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Pseudonym: Roderick, Colonel

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Rocky Farnsworth. He used a variety of pseudonyms and aliases. This alias was tied to his pseudonym "Eustace Keator" and another of his aliases, "Jack Peters".
Farnsworth was a deeply connected officer. Is it possible that he spied on Bradley Ayers and others under the guise of "Major Edward Roderick" in 1963, or is that mere coincidence? Also, in the memoirs of Nino Diaz/AMNORM-1, Diaz claimed to have had contact with "Clarence" and/or "Roderick Clarence" of the CIA.


12/29/60 memo shows Wallace Parlett (Gerald Droller) meeting with Eustace Keator (using the alias "Colonel Roderick") and AMBRONC-1 201-281399 at Terence Crabanac/Howard Hunt's Coconut Grove apartment.


Pre-Bay of Pigs: Time Magazine reports that "Roderick" was one of the main officers working on the Guatemala operation at the three camps and airstrip in owned by coffee mogul Roberto Alejos- "Charlie" was in charge, assisted by "Clarence" (Note: probably Smeryage, who was probably Tom Clines), "Adams" and "Jimmy".

104-10069-10111: LAUREANO BATISTA

May 1961: Laureano Batista/AMPALM-2 of the Christian Democratic Movement/AMPALM had a weapons and explosives net from Miami to Cuba. Batista said he could no longer reach his contacts Colonel Roderick or Jack Peters. He said he had met Peters and had never actually met Colonel Roderick. In fact, these two men were the same person. Batista's two contact persons in the CIA were Peters and "Mr. Frank" - probably Colonel Frank Egan. Batista's contact with them was broken after the Bay of Pigs. Frank only told Batista "we have to lay low for awhile."


May 6, 1963: Ayers #078210 and Major Edward Thomas Roderick ASN 1686654 have been fluttered, have had top secret clearances for many years, loaned to CIA on a TDY basis for use in a training program and operational support at JMWAVE. How could OS find no indices on either officer? Was there any relationship between "Colonel Roderick" and Major Roderick?

1993.08.04.16:20:46:530028: JMWAVE CABLES, WAVE 8000 - 8075.

11/27/63, Cable from JMWAVE to Director: "Maj. Edward Roderick, carrying ops plans, arriving NAL 202 on 27 Nov at 2030 hours. Please meet and retrieve pouch."


Memorias de un Combatiente Por el Comandante Nino Diaz/AMNORM-1 (Memoirs of a Fighter By the Commander Nino Diaz (2008): Pages 242-243 (Spanish to English translation): ..."As a first step, my trip to Cuba was agreed with three more combatants, to organize a battle front in the province of Oriente. That first infiltration echoed the American press, as well as the coincidence of the landing in the province of Oriente of a group of Masferreristas, who were not well seen in Cuba for its participation in the repressive bodies of the previous regime, this coincidence was pointed out, warned and rejected by me to the representative of the CIA, Clarence. He assured me that this coincidence would not occur because men of Masferrer would be retained in the United States, but then they were put in freedom and with the consent of the CIA, that I knew them and that had guaranteed me that that landing would not take place, the Masferreristas elements disembarked in the province of Oriente, coinciding with the landing of the men who they accompanied me... Captain Tico Herrera (Note: Probably AMTRIGON-2), belonging to our organization, and with elements of it, produced an uprising in the Guantanamo area, achieving to be joined by a group that was raised in the Imias area, under the command of rebel sergeant Ortega, subsequently killed in war action. These hoists were produced according to our plans, while according to the CIA was preparing a new infiltration, despite already having a great distrust of our allies, and with Clarence, who was already preparing other infiltrations in the area where Captain Tico Herrera and Sergeant Ortega operated. These operations were completely feasible. If the promises had been fulfilled of help, both those who were already raised, and those who did to me, such once the garrison of Guantanamo had been achieved, and subsequently no less than 2,000 men had joined forces...


Memoirs of a Fighter By the Commander Nino Diaz (2008): Pages 244-245 (Spanish to English translation): ..."The lack of cooperation of the CIA, despite the efforts made, meant that all this was totally impossible. However, if there really was a radio operator in Santiago de Cuba, he did not want to cooperate, because almost surely he received orders not to do so. Having no cooperation from the telegraphist, Captain Tico Herrera managed to communicate with one José Martínez in Miami, who it turned out to be the Clarence of the CIA, and through that channel several communications were sent that did not reach my hands either. As you will see, these gentlemen changed their name to be able to deceive better those they would send with their lies to certain death. Without help and without any contact, the situation of Captain Tico Herrera (Note: probably AMTRIGON-2) and of his men became increasingly unsustainable. The persecution for part of the communist regime forced men engaged in the part of Guantanamo to precipitate the uprising in February 1961, without waiting in coordination for my landing and infiltration. This unexpected and forced uprising resulted in the arrest of many leaders committed to the Oriente province, especially the Guantanamo area...The men of our organization got some help. They made contact with Captain Lugo, who was willing to form a front in the area from Bayamo, in the part of the Sierra Maestra. Our organization gave them a small number of weapons and economic resources, and the CIA offered technical assistance, weapons and a telegraphist who would be sent from this country. This help was claimed on different occasions to a member of the CIA who called himself Roderick Clarence. These gentlemen said that in Havana there were several radio operators that they would instruct Domingo Trueba, that once he returned to that city would provide us with one or two radio operators to act in the operations that took place in the Sierra Maestra..."

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