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Pseudonym: Rostedt, Dexter

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Unknown identity. A CIA document on April 6, 1959, stated that Rostedt met AEASPIC (David Tzitzichvili) using the name "George Fowler."
Also, a document in November of 1960 stated that Dexter E. Rostedt (P) was one of a number of CIA personnel who had been in contact with WIROGUE (David Tzitzichvili). Moreover, Rostedt was still working for the CIA in 1973, and had been working for a number of years in Mexico City.

104-10182-10057: WIROGUE, (VOL III).

04/02/59: Memo from Anthony H. Friganza, Chief of Base, Frankfurt to COS, Germany (Attn: Deputy for Operations): Subject: Application for Issuance of Bundesrepublik Personalausweis for Operational Use: ..."2. Reason for Request: This document may be needed to bring AEASPIC from France to Germany. It would be used only after discussion with Dexter E. Rostedt from AEACRE and with the approval of Chief of Base, Frankfurt and Chief of Station, Paris to move Subject in this fashion. I have checked to determine whether Subject can move without considerable danger in this fashion and if it is customary; he can and it is..."

104-10182-10057: WIROGUE, (VOL III).

04/06/59: REDSOX Spotting and Assessment Report from Anthony H. Friganza, Case Officer: Subject: AEASPIC: Cover for Contact: Friganza as Maj. Michael Long, Rostedt as George Fowler: "Rostedt and Friganza took the night train to Paris, arriving morning 6 April, and discussed the AEASPIC case with the Paris station. Rostedt briefed COS/Paris and others on current REDSOX. Rostedt and Friganza departed to meet Subject at about 1130 hrs., taking extreme precautions against surveillance...After lunch Friganza and Rostedt decided that under the circumstances it would be advisable to keep Subject in Paris rather than risk his arrest travelling between Paris and Ambert or returning to Gap to have his carte d'identite revalidated..."

104-10182-10057: WIROGUE, (VOL III).

11/16/60: Project Action Cover Sheet from Leopoldville Field Station: Cryptonym: WIROGUE/1. Operating Division: AF/W/1. Page 4 of Project Outline: ..."3. Agent's knowledge of sensitive matters - has met the following KUBARKERS (CIA): Anthony H. Friganza (P), Patrick B. Newens (P), Peter K. Winship (P), Dexter E. Rostedt (P), Fred Kirkpatrick (T), George F. Muns (T), Michael Rae (T), Charles R. Roistade (P) Mr. Dan, Paul E. Leighton (P) Dr. Johns."


04/02/70: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, SB Division (Info: Chief, WH Division): Subject: REDTOP Station Contacts with Soviet Officials in Mexico: Page 2: ..."201-305870, a consular officer, had an invitation to the home of Dexter E. Rostedt on 13 March. Not only did he not show up, Rostedt was never able to get him on the phone to confirm the invitation..."

104-10063-10293: KARL LENKERSDORF

08/27/71: Cable from Mexico City to Lima (Info: Director, Santiago): (Rostedt Acting): Slugline RYBAT MHFLUFF:


03/06/73: Cable from Mexico City to Director (Info: Withheld): (Rostedt Acting): Slugline RYBAT REDLEG KDALCOVE TECHS: "1. KDALCOVE photo basehouse operational 1 Mar 1973. KDALCOVE-1 and -2 given on site training and briefing 28 Feb by Oliver J. Mankunas and station tech Charles F. Hippen. KDALCOVE-1 took first operational films following day and product was retrieved using KDALCOVE-2 as cutout. Altho early morning photos were excellent quality, heavy buildup of traffic air pollution by mid-morning seriously affected photo definition. Before daybreak 5 Mar, Mankunas and Hippen again returned to photo site to test various filters and speed settings in effort to alleviate problem. Test photos taken with dark orange haze filter showed improvement and produced usable product. We intend to continue experimenting to obtain optimum results. Test photos and installation details will be forwarded by pouch..."

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