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Pseudonym: Ricardo, Don

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Unknown identity. A CIA document on March 9, 1954, noted the recent conference between PANCHO (Carlos Castillo Armas) and Don Ricardo, in which the military plans were outlined and agreed upon.


02/08/54: Contact Report: PLACE: (REDACTION) office, LINCOLN. COVER USED: None. PERSONS PRESENT: Mr. Barnes, (REDACTION) King and (REDACTION) Messrs. (REDACTION): Page 3 (Page 4 of PDF): ..."Use of camera with agent. Seemed to see no problem in getting the film across. He realized fully that Don Ricardo needed these films for his planning..."

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1952-1954: Guatemala: Current Section: 109. 3/1/54-Letter From [name not declassified] to Carlos Castillo Armas

03/01/54: Letter from Withheld to Carlos Castillo Armas: ..."4. Under the circumstances we must now proceed as follows: a. The propaganda responsibility being mine, I am asking Juan Jose (Nestor Sanchez) to consult with the propaganda advisors in the field and to secure from them their estimate of the funds needed for propaganda in March. Juan Jose has been asked by me to solicit your views on propaganda and on the propaganda budget in greater detail. Out of the information that Juan Jose brings back I will prepare the proposed budget and negotiate it with the Group. b. Similarly, the budget estimates for political work, especially inside our target area, will also be provided by my sources and by the advisors. On this point, too, please give your full advice to Juan Jose. I will inform you of the final sum allotted. c. On intelligence, I have asked Juan Jose to secure Andres’ estimate and to bring back to me a proposal which I shall review and present to the Group. d. On the military matters which are your sphere of responsibility and competence, I have solicited the views of Don Ricardo. He has given me his recommendations, which I have reviewed, in some cases changed, and in some cases accepted as they stood. I have negotiated for you the military budget with the Group and I have secured the approval of certain sums. These sums are being explained to you in a separate letter..."


03/01/54: Contact Report: C/R No. 40. PLACE: Safe House "A". PERSONS PRESENT: Bob Ford and (REDACTION). Subject: Discussion of JUNTA Budget, March 1954, with (REDACTION) Discussion took place on the evening of 28 Feb 1954: ..."4. In discussing the military budget, (REDACTION) was, for the most part, agreeable to the changes which had been suggested, as I told him, by Don Ricardo, but which would be necessary for (REDACTION) to be fully cognizant of, so that he, in representing RUFUS (Carlos Castillo Armas) to the GROUP, would be able to approve the budget...He had no ready reply for this and said that in the discussions which had taken place over the military expedntures, he had not been too attentive toward them, since both Juan Jose (Nestor Sanchez) and Don Ricardo had discussed the matter with RUFUS, and he assumed that all items in the military field had been taken care of...b. The next military expenditure item was under #23, Nicaragua, which called for a moving and feeding of 250 men at the nominal cost of 30,000 American dollars...(REDACTION) was advised that as of a short time ago - two weeks to be exact - when RUFUS was in Miami, there was absolutely no mention made of this expense, by either himself or Don Ricardo; in all the discussions which took place regarding the military activities during the months to come...c. The above items were discussed as described in considerable detail. A memorandum which had been prepared by Ricardo was discussed point by point with (REDACTION)..."


03/09/54: CIA document: Titled: Specific Instructions for Don Juan Jose (Nestor Sanchez): Handwritten: Written by (REDACTION): Page 6: ..."d. Paramilitary: In reiteration all of the foregoing functions are designed to serve ultimately paramilitary. However, the military plans, as outlined and agreed to in the recent conference between PANCHO (Carlos Castillo Armas) and Don Ricardo are clearly the responsibility of Don PANCHO in the field to implement. It is the desire of the Group to assist PANCHO in every way to fulfill these plans..."


06/26/54: Cable from FCP to BUEY: 052 BUEY FROM FCP: "Jalapa barracks calling for assistance our assets with air help. Tell them to cut road between Jutiapa and capital. I talked with elder brother. Idigoras Fuentes has 200 men Salvador border ready to accept without reservations your orders only. He wants to enter battle. Elder brother and Don Ricardo strongly suggest acceptance even though for the moment. If you accept we shall send to Jutiapa to relieve pressure on them. Participation in minor role will be announced clandestinely. Inform me please. Olivas' instructions still valid. We shall give complete air support. Planes destroying important centers. Four trains with troops destroyed and Matamoros liquidated today. Enemy will soon fail. Strafe them every opportunity."

Gavin McDonald

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