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Pseudonym: Rodigast, Rufus

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Unknown identity. A memo in June of 1965 stated that Rufus F. Rodigast used the alias "Paul Weller" when meeting Richard Gibson.
A dispatch in November of 1966 from from Acting Chief of Station (COS), Paris/LCPIPIT, stated that "a Paris correspondent of Newsweek, Ray Sokolov, told Rodigast he had the assignment from his home office to try to track down the manuscript of the Manchester book on Kennedy's assassination." A memo in February, 1968, stated that Rodigast was a career agent. A memo in 1976 stated that Rodigast wrote memoranda that mentioned Martin Luther King, Jr., in 1968.

104-10217-10221 GIBSON, RICHARD.

06/04/65: Memo from Chief, (Unintelligible) to COS, Withheld: Attachment to OELA-43,272: ..."4. Turnover to Rodigast: After getting S/1's unhesitating agreement to an LCFLUTTER (polygraph - "lie detector" - testing) examination and his signature on a Secrecy Agreement on 2 June, Tiffany introduced him to Rodigast, under the alias 'Paul Weller' on the morning of 3 June. It was explained that Rodigast would serve as S/1 point of contact in the future. S/1 and Rodigast hit it off well from the outset, the latter's knowledge of (REDACTION) and (REDACTION) and other intellectuals serving him well in the rapport-building process. Rodigast has laid on firm meeting arrangements for (REDACTION) and has discussed arrangements for meeting S/1 at least twice during the summer outside (REDACTION). Final agreement on a mid-July meeting will be made in (REDACTION) to confirm to a normal pattern by S/1 and arrangements which S/1 succeeds in developing in (REDACTION) and (REDACTION). In the process of discussing communications Rodigast is also imparting instruction in good security practices on the part of S/1. Rodigast will instruct S/1 in the (REDACTION). Hopefully, Rodigast will be able to spend a day or two with S/1 in (REDACTION) even though we want S/1 to get to (REDACTION) as soon as possible...6. In the course of his initial talk with S/1, Rodigast pursued the matter of the allegations made at various times in the past to the effect that S/1 is or was a 'CIA agent' or 'FBI agent.' S/1 explained the situation as follows: (REDACTION)..." (Note: Point number 8 mentioned Rodigast and S/1; heavily redacted paragraph). Signed by Rufus F. Rodigast and Joseph S. Tiffany.

104-10217-10223: RICHARD GIBSON

07/13/65: Dispatch from COS, London to Chief, KUDESK (Info: Chief, WE; Chief, AF; Chief, KUWOLF; Chief, LCPIPIT; COS, Algiers): Subject: KUDESK QRPREY (REDACTION) Old Letter from (REDACTION): "1. Cleaning out some old papers, I ran across a letter from (REDACTION)/1 (copies attached). The letter was seen by Tiffany, Rodigast, et al., during the busy week they all spent in London and is sent along now to bring the record more or less up to date. 2. A batch of other materials, which arrived through our postal arrangement, were turned over to Tiffany, and they are presumably now a part of Headquarters' records. George H. Katzenbach."


11/09/66: Dispatch from Acting COS, Paris/LCPIPIT to Chief, WOVIEW (Info: COS, Paris; Chief, EUR): "1. A Paris correspondent of Newsweek, Ray Sokolov, told Rodigast he had the assignment from his home office to try to track down the manuscript of the Manchester book on Kennedy's assassination. He hoped that it was now in the hands of a French publisher for translation, and that he would be able to get hold of it as least temporarily, because Newsweek understands that Jacqueline Kennedy was withdrawing the book, at least temporarily, perhaps to insist on certain cuts. 2. Rodigast checked locally and learned that the book's French rights had been sold by a London literary agent, Gornall of Intercontinental Literary Agency (phone Covent Garden 3181), jointly to two French publishers, Editions Robert Laffont and Editions Stock, who were going to publish it. But they do not have a text, and only one person, Jean Rosenthal of Editions Laffont, has had a significant amount of text in his hands. Andre Bay of Editions Stock said he felt that the Kennedy family was going to withdraw the book for serious cuts for political reasons. 3. Bay's wife works for Editions Arthaud, which will soon publish Mark Lane's Rush to Judgement. Lane will be in Paris (probably very shortly) to appear on a long French television program dealing with the Kennedy assassination. The French publisher thinks Lane's book (which describes the 14 persons who had died violently since the assassination, all of whom were key witnesses) is quite factual. Lane is also reportedly involved in the Bertrand Russell mock trial, but the French publisher does not think the television appearance will deal with this. Karen H. Zaffaresi."

104-10217-10223: RICHARD GIBSON

08/18/67: Dispatch from Acting Chief, WOVIEW to COS, London - for LCPIPIT (Info: COS, London): Subject: DTDORIC/QREBONY LNERGO Report: "Transmitted under separate cover, for your information only, is a copy of a LNERGO (FBI) Report dated August 10, 1967. Please note paragraph 4 and bring to the attention of Rodigast. Isabelle R. Priami." Originating Officer: (REDACTION), CA/CF. Coordinating Officers: (REDACTION), C/CA/CF. Dave Hornstein, CI/ICG. Releasing Officer: B. Hugh Tovar, AC/CA.

104-10217-10223: RICHARD GIBSON

02/08/68: Memo for the record: Subject: QRPHONE/1 Finances: ..."Henceforth monies for operational expenses will be given to QRPHONE/1 by his handler (Career Agent Rufus F. Rodigast) and will be carried on Rodigast's accountings as operational expenses supported by receipts from QRPHONE/1 acknowledging receipt of the funds. This Rodigast accounting and the QRPHONE/1 receipt will be used for write-off of the funds against approved project QRPHONE. No detailed accountings and no receipts carrying QRPHONE/1's true name are to be maintained in the LCPIPIT/Admin files..." Approved: Maslott, Chief, LCPIPIT. (Signature), COS, London.

104-10433-10209: FOIA ON MARTIN LUTHER KING.

07/27/76: Memo from Chief, International Terrorism Group Operations Staff to Privacy and Information Officer, DDO: SUBJECT: Weisberg Request (Martin Luther King, Jr.) REFERENCE: 76-F-382: Page 7: ..."(a) OELA-48626, dated 19 January 1968: forwards a memorandum prepared by (Rufus F. Rodigast) which deals with MHALPHA-related individuals; incidental reference to the Subject; exempt under (b) (3) (a) and (b) (6)...(d) OEPA-1058, dated 17 April 1968; contains operational information submitted by the Station concerning (Rodigast); contains an incidental mention of the name Dr. Martin Luther King; exempt under (b) (3) (a) and (b) (6). (e) OEPA-1097, dated 29 April 1968; is a report by (Rodigast) on SNCC activities in Paris in the aftermath of the Dr. King assassination; exempt under (b) (3) (a) and (b) (6)..."

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