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Pseudonym: Rodemeyer, Alfred

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Alfred (or Alfredo) Rodemeyer was an alias used by Willard Nauman and Alfonso Rodriguez. Both the latter two names were probably pseudonyms used by CIA officer Earl J. Williamson.

104-10175-10030: CABLE: COS AUTHORIZED TO PASS 15,000 PESOS

10/27/62, Cable from Director to Mexico City (Orig: A. D. Rodemeyer, WH/3/Mexico): "1. COS authorized to pass 15,000 pesos monthly LILISP X funds via LIHUFF-1 to LIHUFF-2 for publication of Espejo, request station also explore all possible means of obtaining Mexican and local PBPRIME (U.S.) private funds from Espejo. 2. Bona fide contributions from PBPRIME firms will probably continue to reach LIHUFF-2 via independence foundation and Blair. HQs will monitor these contributions and advise station re amounts. 3. Please forward request for project for LIHUFF-2 institute as described Ref B. WH CMT: COS requests auth to pass 15,000 pesos monthly to LIHUFF-2 via LIHUFF-1 for publication of Espejo."

104-10162-10140: MEMO: MEETING WITH AMBIDDY/1, 3 APRIL 1963

04/05/63, Memorandum for the record from Alfonso Rodriguez, SAS/SO: Page 4: ..."10. (REDACTION) I purposefully did not go into depth and great detail with AMBIDDY/1 because the surroundings were neither appropriate for this and because to have done so would have given AMBIDDY/1 the impression of a great interest. I did not want to encourage him unduly but did promise, as he requested more than once, that we would answer his request without a long delay. He asked more than once that he wants to know yes or no because if the answer is no, he will seek aid elsewhere and attempt to carry on without us. The meeting was held at 4623 Chain Bridge Road in McLean, Virginia, in the home of Roberto San Roman. The latter individual was present but did not attend the discussion held. I used the name Alfred Rodemeyer..."

104-10162-10222: MEMO RE SITUATION IN CUBA.

Circa 1963, Memo from Alfred Rodemeyer: The last sentence read: "Chief, SAS met with AMBIDDY-1 (Manuel Artime Buesa) as Don Archer (Desmond FitzGerald)." (Note: Page 1 was missing).

104-10163-10041: ARTIME BUESA, MANUAL (VOL XII).

05/07/64, Cable from Director to JMWAVE (Orig: H.D. Hecksher, Unit: WH/Unintelligible/SO/HH: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC YOBITE AMWORLD: "Please arrange for meeting between 'Mr. Rodemeyer' and AMBIDDY-1 during latter's forthcoming Miami stay, preferably in WAVE safehouse used for two sessions. It most important meeting take place at this time. (FYI: Propose debrief AMBIDDY-1 on controversial events SUBJ/funding Col. Frank Egan as surfaced in recent book on Bay of Pigs). Advise time of meeting."

104-10163-10041: ARTIME BUESA, MANUAL (VOL XII).

05/11/64, Memorandum for the record from Raul J. Hernandez, WH/SA/SO/HH: Subject: Telephone Conversation between AMBIDDY-1 and Martin Ferrer: ..."3. A-1 was advised that Mr. Alfredo Rodemeyer would like to meet with him at the Holiday Inn at Coral Gables upon A-1's return tomorrow. A-1 stated he would be at the Holiday Inn after 1800 on 12 May 1964. A-1 was assured this meeting had nothing to do with our operations and not to worry..."

104-10163-10041: ARTIME BUESA, MANUAL (VOL XII).

05/11/64, Memorandum for the record from Raul J. Hernandez, WH/SA/SO/HH: Subject: Telephone Conversation between Mike Geidel and Martin Ferrer: Date: 8 May 1964 at 1030 hours: "1. The undersigned reminded Mike Geidel that it is essential that AMBIDDY-1 meet with 'Rodemeyer' when the former returns to Miami..."

104-10163-10041: ARTIME BUESA, MANUAL (VOL XII).

05/15/64, Memorandum for the record from Carl E. Jenkins, WH/SA/SO/HH: Subject: Telephone Conversation Between AMBIDDY-1 and Carl E. Jenkins: Date: 1800 hours, 12 May 1964: "1. AMBIDDY-1 called to report that he had just arrived in Miami and was on his way to a meeting with Al Rodriguez at the Holiday Inn..."

104-10163-10041: ARTIME BUESA, MANUAL (VOL XII).

06/30/64, Memorandum for the record from Raul J. Hernandez, WH/SA/SO/HH: Subject: Telephone Conversation between AMBIDDY-1 and Martin Ferrer: Date: 30 June at 1100 hours: "1. Upon Erneido Oliva's request, AMBIDDY-1 went to meet with him last night. At the meeting Oliva mentioned to A-1 that he (Oliva) was receiving the backing of CIA and the Pentagon and implied A-1 was also receiving aid. Oliva stated that he has met with Alfredo Rodemeyer, the same Rodemeyer that both of them had met early last year. A-1 replied this was all before the death of Kennedy and he no longer had contact with any of the U.S. Government's officials. According to Oliva, Mr. Rodemeyer spoke badly of some of the personnel in A-1's organization, e.g. Antonio Iglesias..."


08/24/64, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Deputy Chief, WH/SA: Page 25: ..."b. The following CIA staff employees were in contact with AMICE-27 and are therefore considered known to Volsky: ...Willard R. Nauman as Al Rodemeyer..."

180-10142-10307: HSCA

08/01/78, Artime File, Volume 8 (Wizelman): Page 8: "1. Memo for Record dated 3 May 1963, Subject - meeting with Artime, by Alfred Rodemeyer. Meeting of Artime and Chief of SAS. Chief came forward with a proposal of cooperation based on the following understanding: 1. That we would furnish advice. 2. That this might be only one of several groups with which we would work. 3. That Artime's activities must be based outside the USA. 4. That we would furnish funds for his operations. Note: At this point Artime asked if we would furnish arms. He was told that arms would be made available; that is, they would be close enough for him to 'reach for them.' ...In general, Artime was made to understand that the hand of the U.S. Government cannot and will not be revealed, but at the same time we would be willing to unofficially and informally assist, however possible...MRR was to continue to receive $4000/month SAS Chief met with Artime as Don Archer..."

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