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Pseudonym: Rutherford, William

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William Rutherford was probably an alias used by William (Rip) Robertson.
Operation Tilt documents relating to William Robertson can be found here:

http://www.larry-hancock.com/documents/new/ch01/104-10312-10180/catalog.html and http://www.larry-hancock.com/documents/new/ch01/104-10312-10363/catalog.html

In an article on the Centro de Medios Independientes website by WCC on May 11, 2022, there was a reference to a book titled "Guatemala" by Susanne Jonas and David Tobis, and published in 1974. There was allegedly a passage in this book that reads (translated from Spanish to English): "The training of Castillo Armas's forces in Nicaragua was directed by a certain 'Colonel Rutherford' who had just returned from Korea." The reference to "Colonel Rutherford" was clearly in relation to William Robertson, who served in the Korea War: https://arsof-history.org/articles/pdf/v9n1_jack_operations.pdf


Undated CIA document: "William (Rip) Rutherford: Mechanical engineer. Has done some oil drilling activity in Texas. Reserve commission in the U.S. Marine Corps as major. Some experience in World War Two and Korea. In between got education in Southern University. Has been in Far East. On graduation from school, drilled with major oil company in Texas, Louisiana. Went back into the service for Korea, and when he came out, spent time in Central America and was sort of an 'adventurer,' fly-by-night, doing anything. Started a small mine, spent six years trying to develop it. Didn't have too much financial success. His field is the outdoors..."


Undated CIA document: "1. Bodies will be assembled in Rutherford's hands shortly before take off for physical search...3.On landing, 1/2 bodies will depart plane 1st with VIP and Rutherford in lead raft. The lead raft will board White Craft first. 4. Mr. 'H' (Note: Is this a reference to Thomas Hewitt?) will be in 2nd raft with other half of bodies...6. Kelly and Rutherford will split D-day physical surveillance of 2 entry doors to the bridge/Commo/engine room set-up. Only the SMG's will be employed above-deck this day. Other weapons are locked below with 'Hot' gear. 7. Rutherford will have PRC-9 strapped on, Barton will be at bridge with skipper and Motorola and SMG, Mr. 'H' will be on top of bridge housing with SMG during approach to release point...8. Rutherford and Kelly and Barton will relay Bodies' gear up and out to the Bodies at release point, with all gear being handled into the small craft to the team which is in and at the small-craft at the aft fishing deck of the White Craft...10. Kelly will observe the Bodies handling of this ammo package in infra-red/metascope combination brought by Rutherford for this purpose. 11. On approach of 'hot' craft on return, Rutherford will observe the approach through infra-red. The Bodies will be made aware that mis-movement at this point would be disastrous for them. On Rutherford's order to approach, the extra bodies will off-load first, frisked the stripped by Rutherford while Kelly covers 'hot craft.' Mr. 'H' will be passed extra bodies into the aft-room where he will take over their movement to the forward deck...12. Once extras are aboard and off the aft fishing deck, the original bodies will be brought aboard one by one and maintained for the moment with half in the aft-room under cover of Barton while half secure the 'hot craft' towing gear under supervision of Kelly and Rutherford..."


"William Alexander Robertson, Jr: BIRTH: 3 Aug 1920, Muskogee County, Oklahoma, USA. DEATH: 1 Dec 1970 (aged 50), Dallas, Dallas County, Texas, USA. BURIAL: Culpeper National Cemetery, Culpeper, Culpeper County, Virginia, USA. PLOT: Plot: E173, bur. 12/04/1970 - - Moved 06/13/1977 to Arlington National Cemetery. MEMORIAL ID: 3004232 - View Source."


05/11/2022: Article on the Centro de Medios Independientes website by WCC: Titled: Cementos Progreso and the CIA: A counterrevolutionary alliance: ..."Finally, Dougherty Bordenet withdrew from Guatemala in the early 1960s, leaving the cement business that was considered a scam according to the NACLA book" (note: Spanish to English translation): "The head of the CIA branch in Guatemala was Birch O'Neil, a former FBI agent. According to some accounts, O'Neil was removed from Guatemala about two weeks before the 'liberation' began because he opposed certain aspects of the operation. He was replaced by his lieutenant, John Doherty, who resigned as gang leader shortly after 'liberation' and went into the 'concrete business' (some say it was a scam). In turn, Doherty was replaced by a man Hunt calls 'Jake' who was his superior in the Bay of Pigs operation. Another man Hunt calls 'Knight' was 'head of propaganda' for headquarters; for both the Guatemala and Bay of Pigs operations, 'Knight' was in charge of aspects such as clandestine radio broadcasts. The training of Castillo Armas's forces in Nicaragua was directed by a certain 'Colonel Rutherford' who had just returned from Korea." - - - ..."(2) As it appears in 'Guatemala', published by The North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA) in 1974 and edited by Susanne Jonas and David Tobis, where the companies Mixer, SA and Arena y Grava, SA, incorporated at late 1954 and associated with Americans and Paul Dougherty (1960s), referring to John Paul Dougherty Argüello (Juan Pablo Dougherty Argüello as he was also known in Guatemala), of Argentine origin and American father, nephew of Dougherty Bordenet." - - - This appears to be the book mentioned above: https://www.amazon.com/Guatemala-Susanne-Tobis-David-Edited/dp/B000PUHXIW/ref=sr_1_2?crid=32PUNZ01PWYZR&keywords=Susanne+Jonas+and+David+Tobis&qid=1657553686&s=books&sprefix=susanne+jonas+and+david+tobis%2Cstripbooks%2C93&sr=1-2

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