 15 October 62 marked a point in international politics, when the Yankees ordered the Soviets to withdraw their missiles)...(AMAUTO-1 injected) 'they (the Soviets) presented them (the Cubans) with ten bombs.' 2. Our reason for reporting this fragmentary information is that AMAUTO-1 might be confirming the presence of offensive missiles in Cuba. (Signed) Howard R. Sacoder."


01/24/69: Dispatch from COS, Madrid to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division (Info: C/EUR Div., C/WOACRE: COB/Frankfurt MKNOVA): Subject: TYPIC/TECHS/AMAUTO-1: "1. On 16 January 1969 QUTIMID reported a discussion between Subject and the Chief of the Rumanian Trade delegation in Spain, during which the Rumanian asked when they could meet. Subject invited the Rumanian to his home where, he said, he has set up a small office and was beginning to work more at home than in the office, because of the added comfort. (We wouldn't be surprised if this was suggested by his wife who is very jealous of her husband). The meeting was arranged for 1130 hours on 17 January. AMAUTO-1 commented that he is up quite early in the morning, presumably to begin work in his office. 2. The above report is the first we have received on Subject's use of his home as an office. The invitation to the Rumanian, of course, casts suspicion on the nature of the conversation. 3. Since his move to new quarters, AMAUTO-1's home is about 50 yards from two WOFIRM staffers - Martin B. Crymm and Conrad B. Falagiaro. (See attached sketch). Edwin B. Ratteree lives approximately 200 yards from the AMAUTO home. This proximity to AMAUTO's home by three staffers brings up the question of the use of an RF device to monitor conversations in AMAUTO's office at home, assuming at this time, that he has a phone in the office, most likely an extension of the home phone. For planning purposes, we would appreciate from MKNOVA a list of requirements for a target study in the use of an RF device. If other means are available for external penetration of his home we would welcome your suggestions and comments...(Signed) Howard R. Sacoder."


03/11/69: Dispatch from COS, Madrid (REDACTION) to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division (Info: Chief, European Div.; COS, WH/Miami): Subject: TYPIC/AMAUTO-1: "QUTIMID 21 February 1969 reported that AMAUTO-1 will be leaving (REDACTION) PCS in August 1969. He revealed this information to AMPOSSUM-1. (Signed) Howard R. Sacoder."

104-10181-10011: CIA FILE ON ORESTES RUIZ-PEREZ, VOL 11.

12/05/69: Dispatch from COS, Madrid to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division (Info: Chief, Europe Division; COS, Miami): Subject: TYPIC/AMAUTO/Cancellation of POA's: "Reference: DIRECTOR 56464: 1. Please cancel all clearances mentioned in Reference. Since AMAUTO-2's separation from AMAUTO-1's (Orestes Guillermo Ruiz-Perez) household and her immigration to the United States with her husband, AMAUTO-5, we no longer have an operational interest in her. As you know, AMAUTO-3 was used solely as an intermediary for a warm approach to AMAUTO-2. This was accomplished, and we have had no further contact with her. No Station contact was ever made with AMAUTO-4. 2. After the departure of AMAUTO-2 from AMAUTO-1's household, the Station soon learned of her replacement and this information was passed to the QUSEQUIN's. It was decided that the QUSEQUINs would attempt to recruit the new domestic, but for unknown reasons, contact was never made. We believe that there is a new domestic now working in the AMAUTO-1 household, but we have no details on her. (Signed) Howard R. Sacoder."


07/21/70: Dispatch from COS, Madrid (REDACTION) to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division (Info: Chief, European Division; COS, Miami): Subject: TYPIC AMAUTO Details of Meetings between Samko and AMAUTO-1: Lengthy dispatch signed by Sacoder. Henry Pachankis (probably Jack Stewart), Philip Kentland, QUTIMID, AMECRU-1 (Guillermo Alonso Pujol) and AMAUTO-1 (Orestes Guillermo Ruiz-Perez) were mentioned.

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