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Pseudonym: RICARDO

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Jose Francisco Rodriguez Espada, secretary-general of UR in the early sixties.


UR was founded in December 1960 by 27 organizations - its organizers were former MRR members...it became "one of the seven major resistance movements in Cuba"...(in early 1961) the following representatives were appointed to function in the US, for the purpose of coordinating internal and external UR activity: Hector Febles Barreto/AMGLAD-4 - supply; Luis Vega Moreno/AMGLAD-3 - finance; Aurelio Fernandez Diaz - propaganda; Aurelio Fernandez Hechavarria/AMDENIM-1 - transportation...by mid-March 1961 UR as an effective opposition movement in Cuba had grown considerably...at this time a security breach occurred at a meeting of leading members of the UR and MRR, resulting in arrest and imprisonment of national coordinators Rafael Diaz Hanscomb and Rogelio Gonzalez Corzo/AMRUNG-1 of UR and MRR (and many others)...Rodriguez Espada, an active and highly respected resistance leader, went into hiding...forced to seek asylum at the Italian Embassy, then the Argentine Embassy and safeconducted to the US in March 1962. Andres Zayas, civil coordinator, succeeded Diaz Hanscomb. The UR National Executive in Cuba on 17 April 1961 consisted of the following": General Coordinator & Civil Coordinator Andres Zayas - Territorial Coordinator - Luis Sanchez Ruiz de Villa (PICCOLINO) - Military Coordinator - Captain Eduardo Sotolongo Medina - Action and Sabotage Coordinator - Octavio Barroso (CESAR) - Intelligence Coordinator - Arturo Villar (JAVIER) - Communications Coordinator - Eduardo Betancourt (HILARIO) - Coordinator of Finances - Celestino Borron (BEBO) - Propaganda Coordinator - Wilfredo Brito Cartaya (BEBO) - Commander of Security - Jose Rodriguez Espada (RICARDO), in absentia Jose Rodriguez (PEPE) - Coordinator for Liaison - Fernando Fernandez-Cavada Paris (FRANK)/AMBLEAK-1..."First of the UR leaders to arrive the US was Fernandez-Cavada in mid-1961. In September 1961 he was joined by Brito, Sanchez, Zayas and others for discussions and planning on the future of the UR."

180-10141-10365: No Title

1961-1962: Jose Rodriguez Espada is identified as "Ricardo", and Eduardo Betancourt is identified as "Hilario", and Celestino Borron is identified as "Bebo". At page 61: Rodriguez Espada went into hiding after the leading members of MRR/UR at a meeting was arrested by Castro's force. Rodriguez Espada arrived in the US on March 1962.


11/20/62: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline GYROSE KUWOLF: "1. 'Cook' breakfasted with (REDACTION)EWER/1 (probably SKEWER-1/Luis Ferre) at Dupont Plaza 20 Nov. S-1 very busy and pressed for time this trip but genial and completely cooperative. 2. Brief background our recent relations with UR given (Ferre) repeated FYI...(UR) exile ops loosely grouped under Jose E. de la Torriente whose activities mainly pursuant own political ambitions for post Castro Cuba. Torriente refused (to) recognize Garcia Oller credentials and continued claim (for) leadership UR holding allegiance those eliminated from new UR executive committee under Secretary-General Jose F. Rodriguez Espada. This factional split has prevented UR entry (into the) CRC which is one of our terms in supporting cited effort...(Ferre) will call 'Cook' on next trip WAVE area in approx one month for more leisurely discussions..." For the folder including the two pages of this memo, see 1994.06.02.15:09:37:400005 - pp. 16 & 18.


12/1/62 memo from Chip to Phil/PW and Bill, C/PW (Phil is probably Phil Toomey/William Kent) and Bill, C/PW is, again, Bill Kent), source: AMLAME-1: "Re: Revolutionary Unity. Dr. Miro Cardona sent from Mr. Juan Medina, Mr. Dulzaides and Pepe de la Torriente to advise them that the CIA was exerting pressure again in order that the Unity (note: Unidad) group under the leadership of Mr. Rodriguez Espada be allowed to join the Revolutionary Council (note: CRC/AMBUD)...he summoned a meeting of the two sectors with the Moderator representing the (CRC). The meeting took place, participating Mario Seiglie (AMWORD-3) and Fernandez Cavada (AMBLEAK-1) (on) behalf of Rodriguez Espada and for the opposing group Dulzaides and Armas, the Moderator being Colonel Monteagudo who had appointed by Dr. Miro Cardona. The results were negative because the meeting ended in a free for all fist fight and no conclusions were reached. The Flagler Street group (Medina and others) would like to have Torriente substituted on account of his inactivity for they are determined that their movement become stronger and more active; with this aim in mind they have established a delegation in Puerto Rico; composed of former members of Alpha-66 who defected from Veciana; but they also have the purpose of re-establishing the contacts that they had in Cuba and which they allege have been kidnapped by Mr. Rodriguez Espada, Salvador Garcia, and others. Sincerely, Garcia."


1962-1963: Rodriguez Espada aka "Ricardo" is 201-739044. Elected secretary-general of UR during August 1962; UR entered AMBUD/CRC during April 1963.

Bill Simpich

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