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Pseudonym: Rolender, Boyd

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Unknown identity. Boyd I. Rolender was a CIA officer involved in Operation PBSUCCESS in Guatemala.
Rolender was working on KUGOWN (Psychological and Paramilitary Staff) operations from at least August of 1953:


A dispatch in February of 1954 stated that Boyd I. Rolender was a KUGOWN officer (page 6):


A dispatch in late March, 1954, mentioned that Rolender had been in discussions with Graham L. Page (probably Henry D. Hecksher) on March 28th, regarding the K-Program (operations aimed at intelligence and defection of Guatemalan military; after May 11, 1954, redirected at military defections). In addition, a dispatch in June, 1954, from William D. Playdon (Tracy Barnes), also mentioned Rolender.

A dispatch on November 20, 1963, from Oliver G. Galbond (J.C. King) stated that ALAGORA-2 had still not contacted Boyd I. Rolender. ALAGORA-2 was probably a Brazilian asset. Therefore, it is probable that Rolender was working in Brazil at that time.


02/03/54: Air dispatch from Withheld to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division (Info: Guatemala, LINCOLN): Subject: General - KUGOWN Operations. Specific - Comite Central de Obreros Anti-Comunistas: "1. For the information of Headquarters, LINCOLN (CIA's Guatemalan covert operations headquarters, a forward base in Florida), and Station Guatemala, there is herewith forwarded a photocopy of correspondence recently received by RNLABILE from the Comite Central de Obreros Anti-Comunistas, 4a Avenida Norte, No. 18, Guatemala, C. A. 2. As Headquarters is aware, and for the information of LINCOLN and Station Guatemala, RNLABILE has initiated a propaganda program directed towards Latin American labor organization with the cooperation and assistance of (REDACTION). This Comite was one of a list of addressees in Latin America suggested to RNLABILE by (REDACTION) as possible recipients of propaganda material. (REDACTION) Boyd I. Rolender."


02/24/54: Air dispatch from Withheld to Chief, WHD: Subject: General - KUGOWN Operation. Specific - Labor Matters: "1. At a second meeting on 17 February, ESMERALDITE was once again more than willing to cooperate with his contact, and furnished the following information. 2. Among the anti-Communist labor leaders in Guatemala are the following (spellings may be wrong due to print): Otto E. Parodes...Teodulo Mejia Calderon...Luis L. (Unintelligible), Felipe Medina...Miguel Carrajal Morales...Arturo Morales Cubas...Florencio Barrera...3. There seemed to have been some misunderstanding between ESMERALDITE and his contact over the question of the leadership of the Comite Obrero Anti-Comunista, ESMERALDITE claiming that the answer was contained in the information given in paragraph two above. Nashwinter has been instructed to get a specific answer on the leadership of the COAO at his next meeting...7. We feel that some of the above information is too general to answer our needs and requirements, and Nashwinter has been instructed to solicit more detailed information in the future. Boyd I. Rolender."


03/06/54: Cable from LINCOLN to Director: Slugline RYBAT PBSUCCESS: "1. HQs has approved Congress as presented HUL-A 76 on condition development proceed with sufficient detailed planning to assure success. 2. (REDACTION) arriving Mexcity via Brownsville train O/A (REDACTION) and will proceed with steps outlined HUL-A 76 thru LS/S. 3. Request Tolking not make firm promise aid to RNSHIELD until after Fawclett drives bargain. 4. Pouching details including plan for communication between you and Fawclett and HQs and Fawclett. When RNSHIELD/Fawclett understanding reached, believed Rolender should come LINC for two-day conference."


03/16/54: Air dispatch from Withheld to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division (Info: LINCOLN): Subject: General - KUGOWN/PBSUCCESS. Specific - Guatemalan Exiles in Mexico: "1. In supplement to the reference reports, LIBETHENITE-4 reports that Mario Lopez Villatoro, in company with Roberto Gomez de Leon, has contacted the group of six refugees who fled across the Guatemalan border into Mexico with offers to work for the Castillo Armas movement in Honduras. Horacio de Cordova was offered the Directorship of the radio station operated by Castillo in Honduras. Gabriel Fernandez was offered the position of Legal Counselor to Castillo. These emissaries not only offered very attractive salaries to the refugees ($500 US per month and up), which were refused, but have shown an affluence while in Mexico which has startled the refugees. 2. The refugees were asked by Lopez and Gomez to sign a manifest for their cause, which again all refused to do. The attached leaflet is probably that manifesto, and is being distributed in Mexico City by Jose Calderon Salazar and Roberto Gomez de Leon. 3. It would seem that Lopez, Gomez, Calderon and company have proceeded with their plans...to form a 'committee' of exiles in Mexico. No effort seems to have been made to stop the establishment of this skeleton organization (for it enjoys no support from the majority of exiles in Mexico)...We would appreciate advice from Headquarters on steps to be taken in the future by this Mission in respect to the newly-formed CEGAM. 4. For your information we are forwarding a photocopy of a letter sent by Carlos Salazar, hijo, of the FACE to Arturo Amaya, second-in-command of the Frente Popular Anti-Comunista de Mexico. Boyd I. Rolender."


