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Pseudonym: Reynolds, Robert

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Al Cox

Official History of the Bay of Pigs Operation, Volume III: Evolution of CIA's Anti-Castro Policies, 1959 - January 1961 Current Section: D. Memorandum for Assistant Deputy Directfor for Plans - Action from J.D. Esterline, 2 May 60

5/2/60 memo from Esterline to ADDP: "The attached chart on liaison with other agencies of the US government on JMARC activities is restricted to those contacts that are made on a regular basis, such as the weekly meeting with the Dept. of State, and to offices which we must contact quite frequently to solicit their support such as the INS...through Raymond Millard (Mallard?), the Agency is in close touch with CINCLANT in Norfolk. Robert Reynolds, Deputy Chief, WH/4, has briefed selected senior officers on JMARC 4. Mr. Reynolds is the selected CIA alternate for the CINCLANT force under provisions of the Contingency Operations Plan for Cuba."

John Newman, Countdown to Darkness, p. 138

Pre-September 1960: "Another valuable identification becomes apparent in the fallout from the Miami security flap. It concerns the identity of the JMASH Chief of Base (COB). For years I have wondered who the first COB was inasmuch as Al Cox (aka Robert Reynolds) did not arrive to take over that job until September or October of 1960. The security investigation report speicified that exhibit #2 was the memorandum prepared by the COB. It provided details about arrangements before the incident...The name of the COB is in the clear in exhibit #2, Raymond J. O'Mara, and in his memorandum O'Mara explains that both he and Droller were on the plane to Washington. Droller's Exhibit 8 indicates that he checked out of the motel 'at about 16:45', and Karnley/Reichardt's exhibit #4 indicates that the time of his phone conversation with the FBI began at 'the hour of 16:30'. These details fit well enough with the details in the security investigation report to firmly establish that Raymond O'Mara was the JMASH COB. Exhibit #4 is helpful for another reason. Karnley/Reichardt said he 'tried unsuccessfully to reach Parlett and Reelfoot' as they 'had already departed for Washington'. Wallace A. Parlett is a proven pseudonym for Gerry Droller...Therefore, Reelfoot is a pseudonym for O'Mara. His full pseudonym - Alan W. Reelfoot - can also be found in the JMASH COB on an 11 July 1960 JMASH dispatch. (See 104-10193-10419).


9/16/60 Memorandum for the Record: "Discussion of Moody Band. Telecon between Robert Reynolds and William Pawley...Mr. Pawley telephoned this morning..asked for Mr. Esterline...in the latter's absence Mr. Reynolds took the call...Moody was reconning the broadcasts from his boat..." Based on a reference to David Phillips, this memo appears to be about the setting up of Radio Swan.

John Newman

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