03/23/54: Air dispatch from Withheld to Chief, Western Hemisphere (Info: LINCOLN): Subject: General - KUGOWN Operations. Specific - Weekly KUGOWN Operational Report/PBSUCCESS: "1. The Mission was surprised to receive reference (a) at such a late date. The general breakdown of funds was given to this Mission by reference (b), and several weeks prior to that orally by Elmo R. Langtry. The allotment of funds is said to be for the period 1 January to 1 March 1954 - since that period is now three weeks past, we request notification of the new allotment. 2. We wish to make the following comments on the tasks assigned to this Mission by reference (a)...PT/8: The contact has been developed and is being used (see correspondence on ESMERALDITE). However, the situation is becoming quite complex. LINCOLN (CIA's Guatemalan covert operations headquarters, a forward base in Florida) requirements seem to conflict somewhat with Headquarters recommendations (see references e and f). We hope that Rolender will have a chance in the immediate future to consult with Headquarters on this situation which promises so much but which can be so easily invalidated for KUGOWN purposes by inadequate planning...Boyd I. Rolender."


03/29/54: Air dispatch from LINCOLN to Chief, WH: Subject: General - K-Program. Specific - ESMERALDITE-1: "1. This operation was the subject of a discussion between Boyd I. Rolender and Graham L. Page (probably Henry Hecksher) on 28 March 1954. 2. Assuming that full operational clearance can be obtained on ESMERALDITE-1, it is contemplated to put him in direct touch with the K-Program labor representative in Guatemala. Certain security problems are bound to arise in conjunction with effecting a secure initial contact between the labor representative and ESMERALDITE-1, since it is most desirable to preclude any direct or indirect tie-in with KUBARK (CIA). 3. In view of the fact that ESMERALDITE picked and recommended ESMERALDITE-1 as his successor in Guatemala and preparatory steps (such as recognition signs) were taken in order to assure a smooth transfer, we are now faced with a situation in which an introduction by ESMERALDITE-1 is bound to reflect intelligence connotations unless elaborate steps are taken to conceal from both ESMERALDITE and ESMERALDITE-1 that the approach originates with KUBARK. 4. The following method of introduction would commend itself in order to prevent the problem set forth in Paragraph 2 from arising. The labor representative, presumably an official of the CIO, would through CIO channels approach (REDACTION), and advise him that he is about to be sent to Guatemala on a fact finding mission, requiring the services of a local resident...5. We anticipate that any approach to ORIT along these lines, whether made to ESMERALDITE direct or through Luis Alberto Monje, will ultimately result in ESMERALDITE-1 being suggested as an acceptable choice meeting CIO's stipulations...6...The steps set forth herein are essentially those proposed by Boyd I. Rolender, who believes that the scheme is a workable one. Jerome C. Dunbar (Albert Haney)."


04/12/54: Memorandum from Withheld, General Deputy - WH to Col. J. C. King, Chief, WH: Subject: Comments on HUL-A-378: ..."6. Nutting's (probably Enno Hobbing) covering letter states it is not to be considered his recommendation for the final product, but is left to Rolender's judgement. If it is to become Rolender's responsibility, as I infer to be the case, it should have had prior Headquarters approval. I had thought that Nutting understood that all policy PW positions such as this require Headquarters approval. His failure in this case, i.e., that of a Station not under PBSUCCESS jurisdiction, is not understandable." - - - Page 2: Routing and Record Sheet: 03/31/54: Esterline's name in the TO column. Comment "By Hand."


06/15/54: Air dispatch from LINCOLN to PBSUCCESS Headquarters: Subject: General - K-Program. Specific - Plant of a Newspaper Story on High Command Rift: "1. The attached draft of a newspaper story is designed to widen the existing rift within the Army High Command, building up Sanchez at the expense of his chief rival and enemy Colonel Diaz. It furthermore is meant to serve as conveying to Sanchez a message which is self-explanatory. In line with (REDACTION) ideas on the subject, we propose to go along with his supposition that Sanchez may be controllable once it has been brought home to him that Arbenz' cause is lost. In fact, it may be possible to develop through him a control relationship over important elements of the top echelon of the Army who are believed to be hostile toward Calligeris (Carlos Castillo Armas), but who can be expected to do Sanchez' bidding. Certain prerequisites will have to be fulfilled before Sanchez will see the light. This aspect has been fully covered in recent (REDACTION) progress reports. 2. May we request that the attached story, in substance, be planted with a newspaper whose coverage of the Latin American scene commands sufficient attention to guarantee that its contents will become known to the persons to whim it is actually addressed. At random, we should like to suggest the following newspapers: (REDACTION) the last two, Mexican newspapers. Either (REDACTION) or (REDACTION) has a Washington correspondent named (REDACTION) who is widely read in Central America. According to Rolender, he could be prevailed upon to print the story as given to him. William D. Playdon (Tracy Barnes)."


11/20/63: Dispatch from Chief, Western Hemisphere Division to COS, Mexico City (Info: COS, Rio de Janeiro): REF: RIOD 2337, 11 October 1963: "ALAGORA-2 has not called Boyd I. Rolender to date. Oliver G. Galbond (J. C. King)."

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